Just a little brown girl with big dreams.

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  1. Ward Badran

    I want the old liza

  2. Yoyo Haidar

    Am i the only one who said i like ur cut g ?

  3. Just for watching videos


  4. Kayecee Cura


  5. Cirilo Rivera

    Quem veio pelo Diogo paródias? kkkkkkkkkk

  6. K NIANGMUONKIM _ 11B_03

    6:06 bye

  7. Shriya Satoskar

    Liza I am your mother

  8. Siham Anwer

    When i was a kid i thought lily sing and liza were sisters

  9. Siham Anwer

    I didnt know who Awkwafina was until the latest jumanji came Can relate?

  10. sbuda tyln art

    I admire your bravery and the way you do your vids 👌

  11. Siham Anwer

    I felt harry was just being extra he said ‘aah its gucci’ I felt harry was not being himself or maybe its cause i want the one direction team back

  12. 『BL』HAKIM •࿐

    For TikTok Boys 2:08

  13. Vominh Doanh

    Very nice….

  14. Ai Mo

    0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

  15. Cindy Kandie

    Really hope she finally got a dog

  16. Cindy Kandie

    Really hope she finally got a dog

  17. sbuda tyln art

    I loved this video and the impact it had on empowering young girls

  18. Aslı Jane Doel

    “It’s 2020. I had to delete all of my dreams. The seriousness...

  19. christine yeboah


  20. Lucky

    24:05 LOL I'm doneeeeee

  21. MisSwaGirl Avakin Life


  22. Namatovu Lindar

    An experiment on how whacked out society can get (under the protection of money)...a philosophical muse on the definition of sanity.

  23. Nate Williams

    Ur so cringe

  24. LePikachu

    The punchline pun is really punny! 😄 Liza is the queen of puns. 😄❤️

  25. Clouds Pray For Zach Sobiech


  26. Okuhle Reeds

    Watching this in 2020 is more depressing than the covid 19 pandemic

  27. dark wolf

    I thought you were going to come up and confess your love to Christian.

  28. Zero.car

    irvision.info/home/dH_WeYGXd66jjtY/fy-lm-h-y.html ي جماعة كل يعمل اشتراك لو سمحتو علشان ل1000 مشترك

  29. MaNtM

    17:08 he has his phone flipped The other way

  30. Sama Altaweel

    Why did Liza say Kobe while kicking the ball

  31. Amelia Bowman

    Who’s here for the millionth time again in Dec 2020? It’s the 4th rn

  32. ZC23

    "I did not know you could but pot for a dollar. *Thought it would be higher than that.* "

  33. Genesis Garcia


  34. Instant Ramen

    All these songs are amazing and inspiring. What excellent young artists. #blackexcellence #blacklivesmatter Thank you so much for this informative, useful video.

  35. E Guna


  36. B U L L E R T

    Shes like gumball LMAO like the confidence she had while getting alot of piercings. *how did you get so many **-holes-*

  37. Murasaki Creamuu

    *Plot* _twist:_ She never ate for a year *straight* _._

  38. Fynlee McLeish

    Who here's watching liza say cobie when he died a few months ago 😭😭😭

  39. Olivia BTS Lover

    The end tho😂

  40. Willow Bean

    The one with no rhythm can dance better than me 🤣

  41. David Lopez

    Damn bro it’s been a while since they broke up now

  42. Enkhjargal Ganochir

    I love you

  43. ilovetwix2011

    Did she not just apologize a couple months ago for making Asian accents and being racist yet she’s doing it AGAIN WITH A BRITISH ACCENT SAYING “am I Adele” . HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED YOUR DAMN Lesson

  44. Asma Mehndi Art

    Hi dear stay connected

  45. •Alixxz• -SunFlower-

    I love how you turned the hate comments to funny comments also loved how you sit in different places everywhere also Don't listen to those people!

  46. Madison White

    I miss her old videos now she just promotes stuff

  47. ARay Vander

    U know ur cheap if u constantly "borrow from ppl, and dont have the intent to return it.😂😂 -i dont do this btw

  48. •Alixxz• -SunFlower-

    The staff watching the cameras be like: 👁👄👁

  49. Laura Bustillos

    Wow...You rocked this Liza 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 awesome personality

  50. Katie Serrano

    Liza plz keep make videos again :(

  51. Cali Kong


  52. Cali Kong


  53. Cali Kong


  54. Ellie_mybellie


  55. Sarah Escalada


  56. Lee Muñoz

    :( she a makeup guru BUT I get it I get it she needs to changes she got her life if she’s happy I’m happy 😊

  57. Mazinza Sibalatani

    Sooooo proud of you babe❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  58. Fifi

    "Guess what?.. " "Didnt find doctor. I died"😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 im dying

  59. Emily Watson

    lol XD

  60. Julia Harrington

    her saying fine line and my OT5 and Harry Styles obsession was burning me

  61. Alison ramire

    Omgs noah schnapp this you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. hisokas bungee gum :P

    To where the lost stuff goes that means the liza in the lost stuff is lost too :(

  63. megan martens

    Her onesie is dope af!

  64. lillian tomlinson


  65. Jojo Fan

    This girl is so happy it’s making me cry

  66. Anwita Bhati

    the best part was the dancing... like made me overwhelmed and all the artist and the crew like damnn and my heart feels heavy with overwhelming happiness like a positive kind of heavy burden and i have seen this like three times now but had to comment it now... love you lizaaaa

  67. Just Alua

    Hogwarts ? АADDIIFDSdfgfsFFSD

  68. Jungkook's Tea

    she puts "pendeja" on the bottom of the impression i cant LMAO

  69. B U L L E R T

    Mariah: *MVP of breaking toenails* Liza: *MVP of breaking anything in her way* Heath: *just cheesed everything* Matt: *MVP of p a i n* Zane: *literally a ninja*

  70. Emily Watson

    omg lol thia is so funny

  71. L UwU

    who else came here to see if s3 is out ahhkbfkhdb i need it plz lizza

  72. B U L L E R T

    *t h e a s s h o u l e a y*

  73. Juana Picazo

    i hate nothing

  74. Hays Sparkman

    Great another one of my fav youtubers going lib I’m unsubing

  75. Jocelynn Ramirez

    Video is based on:EaTiNg People:IM HUNGRY THANK YOUUU Me:*gets ingredients to make a cake* damn cake made my day and I can cook even tho I’m 8

  76. Isabella Maki

    who else is watching this in 2020 and you miss when they were a couple. :(

  77. Little rabbit

    Liza: describes child self Me: yep that’s me

  78. Life With Ki

    Anyone here from 2020 ->

  79. Stefani Da Silva

    -is there a lot of food inside? -no no u get one chicken breast Lmaoooo I love u Liza!

  80. Jeff Budd

    Who else didn’t laugh