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  1. RV

    for Indian fans who needs to know Loki better and easily please make it in Hindi dubbed version we also disappointed with other marvel titles like legends Wanda vision and upcoming series and movies.We hope marvel also love and take care of Indians fans. After we all love our mother tongue and national language.

  2. Anand M

    "Wherever you go it's just death, destruction, the literal ends of worlds" Dang so TRUE.😂😂😂


    Thanks marvel for this early gift. 9 june is my birthday. Thanks

  4. mariam mustafa


  5. S.A.C.K TV

    He is back, he is back and he is bbbbaaaccckkk with a bang. Love you Loki.

  6. spiderman

    the cat was the best part of the phase four trailer 🤩

  7. Connor Enz

    please release this song. it's absolutely amazing. who ever made it needs a raise immediately

  8. Shiv Sharma

    Wow lovely

  9. PositiveSarcasm

    It's gonna be so hype yet so depressing watching this all while knowing what happens to her in the end.





  12. Aditya Verma

    See you atvthe theatre

  13. Akrit Rana

    About ironman ☹️

  14. Asutosh Palai

    I hope Loki will see frigga again 😔

  15. Lloyd Low


  16. DJ BLACK

    muja a bat batao tum log to loki dakho ga to fir ya dislike dana ka mtlab kia hai vai😒

  17. Shiva kaushik

    Hindi me bhi trailer do

  18. Saksham Gupta

    I'm seeing this as an Epic Shadow Fight 2 Film

  19. BrUzLee ###

    Loki Annan poliya🤩.

  20. Brian Robison

    Oh a movie made by Disney? Immediately disregarded as trash.

  21. Archer

    it will be releasing on 9 june I can't wait

  22. Peace of Mind Musical Therapy

    His Voice is Amazing 🤩

  23. Nothing Nothing

    ❤️❤️ Nice

  24. Blackseven Etrillion

    kind of Asian stereotype

  25. Brian Robison

    Haha a movie made by Disney means a bad movie

  26. team gameplayers pro

    Amo marvel movies omg los amooo

  27. Matt N

    Wtf is this barely recommended lmao!

  28. Chris Shields

    Holy god I'm excited


    Indians want his series in hindi language.

  30. Swag DUDEZ 24

    Thanks for 21 30 kar do plz😭

  31. Karan Midha

    Made my day:-)

  32. pau lina

    is Loki an aquarius

  33. Ashwin Jose


  34. HD Movies Trailer


  35. naveen T

    He,s suit joker character perfectly

  36. Sonu Kumar

    That endgame climax when all the AVENGERS team assembles....still gives me goosebumps 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  37. Rithu Yathu

    Of all the videos I searched during civil war , I get this amazing video that to with RDJ now after 5 YEARS!!!

  38. Toxic Aroma

    Wednesdays are the new Fridays 😉

  39. Harman Singh

    In the last there was Avengers 4 woo hoo

    1. Rockstar Gaming

      No it's fantastic 4 bro 😅

  40. Joseph Dickson

    Thursdays are the new mid week sick day.

  41. natsu_ pro



    Any thor fans here

  43. Underøath628

    This day (December 7 2018) was a great time to be alive because aparts from this trailer, Smash bros ultimate was also released and I was soooo happy that day.

  44. Abhaynath Sahu


  45. Ya girl

    I LOVE LOKI SO MUCH! My first marvel movie was the Avengers when I was in 2nd grade. I remember going to see the movie and falling in love with Loki’s character instantly because he reminded me so much of myself. I had never seen a character that was like me before. All these years later he’s still my favorite character of all time! I’m so excited he’s getting a TV show. 2nd grade me would be dying!

  46. Bo Shek

    Wow I wanna buy a comic book for the very first time in my life for this

  47. Dũng Nguyễn Tiến

    Am I the only one who get recommended with this in 2021?

  48. Sam Tamoglia

    get the jaws of life, both Tom and Loki are stuck in an orifice, you know where.

  49. Daniel

    The only thing under control is you for being funded to promote such ignorance

  50. 김성준

    동석이형 존나멋있어 ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋ

  51. Josh Loves Movies

    Loki in June & also Black Widow in July!


    Thank you for making my birthday so special

  53. Cory Ellis


  54. Michael Lee

    OMG! <3

  55. Elizabeth Ellis

    YESSSSS im so excited!!! Wanda vision and TFATWS made me cry like a baby, and i hope this does too. EEEEEPPP

  56. Sexynes

    Booby traps are banned in warfare. They can remain after wars and seriously endanger or injure civilians and animals.

  57. rakesh rawal

    I wish they could have made a tv show on Iron man... when they had time😓😓😥😥😥

    1. rakesh rawal

      @Quinn Newman Yes I do... But as i said before when they had time before he raised his fee, wish they could have done

    2. Quinn Newman

      Man do you know how expensive rdj is?

  58. Mossad

    I love maravalasassssss❤️ you are always surprise me.thank you 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Xavier Meme

    Favorite villains Kids:- loki Men:- ego, Thanos Legends:- barren ZEMO

  60. Rithu Yathu

    "Our saviour is here...." ;)

  61. Roopak

    Woooah waiting 🔥🔥

  62. Udbhav Ashish

    Length of video 4:44 Angel Number 444 spiritually signifies a higher purpose. It stands for honesty, health, determination, success, inner wisdom, intuition, and confidence. Through this number, angels are by your side in everything that you do. Every decision you make is influenced by divine intervention.

  63. My free gaming

    Pls dub in Hindi pls

  64. BHARAT Editing

    Its saw me in 2021

  65. Ashulok Rai

    Really excited to watch all the movies


    Stan Lee was and will always be the best of us. Remember the goal is not what is, but what should be. It's not who we are but who we aspire to be.

  67. Emotional Chd



    Can't wait to see this

  69. The inspired youth

    Marvel is dynamic they did an African culture movie now this. Marvel is the best

  70. Khais Nizar


  71. Vk

    Back with a cunning act LOKI... OMG....after breaking TIMELINE.S.

  72. 40 SEC Lyrics

    Thanks marvel recommend me after 5 year

  73. L34K5

    Loki is like meg from family guy.

  74. MIDNIGHT MOON Gaming

    Marvel: let's release movies on 2021. Me: Dang it, I wanna go to the cinema. Corona: you wish

  75. Shi_

    Charming....! Definitely charminggg...! 😎🤩😍

  76. Peace Lover


  77. Gueststar42

    am i the only one who has a crush on loki?

    1. Khais Nizar

      Apparently, yes 😁

  78. Rijul Gautam

    Who's here for the First Look of The Eternals!!!!!

  79. Kamrunnahar Shanta

    Everything is fine. But I miss Captain american. I love this character in MCU. Please come back Again Cap😢😢😢