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  1. Roselin


  2. masdepnya mas Kyung-Soo

    mon maap ini kaga ada subtitel indo apa yak☺

  3. Tirza Lidya


  4. Tirza Lidya


  5. Audrey Deandra

    Kai you doing greattt

  6. Wiwit Haryatin Sasmita97

    Reaksinya oppaaa baek

  7. Nira Wati

    Kai..hwaiting Baek..hwaiting All exo L hwaiting!!!!

  8. Dewi Puspita

  9. Tirza Lidya



    Siapa yang rindu Chanyeol?? 찬열보고 싶다

  11. Kyla Cabilte

    Luhod mga alipin HAHAHAHAHHA

  12. Saeedeh EXOL

    Kai is the best dancer of world

  13. Dab Master

    Baek: in this part i know yall press the space bar too (on kai's body) Wheres the lie tho

  14. Tirza Lidya

    Exo king of vocal ever

  15. Saeedeh EXOL

    Nobody can do it like that but youuuuu

  16. Can Zheng

    I can't understand what they said, but happy!!!

  17. Tirza Lidya


  18. Dab Master

    Oh shit ice and earth GOOOOOOD D.O and baozi 👉👈😭

  19. Tirza Lidya

    Baekhyun adalah gue ketika liat mv Kai

  20. Baekhyun Byun


  21. Augusty Taying

    How can u all sit there quietly n sing making my heart flutter....but I don't want to stop my heart flutter

  22. Deby Angelia

    Love you so much oppa, keep healthy saranghae

  23. Deby Angelia

    Sorotan mata nya sendu bgt tiap liat mata nya gw pngen nangis:(

  24. Karen Tambot

    Y...sigamos apoyando a KAI 💪😄

  25. Karen Tambot

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  26. Vania Ake

    Lol it's so funny seeing those two just like "wow" "wooh" "yeah" Hahahahha you're that mesmerizing, kai 😍

  27. 됴영수

    중간중간 보이는 수호 얼굴때문에 미칠 것 같아... 볼 때마다 다른 포인트에 미치는 중..

  28. Fatchur Rodji

    hahahaha Baekyun's shirt is really cute😂, his hands are drowning😭😂, BEAKYUN a I miss EXO😢 when EXO comeback I'm sad😭, I'm sorry if this hurts your heart😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  29. reni kusnizar


  30. Deby Angelia

    Cayang uh gumus nya love you so much

  31. 이랄랄

    아따 잘생겼구마

  32. Fanyaa Do Kyungsoo

    Niniku lucuuu

  33. Anuradha Balamurugan

    Having a visual for each song is such a good idea.

  34. Hamdana Byun

    Exo 💯❤️❤️

  35. Love Shot


  36. hannah gail baguioro


  37. 이랄랄

    개좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해

  38. shine alforja

    OMO!!!!! I miss EXO😭 엑소 보고싶다😭 Kaiiiipottt is so cool Baeconn oppa 너무 귀엽다아아아

  39. Thavanthisa Ganesh

    Target 15m views 160k comments

  40. Niki C

    Baek Hyun Clothe is too big la hahhahaa

  41. Windy Yunia

    Kai 💙💚💙💚

  42. Qiqi2Y

    What a great MV

  43. Annisa Alhabsy

    kangen bangetttt

  44. Drew Ferrer

    Kai is truly an artist. All these different concepts, with unique choreography and costumes that don’t just exist to please the consumer, but to break the barriers of what music and dance is.

  45. Annisa Alhabsy

    Sayangku park chanyeol

  46. Aisha EXO-L

    I'm going to stream Kai and Lay solos so I can feel my OT9 FEELS ❤️

  47. Always EXOL

    Ya 1 año y yo sigo sin superar este teaser, y Comeback todo fue tan perfecto. Cada momento fue increíble, sin duda una era memorable

  48. Novita P.A.

    Baekhyunie LOL

  49. Drew Ferrer

    It seems like he didn’t have a lot of creative ability in making this, like lol he didn’t realize that a D.O. and Xiumin would be shown at the end

  50. Jeno the goddess

    KAI ACTING LIKE HE'S REACTING TO OTHER PERSON HSHSJS. I can see that he's proud of himself.

  51. Dini Rosiyani

    Mood Baekhyun : ur body like me

  52. Elisa Eblis

    ن کامنتتاش زیاد میشه ن بازدیداش

  53. Elisa Eblis

    انگار ان می طلسم‌شده

  54. Michelline Mbuyi

    Wow. This was beautiful

  55. Dini Rosiyani

    Kai's shaking? How about exo l? They are pingsan jongin:)

  56. mariele

    i miss comeback exo give me comeback exo aaaaaaaaaAAAAaaA

  57. Lyra Ermaine Villaflor

    Unbelievable how talented EXO as a whole, and now showcasing their domination with solos. Kai gave us fire. I can't wait for the time where other members would bless us with their goodness and include SEHUN PLSSS!

  58. Rana Mous

    They are super cute

  59. Claire Wu

    If anyone want to listen/watch to EXO Xiumin solo station mv/song here is the link irvision.info/home/YaGTgWmlnraLfZc/fy-lm-h-y.html P.s Help us reach 10m vi3ws before December 6. Exo-l will always be grateful for anyone who stre3m it. Thank you!!

  60. Jihan Rafifah

    I miss you❤

  61. Amni Izzati

    Baekhyun really know us🤣. Especially kai's shirtless part🤣🤣

  62. Ráñiá Âli

    سوهو يو ميد مي.

  63. 김예은

    솔직히 무대를 기대했지 노래는 기대안했는데 너무 좋음 ㅠㅠㅠ

  64. Sujata Gurung


  65. Rahmi Kharina

    zkdlin is my favorite reaction channel🙌🏻

  66. soft cotton

    we are one

  67. Ráñiá Âli

    ‏وإنّي أُحبك مثقال كونٍ بما حوى

  68. Nedy nedy novela

    I miss u exo :"

  69. Ráñiá Âli

    تصبح على خير يقلبي.

  70. Ráñiá Âli

    انام بحضن صوتك واصبح على خير .

  71. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

    0:57 uwaow! headu piecu! 🐻

  72. Lanexxi

    my debut ♡

  73. Anwesha Raghuvanshi

    Who says rapper's can't sing Our Loey is best in vocal too

  74. Lanexxi


  75. taehyungnipples


  76. Anwesha Raghuvanshi

    I love this song so much Sm we want Sehun's solo album

  77. 뽀뽀후

    Jongin really gave 6 concepts for KPOP industry to copy 😭

    1. Aisha EXO-L

      Ikr I can't wait for other groups to copy the concept and proclaim theirs elves as the originals.

  78. Lanexxi


  79. Lanexxi


  80. Tengku Namira

    Where Chanyeol?? We miss chanyeol too