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  1. knight449

    1:44 Who needs a fire exit anyway. 👨‍🚒

  2. davide carlini

    I like the trasparent cover because there is no point in buying a phone in my favorite color and buying a cover to cover it.

  3. aRIaS SoSa

    So what you’re saying is that apple basically made a wireless charger into a wired charger by attaching it magnetically to the phone.

  4. Joshua Antonio

    Cant imagine the case is more expensive than phone HAHA lol


    It makes sense now the box-x is here!

  6. Furious

    This thing is so stupid on so many levels I'm not gonna even bother describing them.

  7. Daphnee Cesar

    Donne moi une

  8. srkhan

    now i know why apple didn't includes the charger with the phone!!!

  9. mrdfane

    My surfacebook can fit on this thing?


    My favorite brand, beautiful complete package 👍

  11. Prakash M

    Superb sony phones

  12. Don Joe Targaryen

    i dont get it.. how retarded do i need to be to create and design phone but not deliver it with cable?

  13. febrockzz

    I think it’s great now because of latest iPadOS and iPad Air 4th gen

  14. AnimaKids

    They will ask a kidney for made in china mask

  15. Oliver Coles

    Apple: create the problem, sell the solution.

  16. Camox

    299 144fps good enough for me 😂😭

  17. Hilario Lazarus

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  18. Kunj Radadiya


  19. Donald Smith

    Will the air pods pro work with the new I pod touch

  20. Thomas Baruzier

    Apple : we are the future Also Apple : released a wired wireless charger Apple fans : noice Normal people : wtf

  21. alvinjugush

    Why is this in my recommended 6 years later?

  22. Eva Alvarez

    Safe and sound

  23. Rahul Kumar Saw


  24. Youtube Premium

    What a useless product. A wireless charger that requires a wire to be constantly connected to work, and requires 2 hands to remove the charger - which is the same as a wired charger.

  25. Empleo Joseph

    Im thinking if Im going to buy that one but later on I thought that I dont have money HAHAHA LOL!

  26. chaotic enhypen in a nutshell

    is this available on bluetooth?

  27. Mohin Shakya

    Could u please review galaxy watch 3

  28. paul cunningham


  29. XxRedstone43

    I should start calling this socketless charger

  30. vais h

    anybody got this on 2020 other than me?

  31. Zuan Idrys

    This is exactly looked like something from Netflix's Black Mirror in the Metalhead episode. So creepy!

  32. Gamerboy Alperen

    I need this for traveling

  33. KAIDO619 UAE

    I give dislike for apple not unbox therapy 👍🏽

  34. Fancy Pants

    “Wireless charger” pulls out a 1 meter fucking wire 😒 everyone is completely retarded.

  35. Kingsley Ben

    If you're reading this it works for me thanks to *hack_pro28* on IG he never disappoint 💯💯

  36. J Cano

    The “wireless” charger needs a wire to work.. should’ve just had the same charger it’s useless

  37. JT_ Hyperoptic

    Yes I watched it walking and doing the retard head tilt but does run jump climb fetch? Or are they made for robot fighting? Like bumper cars

  38. Jeiemar Roxas

    Apple: Our iPhone 12 is the most durable sh*t in the world. **Jerryrigeverything enters the chat** Apple: Oh F**k

  39. Rhys Segun

    I wish i could have that phone

  40. T Kelvin

    Create the problem, then sell you the expensive solutions

  41. Vidya Herur

    Why hasn't lew made an iPhone12 video yet?

  42. Anant Acharya

    Apple should actually make this keyboard in alternative to the magic keyboard named as the "pro keyboard" as the new ipados has got improved mouse support

  43. No Such User

    I'm interested to see how having magnets so close to the body all the time is going to effect it.

  44. Shravan Viraj Cunchala

    lol, you can just get the ps5 and build a pc with Xbox gaming on it? I guess won't that be cheaper?

  45. XanSenpai

    That runs stuff better then my phone

  46. Shravan Viraj Cunchala

    I hope Origin does the Big O with PS5 and Xbox series X!

  47. Hari Haran Js

    Mom! I need this for online classes

  48. Bob J

    I bought one today but I don’t think it charges at 20 watts

  49. JP Bodollo

    Nah, im gonna wait for the wireless version

  50. Shahrukh AL

    waiting for jerry to rig that ceramic sheild

  51. Ptao Tom

    "An apple a year makes your money disappear"

  52. Glory Joex


  53. Glory Joex


  54. Péter Császár

    iPhone 13 will come out without battery ! You can buy that extra.

  55. حسن gamer

    who will bye this phone?

  56. Ricky Olsen

    I have a latercase for a 12 pro max on order, but that plum is fire!

  57. Felix Antony R

    I phone is always ultimate ❤️

  58. Danica Garcia

    Whaattt......iphone 6 nga di ako makabili iphone 12 pa kaya my ghadd pero beke nemen kahit di mo naiintindihan sinasabi ko hahahhaha beke nemen iphone 12

  59. kempy games

    I keep thinking is this an apple watch, but no its an oppo.

  60. Anwar Hossan


  61. Frankie Beverly


  62. mugensamurai

    If the 2010s are about 90s love then the 2020s are about 2000s love.

  63. Mrz Gamers

    It's useful in playing games like pubg😂

  64. Jashobant Das

    My many friends have i phone but i have Samsung

  65. carfalix

    we can send this to mars?

  66. mugensamurai

    The original phone for boys who wear tight women pants with small pockets making a comeback for snowflakes in 2020.

  67. Khairul Azri_19


  68. Timothy Kim

    we've gotten so lazy that using two hands to remove the charger actually matters.

  69. Smith Louis

    Everyone: hmm reminds me of a memory card 😂

  70. Emka953

    When you buy sony ,you buy only sony and you don't need anything else

  71. Jafar Sadique

    So Sad that You still dont have an actual iPhone 12 ! Oh maahn.

  72. Ryangamer guruji

    Bill gates:let me introduce you myself

  73. Falfox One

    2:03 It's very laptopy WillyDew 2020

  74. Irsyad Maulana

    trust me, that magsafe cable would be torn apart in few month, if you know apple cable quality


    Have got one and the charging is first as sheet💓✌

  76. Hamza

    Goin' for the green obviously...

  77. Akhil Ahuja

    Come on lew u got to make the iphone 12 unboxing.i want to seee ur unboxing experence bro.

  78. Label 21

    No hate, but these camera shots and the focus I am not a fan of

  79. Pawan Ramnarain

    I understand iphones not coming with power-brick is a thing but, magsafe chargers without their power-bricks is definitely a fail. It all goes to show that Apple wants to rip customers off by forcing them to buy each accessory individually as each will come in their own separate packaging thus contributing to more environmental pollution as compared to what they want us to believe. A very stupid move.

  80. Holy fuc Long wang

    10:13 hey a dollar

    1. Ptao Tom

      I think I’m going to keep my X until the phone is finally something I can stick up my ass.