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  1. Jhericurl1291

    I don’t listened infinite times this shit fire

  2. ThatGhana

    Yo this song a gem and all but that mad rapper skit actually had me ROLLING

  3. BrandonClemons3160

    This song Lit 💯 #716

  4. Dominic Cooper

    Wayne's features are on point this year!😈🔥

  5. Blackronin357

    I know $155 thou weigh 7 lbs. 🔥🔥💵💵🔥🔥💯

  6. Bafo Joseph


  7. BismillahW3

    Rip chinx 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  8. Vee Bee

    I dig this nigga Benny Ben

  9. Aron Bereket

    Benny & hit boy nuff said!

  10. Dimitri Haynes


  11. Dominic Soto

    So close I can block a layup 💪🏾

  12. Richard Egid

    This is pure Growing now I salute Benny.

  13. Inside Convo

    What’s the name of the sample ?

  14. Dominic Soto

    Cartels giving ni$$as nba deals 🔥🔥🔥🔈🔉🔊

  15. justkevin09

    Currently fighting possession with intent charges 9 to 40 years. I feel this.

  16. 1 mic

    This shit dumb hard

  17. Alexis Alexeev

    [Intro] Uh-huh The Butcher comin', nigga Yeah, uh (Hit-Boy) [Verse 1] I'm a Christian Dior shirt rocker, two Glock wearer Only rapper that would've thrived in the 2Pac era I'm talkin' '98 drug money, shoebox era (Shoebox era) I proved my point once, in every take, the proof got clearer Y'all niggas make threats (Huh), we pay killers and take bets Fuck with us and end up bad like dope you can't stretch (Hah) Twenty somethin' years in it and ain't make a mistake it If you ain't spendin' half an M, ain't no way to relate yеt Mob ties, I'll prick your finger beforе I connect you (Gang) I know some niggas that rather kill you before they respect you (Ah) And fuck rap, me and my niggas sold boy as professionals They say it's time to eat again on this Oyster Perpetual Scars on my body still (Still) they think I signed Illuminati deals (Illuminati deals) 'Cause this paper talkin' to me like it's Johnny Gill I push weight like I bodybuild (Bodybuild) I let the bitch slide, her attitude fake but her body real (Let's go) I'm on point when my enemies not I shoot with nobody 'round me like a penalty shot (Boom, boom, boom, boom) When niggas' traps was warmin' up, mines was literally hot (Mines was hot) The promotin' I did, Pyrex should be givin' me pots, yeah That's how you handle business (Business), got my name in the Guinness (Guinness) Records, next to ballers and retired drug dealers Side note, I'm the realest (Uh-uh), signin' off, Mister Pennick This money ain't change shit, I'm gangsta from start to finish (Let's go) [Chorus] It's blood on the money, blood on my hands (On my hands) It's blood on the money, blood on my hands (On my hands) It's blood on the money, blood on my hands (On my hands) It's blood on the money, blood on my hands (On my hands) [Verse 2] Yeah, triple black tints on the Caddy What you know about bein' out in the Valley? The plug ask you for an addy (Huh?) I broke bread in the middle of war, y'all took breaks For a bid and a couple shootouts, I look great (Uh, hahaha) I ain't with no rap beef, it's Fs on my rap sheet At eighteen, I had the trap bumpin' like acne Niggas want the formula, Griselda's the factory You need a million dollars and an army tank just to match me (What's poppin'?) Dior, my new habit, lawyers in suit jackets I'm eatin', with a lot on my plate, so I chew faster I'm an old hustler but, I'm rich as these new rappers (New niggas) I'm the Butcher so these new ratchets like two hatchets (Butcher comin') You got rumors on your name, I got shooters in my gang I was a mover of the 'caine, you know, pursuin' to the fame Y'all comparin' me to niggas? (Huh) That's abusive to my name I sold the dope to 'em, then I watch 'em shoot it in they veins With my real niggas, this what bein' live means (Live means) I need a spread in Don Diva like I'm Sly Green (Like I'm Sly Green) I need a long run in Vegas like I'm Don King (Uh) Until then, I'ma follow these Bentley high beams (Let's go) The Butcher comin', nigga

  18. Rony Calixte

    East coast cats have to realize that good production is what can get you to the next level. Im from the south and once I hear those raw New York beats, I turn it off. Benny got production from Hitboy which set this album off. Congrats


    Great Song B !!!

  20. MaK

    Underrated as a lyricist 🔥🌹

  21. Slim Gutta

    Benny understands the difference between rap and hip-hop. This shits an instant classic

  22. David Monroe

    Benny ah problem!!!

  23. fure castillo caceda

    Alguien más de Perú estará escuchando el temón del año o sólo yo ?

  24. fure castillo caceda

    We need a videoclip of this !!!

  25. Texas Made

    Top 100 on the charts

  26. WOLF4rmFlatbush UNKNOWN

    How Dafuq RJ Payne ain't Griselda

  27. Wilson Sonofwill

    Benny da butcher

  28. Lyricasm

    neded hova here tho!


    Conway ain't playing

  30. Nicholas Roy

    Benny, 2020 needed this. Thank you! 🙌

  31. dee owens

    This the Wayne I wanna hear

    1. Tre Y.L.G.

      Listen to C5 deluxe

  32. Sas4l


  33. M A

    Niggas is to dope 🔥 as always

  34. Goo Gobbs


  35. Raqsoul YT

    who here before 1 mill?

  36. Tam Shari

    I know he like my beats #Awesome💖

  37. Tam Shari


  38. Rawlyricism Matters

    Tell em Benny 🔥🔥🔥🔥 hitboy on smoke

  39. Brendan H

    this that hit the block and pump a pack music

  40. James Ruiz

    Reminds me of roc a fella

  41. Brendan H

    Griselda a defribulator for real hip hop


    This fire🔥was approved by this guy 😈

  43. Ned Walker

    GOAT 🐐

  44. Jersey City

    should've DID THE VIDEO just him alone...

  45. Tyrone Grant

    Conway with the verse of the year, i like the original verse better tho 🤔

  46. samuel adams

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 I had to keep playing this back

  47. Prototype 81

    Beats kinda gay and sounds like something for tlc in the 90s.

  48. Busisaniz Zulu

    Did benny just do the doot doot adlib?

  49. Tavon Marshall

    This shit is HARD!!!!!

  50. KiN CAMELL

    ! Ps Much Gratitude.

  51. Ceo Ceo

    I need Benny, Freddie and Push on a track

  52. Latoya Davis

    This Over The Limit and Legend are my favorites so far. But the whole album is fire. No skips. Straight play through.

  53. Alien Postcard

    Been listening since 2015. I want Team Griselda to win. But this song way too Pop for me. Half the album Beats sound like early 2000's Roc stuff. This a lil overhyped for me. Benny the best tho

  54. michael davis

    Beat of the year for me. Benny made the loss of no new nipsey music easier to digest. I just wishthey could have linked up but it just wasn't to be.

  55. Ran LaVa

    Wayne Goes Stooopid

  56. Blake Holder

    What is the sample to this? Remind of a horror movie trailer from the mid 2000s. Can’t find it for the life of me

  57. Derrick Mckenzie

    Best wayne verse I've heard in a long time.

    1. Tre Y.L.G.

      He got even better ones before this one

  58. auto54matic


  59. Tone P


  60. Jay G

    BAR$ is FUCKING BACK 👍 🔥

  61. S.O.T.L MUSIC check this song out by the way Hip Hop is Dead

  62. Boy Boy

    U can't spit like this unless u lived it only real street niggaz can relate ...... this ain't for everybody

  63. betonblacke

    Damn Benny! That's how u gonna do us?! FUEGO!! 🔥

  64. Leon Montreal

    Not my type ! Sorry 😷😷😷

  65. Overlord Jonezzz


  66. Overlord Jonezzz


  67. Chon Smith

    We need a Benny & Gibbs collab album.

  68. lucky806

    We need a benny/conway/freddie collab album

  69. Darryl Bonner

    Pusha t would have killed this one 🔥

  70. Darryl Bonner


  71. Overlord Jonezzz


  72. Overlord Jonezzz


  73. Peewee Stevens

    Hit boy shouldn't said anything about the beat Jay and Kayne didn't want because a lot of the music doesn't match Benny. Sounds like a bunch of Rick Ross throwaways

  74. LNSKY

    this beat crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  75. Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page

  76. Streets IsWatching

    The bucha comin nicca

  77. Benjamin Hernandez

    I need this instrumental bro!!!!!!🔥

  78. SuperSAINTPAUL

    Big Sean gassed it tho

  79. Eli Bush

    Money goes up, shit goes down! 💯 Sounds like King Tone on that ending

  80. PLR 88

    He goes hard !! 💪🏾