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  1. MCD evo

    Link listens to Anderson.Paak!?!?!?

  2. Ethan Proctor (2021)

    He's into cougars 😧

  3. Ethan Proctor (2021)

    He's tryna get them older women 👀

  4. Abigail Martin

    “We didn’t talk at all. Remember me?” Is my new catchphrase i love it

  5. Vapples

    Rhett:I’ve heard Oxnard is beautiful Me who lives in Oxnard :👁👄👁 who said that?


    I just thought I should comment that I am currently in a 7 year marriage because of a craigslist missed connection back in 2012. We're both also mythical beasts.

  7. vservo

    Its impossible to be a vegan and use technology. So the answer to any how many vegans question is always "doesnt exist"

  8. KyleLord_

    They should do a second one of these but all being the insanity that is old Jim Henson food commercials like Wilkin’s Coffee

  9. N N

    Drowsy Rhett and Link

  10. vservo

    Oh god. Here comes the hundreds of people claiming they found missed connections.


    Oh, my God it's still moving - Link best line in history of GMM

  12. RC

    The beyond burger had an after taste when I tried it the two times, that reminded me of the way paint smells.

  13. Sahil

    Watch carefully Pewds looks deep fake

  14. lilpop thehornydemon


  15. One Confused Boi

    "Ohhhh, we were doing the wrong wireees. *Continues doing wrong wires*

  16. Adhitya Riza Pramana


  17. Chihuahua Goose


  18. gamernerd1992

    i miss cotton candy randy

    1. Quiet Act Lady

      Same. I love Cotton Candy Randy.

  19. Angellaye

    Make this a series! This was VERY HOT

  20. science is cool

    Yes, there is always a, tell me _______, so I know it's you. Also, since the casual encounters section has been eliminated, that's what missed connections is now.

  21. mossy void

    link can just be like "Hey, Fruit (endearing)"

  22. shirakikuu

    they were smelling jock straps lmao

  23. Meghan Meeker

    Vegan watching from Ohio! Haha!

  24. no1basser

    I'm disappointed they didn't recognize omar gooding

  25. Keziah Rose

    Swear ive heard them talk about the deli number thing beforeee. Also as a former resident of Ventura.. just go to the beach.

  26. Jesse Snyder - Mediocre Trick Shots

    Laughting is a good word

  27. Moe Marino

    Yeah Rhett and Link.. L.A is not the center of the Universe ... maybe in L.A kids are like that but in the rest of the world there still cute... , People from LA ....

  28. Nicole Carlos

    Y’all should listen to the podcast called Craigsistential Crisis! It’s literally this and they talk about missed connections around the US

    1. krushlin1155


  29. Psi Fly

    Rectum? I hardly knew him.

  30. LivinOnTheEdge

    Anyone listen to Shredd & Ragan.. they play on the radio throughout the U.S...every week they do this. “It’s another missed connection”

  31. Yeah it's Laura

    She was staring him down at Starbucks because she was upset he wasn’t wearing his mask properly. My theory!

    1. N N

      Same for the hands touching at chiken nugget place

    2. krushlin1155

      she didnt have one on.

  32. Path Finder

    Mythical Kitchen should make Neon Brownies!

  33. Elizabeth Mayer

    Bubble yums first kid is Omar gooding. Cuba's brother.

  34. Scitrocity

    radio station z93 in the bay region of Michigan has a morning show called the morning after, and they do missed connections a few times a week and they find some great ones lol

  35. Angel_within _the_Shadows


  36. oli

    “we flirted a lot…we didn’t talk at all” bro…

  37. Vaibhavi Dhasmana

    I wonder if Roomie has ever been on GMM

  38. Anna

    You guys should make masks that have pictures of Rhett’s beard, so it looks like we all have Rhett’s beard🤔

    1. Grace Richardson

      Hannah Nelson, to protect you from Corona Iris

    2. Anna

      @Hannah Nelson yes that’s perfect 👌

    3. Hannah Nelson

      Paired with the eye mask with Link’s glasses *chef’s kiss*

    4. Quiet Act Lady


  39. Jordan Pando

    I don’t understand this video, but it was funny

  40. Fit Moose

    Link: “They’re WEAK vegans.” 🤣🤣

  41. Charlotte Fottrell


  42. MarioMadness

    most of those craigslist topics are for gay dudes that wanna hook up

  43. Stephanie Davis

    Why am I so confused with this episode??

  44. Çağla Otlu

    Guys, trust me, watching this while having breakfast is not. Helpful.

  45. Vplumcakes

    I’m getting “You” vibes from some of these 🥴

  46. Kelley Brown

    Equally Vegan, what a concept 🤣

  47. Emily Karr

    If you see those tortoise where we work you have to call a number and get someone to safely move it, and there goes your whole day doing that.

  48. MC W

    Please make more episodes like this where they just comment on stuff. These are some of my favorite episodes

  49. Lauren Simmons

    No you never mess w food others can purchase! It's never okay sick not sick! Don't make it seem like it's okay if they're not sick.

  50. Shikha R

    Can this also be a regular segment 😂

  51. Samuel Deng

    Wait but the uptempos are kinda fire tho

  52. Cristopher Gore

    3:00 we should do a poll because I don’t think most Mythical Beasts are vegan

  53. Tomahawk FRG Advisor

    THIS NEEDS TO BE A REGULAR SERIES! Link and Rhett have that special magic that I know will help these connections happen. BTW, whoever picked those listings did a great job.

  54. Mercedes Perrin


  55. Stephanie Davis

    I like to warm the apple pies up!🤤🤤

  56. Gia Eps

    9:13 Link sounded like Mickey Mouse lmao

  57. Johnny Fines

    A vegan in an orange jumpsuit with green hair.... Was anyone else thinking this person met Billie Eilish?! 🤔😳

  58. Jackie Mathews

    Okay but have you gotten Mexican food in Oxnard? 🤤

  59. snuterella


  60. neshapink17

    Do people just casually check the missed connections? Like how do the opposite sides of the connection even know they're being missed?

  61. megostoma

    For the last one, I wonder if the "stare down" he got from this person is because he wasn't wearing his mask properly lol

    1. krushlin1155

      lol she wasnt wearing one

  62. S Dian

    Walking bowlegged 🤣😂 Oh Link!

  63. Casey Leirer

    The more dense something is, by definition it gets harder, right?

  64. Cassie Dartt

    I got a missed connections written about me once. They noted which bus I was on and what time, that I had on a yoshi backpack and looked "cuter than a dozen buttons in a shoe full of kittens".

    1. Cassie Dartt

      @Crimskey Official well no but there wasn't really an alternate route for me to take. *shrugs*

    2. Crimskey Official

      Did you change buses after that?

  65. Jes The Red

    Or she rounded the corner and stared him down then left because he wasn't wearing his mask properly

    1. MR Farina

      probably because he was drinking starbucks

    2. nosafetynets


  66. Trenton Allen

    My local radio station reads these everyday.

  67. Not Quite a Nerd

    Rhett was trying to explain “veganism” all nicely, and link is over there being like “they’re weak vegans”

  68. hana phelps

    I love missed connections. They’re so funny

  69. Macy Warnick

    The It’s Always Sunny reference >>>

  70. Sabrina

    The fact that they didnt recognize omar Gooding is upsetting lol

  71. James Kennedy

    So Omar Gooding is not famous to them? I love that dude

  72. Nathan McClimans

    I see a cheesy Netflix Rom-Com in the works

  73. Marcus Roberts

    O the oxy was kicking in strong when Link said "this could work and I really want this to happen."

  74. jacqui bourdeau

    I think the lady with the back hair pulled back and red lipstick on just saw this dude with his mask pulled down so she walked the other way.

    1. Hey Vincent

      but how would the lipstick be visible if she had a mask on?

    2. Becky Tobias

      this is definitely what happened lol

  75. Nathan McClimans

    Are they describing Billie Eillish?

  76. Happy Nightmares

    They are talking, and I'm just watching to see how big that blood spot gets on Link's bandage! Rhett really got him good!

  77. Karl Marx jr

    My respect for Link when he referenced that Anderson Paak album 📈📈📈📈

  78. Campusanis

    Boy I loved this NEON More!!

  79. Bryson Simmons

    All the people who don’t have puppets

  80. Xploration

    Vegans are gross, and not healthy.