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  1. Maha Faisal

    Wow you girls are soo pretty

  2. The Squad

    Nup it carol she has washing dishes For TOO LONG

  3. Sarah Chung

    You guys should do a 24 hour challenge in the movie theater

  4. Eli Yoshizaki

    merrell twins exposed transitions and intro is back B)

  5. Yonue Valadez


  6. Thaly Roger

    Now I understand the game! Thanks guys!

  7. Reham Saqib

    Please make part 2 of this video cause I love this video so much. Well,you guys are my favourite IRvisionrs. 🙂🙂

  8. Arrita Kelmendi

    9:03 that umbrella twirling was ✨i c o n i c✨ 😌😂

  9. Brooklyn Jo

    I do

  10. Giuliana Caruso


  11. Olivia Williamson

    I love your vids🥰💞💞

  12. Mikaela Ballesteros

    can u put this on spotify 🥺🥺🥺

  13. Joud Altaani

    I love watching you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖

  14. Kristel Pilataxi

    😳 wow

  15. stecia gaming

    and song

  16. Sofia Aurelien

    Nessa: all sassy Roni: in an avocado suit

  17. stecia gaming

    wow nice dance

  18. Sikha Rajesh

    Bruh wat you doing

  19. Fun hearts family

    I got the 5 out of them

  20. Shweta Patil

    I never tasted guacamole 🤔

  21. It’s crystal Plays

    2021 here! Anyone?

  22. Twins Miranda

    Pls do part 2 among us in real life


    Sorry I subscribed this Chanel lately really sorry sorry

  24. palitube18

    Who likes the Merrell twins

  25. Leslie 2410

    People :how many guacamole Me: YES

  26. studenttheatre83

    You should totally get a twitch channel to stream with

  27. 1O312_Shubhi

    llerrem is jusy merrell spelt backwards!😂😂

  28. studenttheatre83

    Both rooms are adorable! Suiting to both your personalities! Keep on shining.

  29. Foot Bros

    This is cardi b

  30. your everyday idiot

    if alex styled nessa, he’d put her in a sundress lol if you know you know

  31. Savanna S.

    That’s was soooo fun ... I love yr videos soooo much ❤️

  32. Chuqi and Karson

    i knew that carol did it for the start

  33. Nadeen Hider

    So so good I love you so much 💞 you are my idol

  34. It’s crystal Plays

    Should I send it?? 👀👀👀 If I get to 200 subs before October I will!

  35. Marko

    Vanessa is playing Vanessa Helen James Rose Veronica is playing Veronica Carol

  36. Beachy Aesthetic

    i really want to know who was carol roni or nessa?

  37. Afreen A

    15:18 (look at their faces😮)

  38. jasmin begum

    I feel sorry

  39. Minahil Aijaz

    oni:I love you n

  40. Sarfraz Qaiser

    Please do another part with 10 people I am a big fan of you

  41. Jesmita Dsouza

    I can't live without salttttt

  42. Gacha kitty corn

    Hahahahahaha I'm weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. mia Marques

    Nessas boat😊😊😊

  44. Fayeezah Rahim

    Fail: when u tell someone a joke and you start laughing but they ask you to repeat. Fail: when u trip a bit but you pretend that nothing happened.

  45. Honey Dewsx

    This is so funny and amazing!!

  46. David Lowry

    Just wait til it ten years from now they reacting to this video and they are like awwww so cringey we are so yougggggg !

  47. Abdul Rafey

    Anyone one from pakistan !!or its just me

  48. tee hee

    Well done Carol!!! Gg

  49. Fun With Emily

    This is me with them. Waiting for them to notice me.

  50. tee hee

    You should do a part 2 and maybe a part 3🤔 IF you have time obviously 💙

  51. J Pearson

    5 Mill now

  52. WIN ONE

    Congrats ladies.....salute

  53. Ashley Shores

    ronie gets a 10 nessa gets a 81/2

  54. Kayla Owens

    I'm the funny friend...to all my friends lol

  55. WIN ONE

    Beautiful song as this twin beautiful ladys. Big respect to you both. Salute..yeah.....

  56. Kayla Owens

    ''What jappend'' and ''Suddendly a potato hit me head'' Had me dead

  57. Arwa Abushlanfah

    Honestly I think Nessa´s makeover isnt bad at all and I also like Roni´ makeover too!

  58. Hosie Cure

    Why did I think it’s gonna be Hunter March?😂😂



  60. Gacha Watermelon




  62. thatoneawkwardbean

    we can all agree the butler was the true mvp

  63. Alya Badrina

    I dont know why but when i watch this music vid, it felt okay and good, but when i watch this reaction vid i just laugh all time😂

  64. Kevin Matundan Torres

    actually nevermind this song is fire

  65. Kevin Matundan Torres


  66. lilmexican

    i love guac a mole

  67. Emelia Velez

    I know its like late but my best friend is the one who is always on their phone she's always watching tik tok

  68. Kevin Matundan Torres

    nice song but i think is kind of funny 😂

  69. Nia Wynne

    Do a part 2 plz

  70. Eva Wong


  71. MJ is here!

    thx this shows u love ur subscribers so i subs

  72. Eva Wong

    I hate pink too yay

  73. Shaina Hassan

    It's amoNG us its not amonGUS

  74. xxOranges_ roblox

    I think Vanessa lost and Veronica won sorry Roni u didn’t dress nessa good

  75. Solem Family

    Can you please tell me where you get avocado for $1

  76. Talia El Naggary

    I really want a twin 👨‍👧‍👧

  77. Vismmaya shree

    they r puting the bckround as valentinse day song

  78. Eva Wong