SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. Dominic Shaddick

    And from today, what do we see now. Elon has kept his promise

  2. Daniel Huxham

    I wish Bill Gates would back Space X...

  3. tehflooper

    what a hoax

  4. Diehard World

    Hi to those who are seeing this after successful mars colonization from mars from future.

  5. Sally Garcia

    here's the song guys : don't click read more u got rickrolled note: im going to delete this

  6. Sally Garcia

    "Made on Earth by humans" - Probe

  7. cozak23

    how about naming starships after the 4 Musk eteers ;)

  8. DAVID 1986

    This music is so addictive!!!

  9. patrick bowers

    Wow have to b blind to see he is having jaw and dental work done and now has Elmer's glue wig 2020

  10. Syhafiq Zhariq

    We should thanks Young Sheldon for giving Elon such inspiration!

  11. Parbat Bohora

    Who's here after elon musk became the 2nd richest person in the world?

  12. latibro

    How did the camera man survived those explosions? He needs to be paid more

  13. Mandy Preston

    When your autonomus landing system is so sophisticated it doesn't even get an applause anymore xD

  14. wnnalis cioov

    Starlink is a huge leap. It is like the electrification of the entire world, but instead fast internet anywhere. It will certainly change the world.

  15. Farhan Syafiq Fadhillah

    Bye tom! You'll be missed

  16. Apoorv Pathak

    This is so cool

  17. Jelle FN

    that one kids mic in the party

  18. Joachim Regel

    Still unbelievable, how precisely the whole project parts are executed and fullfilled in the predicted schedule.

  19. calm being

    Why nobody is talking about the cameraman

  20. UOttawaScotty

    How do they keep everything so clean ??!!

  21. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Don't have the French do any introductions.

  22. Mr Editor

    Who is watching in2020 😁😁😁 click like

  23. Isaac Newton

    WTF how are ya'll time travelling?😱

  24. Sam Davis


  25. Tyler

    Do Space Have Mold ?

  26. Alexander K.

    Hello from 🇷🇺 🤝

    1. wnnalis cioov

      IRvision Algorithm is going to recommend me this in 2030 Hello Future me

  27. Alexander K.

  28. angelo cacchione

    15 click tmz can't wait !!!!!

  29. Traffic Cone

    This his how Elon lights his BBQ...

  30. Aryan

    0:17 ignore me

  31. İrish Layemut


  32. Vandolf Rico

    James Webb telescope needs to go up

  33. Nick Nick

    I Love You New World 👏

  34. TheNiceGuy

    Watch this son because this is the future

  35. St. Michael the Archangel

    This is like trying to draw the three powerful attachment cards in the core set of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, to have even a small chance of beating Escape from Dol Goldur. You know what I mean?

  36. AD Rao

    elon u r super genious

  37. krueger

    If we could do this much in 62 years just imagine what it will be like in another 100 to 200 years..

  38. dg1

    All I'm thinking right now is damn I would love to go back 10+ years so I could buy Tesla stock when it traded publicly 🤦🏻‍♂️

  39. Josh Teshek

    Elon musk you have gone nuts! I bet we will be on Mars quicker than told

  40. Jason Koda

    did they make the corona test before they go to ISS?!....ops!

  41. World Shaper

    Give me 3 years. I'll figure it out while learning chinease

  42. Alex Walker

    Literally every car after going off a cliff in a movie:

  43. Nathan Hume

    2016 Elon: This will be almost exactly what the final starship looks like (21:31) Final starship: Hold my stainless steel nose fins

  44. Arnaldo Anonis


  45. TheNeverDry

    The only downside to being Elon is to not feel the wonder of things as we do because he is too busy building them in reality

  46. Валерий Мезенцев

    Маск развлекается

  47. THEdjpluto

    I like watching things explode

  48. Mechanical Rocketeer

    @46:28 were all going to ignore what happened?

  49. ALI ALI

    No need for scifi movies anymore

  50. Zane

    Wow, these suits are beautiful!

  51. Long Dick

    ....and then just imagine, all a female has to do is trick him into marrying her, then get half of what he worked his entire life for. #MGTOW101

  52. Hârrŷ àt Røbłóx

    Me when I fart during class: 0:11

  53. R G

    Luv u sir Big fan of u from india💓

  54. InternetPepTalk


  55. Shivam Kumar

    Will starship have free wifi?

  56. Simplicity ROBLOX

    look at that glorious raptor engine spewing out methane

  57. a grav0T

    thank you

  58. psychiatry is eugenics

    Huge difference between a ceo and a owner . Have not had a owner ceo in decades

  59. Daniel Cabrera

    at least we get explosions in 1080p...


    00:46 Thats like not being able to pee straight so it goes everywhere except the toilet

  61. faburisu

    Remember me the old days when you set up clock radio alarm for school but messed up the volume to 8000%

  62. Doug Billman

    One small PARACHUTE on your back... then imagine the room, 3 HUGE ones would take up...

  63. Doug Billman

    Would not be room for the astroNOTS........

  64. Doug Billman

    Think for yourselves America....... that reentry capsule... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ROOM, IT WOULD TAKE, TO STORE THOSE, 3 HUGE PARACHUTES AND THEIR CORD... AND THEN HAVE ROOM FOR THREE astroNOTS...

  65. Doug Billman

    According to the CURVATURE should never reach 100 miles... would go off into space... over 100 miles... CURVATURE starts where...a LOT less than 100 miles...

  66. 547doug

    So smart, but his shirt is on inside out... details Mr. Musk, details...

  67. Doug Billman

    Buzz aldrin has said on video... they never went to the moon... now More lies...I hate being lied to... and NASA has been doing it for decades.......I wonder. How many billions, they have stolen...on their missions to no where...we know they have anti gravity vessels... SO WHY KEEP TELLING US, IT TAKES ROCKETS, TO GET TO SPACE.....

  68. Chris Teo Seno

    he is the equevilant to a rocket master iron man (cuz he is a genius)

  69. Doug Billman

    They keep censoring my truth... they are scared of the truth... facts...

  70. b9y

    Where on earth is the trajectory info?!

  71. Quang Hoang

    Tuyệt vời

  72. Mitchell Mitchell

    I love you. I’m buying another tsla share tomorrow

  73. GEORG134

    ой клоуны...только 5 летние дети поверят в ваш спектакль!🤣🤣🤣

  74. Caleb Stone

    Elon was wrong about one thing: Starship does not look like that anymore lol.

  75. GEORG134

    вытащите машину из бассейна!!!

  76. subbuilder

    I am a big fan of Elon and SpaceX. He seems like he is a rocket man in his heart, not a auto man. Though he has become a super rich by his automobile venture.