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  1. Colton Fivecoats

    Hooked on this whole album 😳

  2. Kyndall Locklear

    It’s the shirt for me 🔥

  3. Greg Bartlett

    Morgan we need more music...

  4. Shawn Bowles

    I had a similar experience with a girl from Florida, I'm from ohio and traveled thousands of miles for nothing....

  5. Matthew Fenton

    This song ain’t long enough!! It’s just a vibe’

  6. Frank Matturri

    How can the official channel have the lyrics wrong? It's "hidden by some dogwood trees," not "headin'" (which doesn't make sense), it's just his accent.

  7. BradenF17

    Sad vibe time

  8. Kyle Burling

    This whole album is amazing!! Not a bad song on it! You rock!

  9. KissMyConverseFool

    This is literally the country song from the Bo Burnham country song song

  10. Greg Edling

    Yeah... who downvoted this?

  11. Nate Smith

    The dislikes are Anakin Skywalker.

  12. chris wilson

    His version of “make it easy” is just so incredibly better than the original. And no fault of Jason Aldean. Just Morgan’s voice is something special.

  13. JC James

    Give a big comeback kid! You're a rarity in genuine modern country music!

  14. Cdog Hoodoo

    Best country artist in my opinion, so many great songs

  15. Dayton Jenniges

    If Yalls actually read the lyrics, they’re pretty stupid 😅 still a fun jam tho

  16. Josh

    The host is a goof

  17. Reese Horton


  18. Linnea Thomas

    Amazing 👏

  19. heather clements


  20. Jody Bowman

    I want this cd

  21. Jody Bowman


  22. April Perkins-Christian

    Still gonna listen to you Morgan

  23. Lunacide9

    Been listening since 18 and ill never leave.Reguardless of what the "Hurt" people think.Your a legend in the making and your fans are dedicated.<3

  24. Mountain Man

    Best song to listen to when headed back from Panama with the boys

  25. Mason Poe


  26. Amber Jones

    "I love you more than a $20 sundress..." Best lyric of the whole album for me 😍

  27. John Cena

    Yeah but now I'm putting bondo on my clapped out Silverado

  28. Missi Nichols

    Didn't. Think I could love u anymore than I already did! But wow!!! I do after watching this! You seem so relatable.."normal" I loved it all!! I speak BAMA slang lol it's not any different from speaking tennessee! Never change who u are Morgan!! U are perfect !! 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  29. Missi Nichols

    Love that song You make it Easy ♥️🔥 sounds better when u sing it ❤️💯

  30. Cody White

    Morgan Wallen is awesome. No one cares what u do bro. Were all human. Best country music lately comes from you

  31. Adam Burrell

    Beat song ever

  32. Adam Burrell

    Beat song ever

  33. terri bloodworth

    Damn this is THE song! Love ya Morgan. We don't give a f#&* what the media says about you. From all your fans WE GOT YOU! ❤

  34. MannBrothersFilms


  35. Winter Soldier

    One of my favorite songs.

  36. Venuzzzzzz


  37. Jennings Reams

    Wonder how long it will be until he isn’t cancelled anymore 🤔

  38. who who??

    Anyone know where to get this shirt? The sleeve says Wrangler but its not on their website so I think it may be vintage, if anyone knows holler

  39. Song Covers With Noah

    Who listing on 2048

  40. SanMan 44Mag

    Great song writer!!! Amazing , what must go through his mind. The great songs just keep comin.

  41. Joy Fernandez

    Heard this song somewhere and serched the lyrics, i am so glaaaad i finally found it. 😭💖

  42. Kira Lett

    I really don't give a damn what anyone says I still love you Morgan. White people getting pressed over a term used for black ppl smh.

  43. Flubbs

    If you look closely, "DANGEROUS" on the cover art is moving. 😶😶

  44. Gregory Faulkner

    I'd rather see the whole genre of country music cancelled then I would MORGAN!

    1. JessicaJPB

      🤣 so agree! I’ve literally been cancelling every other artist in my life since he was cancelled. proudly listen to Morgan all day every day 🔥

  45. Bea Legg

    Love this. You are very talented☺

  46. K4D3N_1

    Who is till a true fan hopefully he bounces back soon

  47. Ben Ulery

    whose the gay guy w the red hair

  48. Dizzy Hart

    Can’t be canceled brother!! These snowflakes will all melt in due time !!

  49. Stacey Minick

    This ole boy don't miss....not a big fan of newer county...but love his music

  50. Michele Luczkiewicz

    Best video ever... Morgan Wallen!!!

  51. Robert Reyes

    Morgan Wallen speaks to my soul. I love this man’s music. I can’t wait to go to a concert.

  52. Debra McDaniel

    Oh, you belong Baby!! Best artist Coutry music's had in forever. Writing, playing, singing, entertaining, so much talent in one person. GAHT

  53. Sarah Bell


  54. Keith Parker

    morgan Wallen is my all-time favorite country singer

  55. Aaron Hazzard

    What happened to freedom of speech

  56. Andrew Blackfox


  57. heather kerns

    I wonder where this was, nice area, nice view :)

  58. Carolyn Baize

    Great music.


    Everybody does that stuff when they get drunk


    Your the best country singer Morgan

  61. Matthew Johnson

    Can anyone tell me what shirt he is wearing

  62. Rambeka Derrick

    Loving every single one of your songs ...amazing... representing Kenya🇰🇪

  63. NoSRos_ kRiddle


  64. DC

    What was on his FN shirt??? Lmao... love it

  65. Dwaynne Champney

    Love ur music got to see u in Youngstown Ohio don’t ever stop keep going ur awesome

  66. Markel Grimm

    I don't care what anybody says about the song the best goddamn song that is out there great job Morgan you can't do any better cuz it's great

  67. mark carter

    We learn from our mistakes and move on.... I'm not a fan of the cancel culture. Your voice is pure and I love the acoustical versions.

  68. Chris Linderman

    It's been mouths since I've seen her an I still miss being around her it's hard but I'll get better

  69. J S

    Dominic to the left’s harmony’s are a 10

  70. Franco David ChangHim

    Fact that he didn’t win when we went to The Voice, talks very poorly to me about what those judges actually judge...

    1. Vance Newton


  71. Ronan

    Somebody finally done it, there's a song about the potholes of NE Tennessee.

  72. David Flory

    Not a day passes that this isn't streaming in the Silverado. Thank you Morgan from all us country boys rocking your stuff with gratitude on them back country roads.

  73. Bentli Rogers

    you should make an acoustic version of all your songs

    1. Bentli Rogers

      you are super talented i think you could pull it off

  74. corey bush

    I need these song versions to be available on Spotify so I can add them to my playlist immediately. ;) Spotify deserves these versions @Morgan Wallen

  75. ace boogy 920


  76. Cindy L Mora

    Morgan Wallen your so awesome amazing artist and performer there's nothing you can't do or sing I love your music I can't stop listening to your music they just need to put your music back on the radio , Congratulations on Dangerous being no.10 straight weeks in a row I hope to go see you perform when you come to Fresno, California with Luke Bryan October the 7th, 2021

  77. Shelljo Whatever

    Wish Morgan would release you make it easy he sings in better than aldean

  78. Nathan Teal

    Awesome song

  79. Anna-Marie Hickerson

    Karley Klein yesssss