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  1. Skycxx

    Larray with that wig tho 🌚

  2. blathersqt


  3. Mika Jorillo

    Released at: December 19, 2018. I saw this at April 2019 (if I remember correctly) Watching this now at December 4,2020 (Happy birthday BTS Jin💕🎂)

  4. •Joanna's Adventures•

    Hi I have your makeup palette and your brushes

  5. Shannon Dalton


  6. Shirley Tubigan

    Do you remember your video "Zodiac Sign Make Up Challenge"? There's a part there about December 18, 2020. Do you remember it? It's almost December 18! I'm still waiting about it! 😁😁😁

  7. Teddy is not the Impostor

    Omg I love James being imposter hes so funny😍😂

  8. nevaeh lea

    hi sisters i luv james i also have 3 of his palettes cuz i use them so much my mum had to buy me more

  9. Gloria Watkins

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  10. Isabella Neilson


  11. Roja Nabila Zaman


  12. Whyhate Me

    liv ur life boy

  13. Fierce Cloud


  14. Nusrat Izaz

    Yes of course but make up is his passion, it's an art

  15. Ευαγγελία Κατσίμπρα

    I was 100% sure that it was going to be Larray 😂

  16. Glizzy Gobbler21

    Are we ignoring GAYmes with James

  17. Surinder Singh

    Okay....ngl.....I don't like Jojo Siwa much but that look! It's amazing! She's looks so pretty 😘

  18. Skyler Delilah

    i love you so much and you are literally my favorite person to walk the planet, but it kinda hurt my feelings just a little bit when in the beginning of the video you seemed a little rude about the impressions people make about you. i mean yeah they are bad but most of them are jokes and you have to understand you are a SUPERSTAR so you will always be getting hate. please don’t think i’m being mean in this comment i promise i’m not i literally am in love with you james charles❤️😭💕 just letting you know❤️

  19. Maya nothing

    That woman who put a lot eyeliner on scared the hell out of me

  20. Natural Skin Products

    This is the best video ever do a part 2 please

  21. Karolis Berenis

    You beautiful without makeup

  22. Amal Saeed

    Badly u shore about that I'm not shore if u did your makeup"badly"

  23. astream

    lmao "VINTAGE?!"

  24. Lillian Zimmerman

    now we know what goes on behind the scenes while james is just peafully trying to his makeup

  25. GamingWaifu 07

    Bro im so excited i just got the james charles palate and am so freaking scared to use it. I dont wanna ruin it

  26. Zoya Singh

    He looks so cute here!! ❤️

  27. RR

    This makeup is simple and elegant.

  28. Vinod Sankhe

    Hiii I am new to see your video

  29. Al-Beera Arya

    I hope one day,I can get my makeup done by James.... I can never get my makeup done as flawlessly as him.... 😔

  30. Matt Perez

    The inquisitive physician allegedly clap because thumb cosmetically glue out a absorbed korean. average, enchanting group

  31. Denisse Soto

    James right eye: i look like trash plz help me James left eye: i look amazing!

  32. Pink Flower


  33. Olivia Gaming

    K0ur is so pretty omg ✨🤩

  34. Amelia Bowman

    Is anyone here in Dec 2020? It’s the 4th Dec rn


    Wow people are rude don't take no shit from haters they just want to get into your head haters are bitches I think your make up is perfect it's amazing your the one that inspired me to do cosplay everything you do is amazing 😁😁😁 from sister HEARTLY

  36. Reut Barak

    i feel like he’s changed so much and for the better

  37. ll * Depressed Moon * ll

    Not gonna lie she look good

  38. Babyface Mira

    Larray scream 💀💀

  39. Rhythm sage

    Why are the brushes named after guns

  40. Melissa Torresss

    James please do more videos like this i had a good laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. MAdhu K

    Is nikita an influencer? Lol

  42. Sarah Mendoza

    I love how he explained what is a good answer and what would be a bad answer, he reminded me that celebrities always have to be super prepared. After all, they’re human too

  43. Zoubaire Siham

    "You look dashing though" haha loove it ✨👌🏻 ⭐️⭐️Ig: @tinyminerva

  44. Olivia van der Nest

    Merry Christmas James Charles love your vids so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Crafty Miss Dolittle

    When James put on that foundation he looked like an oompa loompa

  46. Luke Coutinho

    Oh my gosh . It was so much fun meeting you on Omegle !!!! LOVE YOU JAMES CHARLES

  47. Rb asas gamer

    Hy brothers

  48. Aria Dehmiri



    The intro was awesome 😎 I couldn’t under stand the second one

  50. rachel symons

    the city of ember has a movie xxx

  51. Clarice Monzon

    I love your intro so much🎄

  52. Annie Bear ASMR

    I'm your fan

  53. Katherine

    Who’s here when there is the virus T^T

  54. naya jewary

    Oh yellow lipstick I love pink lipstick 💄

  55. Louise Emborong

    "fun right?" 😂💕

  56. me

    luvvv the new intro

  57. roos vanvaerenberg

    He really did grow as a person he so nice

  58. Aahana Singh

    James is just roasting 5 min craft 😂

  59. THAM WEN XIN Moe

    oOoOOOooO yaaaAAA AssssssSSSSS

  60. Naomi Moonlit

    I'm in love with James's outfit

  61. Mel Knight

    James: Do You HaVe YoUr PhOnE Me at 12 still waiting for a phone

  62. Misha Brooker

    Not sisters twins

  63. Peyton Modglin

    The frogs are in the basket 😽🤍

  64. Sweet & spooky

    LMAO „ noted“ that killed me xD

  65. it_coffee Gacha


  66. as lı

    James's eyes look super beautiful in the beginning of the video 😍 he should use this in real life

  67. Aaliyah pankhurst

    James you’re the best I love you you’re so pretty I love your make up I love you so much I really hope we meet someday

  68. Barbz Dreams

    Nicki Minaj:((

  69. Dyy mite

    Lol. The guy Wearing pink (curly hair) is So handsome. But the time I hear the way he speak is bitch he's sisiterrr!

  70. va rg

    Pura mierda !.......👎👎👎

  71. Miguel Dayon

    Larray and James are twin sisters.

  72. Misha Brooker

    They look like sisters

  73. Emma Hinkle

    omg i love the intro

  74. Fatima.chanzeb Parvez

    Plzzzzzz second part

  75. Katelynn Apple

    I liked watching that it was fun

  76. Roblox Gurke

    Where is Avani? I Miss her :( This Maria or whatever replaced her