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  1. Cerine

    I'm not the only one that came here after a person reposted this in reel Instagram

  2. Dean Matthieu

    Bruh you went out of med facing the right, not cool.

  3. Jeffrey Sun

    Anyone hate it when half of the server just leaves When they’re not the imposter and u just win and not get to do anything

  4. lvnely

    When somebody lies and says that u vented when you never saw them while doing ur tasks:

  5. Ariana Contreras

    I was in a round a killed right in front of someone’s face. They called a emergency meeting and said it was pink. I was lime green.

  6. Jair Gomez

    2015: Minecraft 2016: Battlefield V 2017: Zelda: Breath of the wild 2018: Fortnite 2019: Minecraft 2020: Among Us/COD Warzone/ Fall Guys

  7. QC ✔️

    Im good at this game

  8. Karim Salah

    pls we want tips on the other maps

  9. izzy ximena

    One time this happened to me when I was playing people where saying it’s me and I was in nav and I said do u have proof and they said nothing so no one voted me and we voted blue u have to ask people for proof if they say u

  10. Aubrey Partridge

    another visual task is prime shields. if you go look on the side of the ship, after they have done that task, the lights will start blinking

  11. Jacqueline Gargoles

    It sounds like he is skip the tutorial :/

  12. Madisyn Babb

    everytime I forget where I was suddenly I’m the imposter 🙄

  13. Tara Mangas


  14. Roblox With Hannah

    4:05 the security is being watched 😂

  15. Eva

    actually the O2 doesnt require two if youre fast enough

  16. Girl Gaming

  17. KRS I


  18. Andrew Liu

    if you get kick and press the button it doesn't work it sucks

  19. Jack Kettleson


  20. Simple Eve

    tysm, i'm now good at this game bc i'm a ' good ' detective.!

  21. GalaXy_World


  22. mohd sharif

    Wow sooo cooooolll

  23. Mr. Macbeth

    You reached 100k now its part 3 time

  24. GalaXy_World


  25. Jennifer Collazo

    u forgot 1 more trick. dont be sus.

  26. Asky

    He forgot about the prime shields task that’s also a task you can see

  27. Feel The Beat - Relaxing Musique

    glitch help you in among us

  28. Play Time !

    *Fun Fact: When Your Subcribe Clash Your Going Be Give Luck For 2000000000 Years And 22222222222AAA Money And Your See Real God*

  29. Shaheer zaidi

    he recreated the army public incident in pakistan

  30. Grandma

    bruh using the same tips from last vid smh

  31. Teo Prckov

    Man thank you soo soo much

  32. Leandro Burnias

    The shields is Also a visual task

  33. dehydrated narwhal


  34. Zephyrence Underwood

    you guys are the best i have bacome a way better amnong us player now

  35. Ahmad the wolf gaming

    Eaaaasssyyyy 10/10 I am a true pubg player from almost 3 years 😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😎😏😏😏😏😏

  36. Draco Malfoy


  37. The Toleen show تولين

    Thank u so much for this vid ❤️

  38. Frank Romero

    I like it but to look goodv

  39. Frank Romero

    Make a roblox app for you can see everyone so much fun bye anthony

  40. Wish Queen109

    Unless visuals off


    Impostor's iq goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  42. Floren Howells

    Thank you!

  43. vato jioshvili

    this video is for beginners not for pros btw

  44. Hassan Sha

    U started anong us also

  45. قمم-قمم- qimam


  46. Jack Hoff

    Map button: I about to end this mans whole career.

  47. WhoEvenCares

    I pretty much always swipe the card right the first time, must be easier in on mobile

  48. Signey 380


  49. XanderPlayz


  50. KlayZen

    Clash Universe changing thumbnail Me: Nayi video aa gayi 😂

  51. Gacha Pande!

    Another side by side task is to look at your friends screen, if it’s brighter they are the impostor. If the edges of the screen is darker, they are safe.

  52. The mangle_ fnaffer

    Hey u sound like a guy from an offbrand fnaf game called zoolax

  53. jennifer mitchell

    1:55 it also works with admin btw

  54. Arttu Kemppainen

    Are you really this??? Im yelllow from the other game

    1. Arttu Kemppainen

      Dio i mean

  55. Joseph Stalin

    PUBg : 😀 Among us : 🙁

  56. tania raj


  57. Sarika Sirsath


  58. Albert Lemieszko

    Another trick on card swipe fast card swipe 4 times on same swipe then boom done

  59. Kana_Chanスマイル

    *Votes Cyan because he faked the astri3ods* Them: Votes me because I'm Red

  60. EviL ϡ R A D I E N

    Love from Pakistan btw..bro itna acha short Movie with all those OP effects love ya pro!

  61. MikeSans

    1:40 you forgot shields

  62. D0ebashis Dhar

    I did mistakes in M249 and QBZ because I never used QBZ

  63. faisal alshehhi

    If your inside cams and see med vent open run OUT cuz your NEXT

  64. Santiago Blanco Serrano

    and the red dude is walking glued to the wall this will often wont hapend and they will discover you I am sorry to sound like a toxic but this scene was a 100% acted



  66. BV 20-08

    He is sus

  67. R Ã Ñ À

    Hay why you don't make pubg tips and tricks

  68. KreeperKing Luis

    Best way to win the game

  69. Tajemnicza Natalia

    I love you

  70. Dream Tech yt

    hello bhai or beheno agar aap sabhi mera comment ko padh rahe ho to aap sab ko bata du mene kuch samaye pahle channel open kiya hai plzz meri thodi madat kar do plzzz plzzz plzzz... mujhe aap sabhi ka pyaar or ashirvaad ki jarurat hai😊😊/

  71. Sabbir Ahmed

    bro please no4 part

  72. Archana Jha

    9/10,I thought the first one was vector

  73. NathanPatty

    0:51 you forgot one: Shields: Prime shields

  74. The Gaming Kid


  75. Puggle

    I used the admin vent trick thing, I won in 30 seconds

  76. Egypt addison

    0:10 lmfaoo who really be struggling on that

  77. ColtForce Playz

    1:10 he's a cewmate cause ur impistor so his name would be red if he was a fellow impostor

  78. simeon funnygame

    Wow you ar a pro



  80. Muthu Arjun

    Plssss we needed