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  1. Joanna

    “I would like to ksi” - apologies

  2. nousheena banu sakvai

    What should you do to play the mirrored map

  3. Hara

    2:23:11 no he's just a simp

  4. Vuk Vukanic

    Lol why is it so funny to people that Josh missed one letter... Ppl nowadays got no sense of humour

  5. Bekka M

    what do you guys go live on?

  6. Sirag Arzoumanian

    Vik the type to rage in among us.

  7. Farhan Mohammadi


  8. Roronoa Zoro

    Yo that was the clutchest thing I’ve seen by far hahahahahah

  9. Flood SaVaGe

    How tf do yters play among us this long

  10. EthanDaKing

    does this update work on mobile?

  11. Kyron Simonson

    Vikkstar123 just a question why were you so mean to tommyinit

    1. Kyron Simonson

      ... poor tommyinit

  12. Furqan Rashid

    I thought the slave trade ended years ago

  13. Xgvuh B he rb



    Is this racist??? It’s debatable.

    1. Joanna

      JJ strength meaning is Tard strength

  15. Smsrules1

    This vid would be 8 mins long if Vikk did tasks

  16. 332211


  17. jair larreynaga

    Wait Robbie Amell went to the Fortnite World Cup I loved him in flash and his brother in arrow

  18. jc.mp3

    69th comment

  19. jc.mp3


  20. Abe

    vik lowkey nasty wit it

  21. Dhal

    Vic looks like he is wearing those big nose fake mustache glasses

  22. Manav_Chak

    no way the game used to look like this

  23. MrFlames 2000

    We need to stop vikabuse

  24. Preston Shepherd

    I forgot about the pack I bet they still hold a special place in your heart to

  25. blueangles plays

    i just played on keyboard and mouse and it is like aimboting!

  26. President Orangutan

    The only person in the universe Eminem is scared to diss🤣

  27. Cosmical

    Why is this suddenly popular

  28. Try Zilla

    Vikk getting stuck behind the table at 2:36:21 is the best

  29. Dirty Dan

    why the hell would freezy vote on four? also Jordz being voted out was necessary, it's a 50/50

  30. Try Zilla

    Alhan: “I think it’s JJ.” Also Alhan: Votes for Vikk.

  31. Koselige Ole

    Weird sus from Frey

  32. Dexter Dawes

    Freya is so annoying man

  33. MR Person

    Nice finisher vik

  34. StrikeZ Rogue

    The other day i played with a guy called black k man but i think it was a fake

  35. Phoniex gamer

    ایرانو عشقه🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  36. Nathan Broh

    1:48 my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  37. yürēi kxdd

    Anybody else realise ksi is the one who wrote the letters in plants vs zombies?

  38. ShiftyonMobile

    Freya is kinda rlly annoying

  39. shaan toor

    I swear is vikk just good at every single game he's plays

  40. shaan toor

    This the most entertaining gamer after fresh

  41. Benji Garcia

    At 2:22:20 he said “ the Dain Bramage” 😂😂😂

  42. Julia Zajac

    5:56 was that a borat impression 😂

  43. Pac Ky

    Yo they just copying h20 and his friend

  44. Daniel Munteanu

    21:20 what`s the name for the gun?

  45. Beeps 06

    Vikk where’s the war zone at

  46. Jack Scanlon

    10:36 2 seconds and they lose. Closest and most intense game I’ve seen

  47. ShakenSnow

    its dax!!!!!!

  48. Tommy Taynton

    Human trafficking at its finest 4:55

  49. TedE10


  50. J

    that seems way way too expensive, its nice but nowhere near 4m, maybe 1 million max. you could get a place like that in most cities for under a million

  51. Dre Harris

    U only got 132 kills 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. Dre Harris

      I mean 137

  52. taxman dan

    EVERYONE getting back into the Pokemon game, love to see it

  53. MX DXF

    Whats his obsession with mirrors, every house he gets theres always a big mirror

  54. Bola Rotibi

    1:03 tech source won’t be happy

  55. Operation Sausage & Eggs

    Sp Pokemon is a trend now huh.

  56. ImGoogle

    Vik i was there, and this was a legendary moment!

  57. Echo Ability

    Fucked us up on making us believe u had better Pokemon cards. Disappointing ffs

  58. strangelyGreened


  59. OjTheJuiceBoy

    Is that corpse husband? Wtf

  60. Joshua Indal

    this man vik is the imposter even when he isn't the imposter

  61. jack Smith

    Freya is acc so annoying fam why is she here?

  62. maxzinoo yt

    Best out of all of them

  63. Jack Gilbert

    What’s on the mp7

  64. lel pwr

    please post more warzone

  65. mr curry

    Let’s go 1 mil likes

  66. carla davies

    Inverted map wow

  67. Macie T

    Rest in pieces Vik❤️🙏🏼

  68. Ben Radcliffe

    THIS WAS ON UR LIVE STREAM wtf man :( boring watching again

  69. Drew Himmelberger

    Vikkstar is an underrated youtuber

  70. Ake2020 Jumbo

    Do a no lying challenge

  71. Kam R


  72. Andy

    And the award for worst facecam placement goes toooo... Vik

  73. Chronic Twists

    Am I only one that just wants Freya to shut up Jesus

  74. taxman dan

    Clicked so fast Ksi couldn’t even say “allow it fam”

  75. - Pakman -

    Tommy to Vik is Tubbo to the Captain

  76. Kdog Daguy

    This is just vikk teaching Ksi life lessons

  77. Tusrox01

    Bruh it so PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that it was Simon last round I couldn't believe no one was even sussing him. Never saw him all game then suddenly he's there at the end bruh come on. I literally screamed so loud of happiness when vikk finished his task and they won lmaooo you tried btch

  78. Garrett Weber

    You didn’t even do anything to do with ghosts

  79. Game series

    Why on earth is the map backwards