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  1. Sean Dong

    Why you dress like Steve Jobs

  2. alex rose

    Why the iPhone not luanch full screen

  3. Suáve -

    I don’t mean to be a dick but imagine being that person that brings his “ snacks and drinks “ for a ps5 preview...

  4. WhiteFox _CZ

    Huawei P Smart 2018 to Iphone 12 :D

  5. Perfectly Imperfect

    I had the original iphone se

  6. Derrick Jayden

    Pls compare with oppo find x2 pro

  7. mike ock

    I want to get a quest 2 but I dont want facebook to be able to use the camera to view my house and I dont want it to brick what should I do

  8. Foreal 77

    10 to 12 Pro. I'm actually on my 2nd replacement 10. My first one had Face ID sensor issue and then my second one had a touch screen issue where my touch would register on the opposite side and cause overheating.

  9. Neetha Thampy

    bro i got nord with 12 gb ram and 256 gb storage edit:(continuation)in india

  10. Elvis Herrarte

    I’m going from 8+ to pro max and because A14 and 5G, and other things and or maybe is just ( vanity)

  11. Mr. Duble-U

    I have an iPhone 8 🙆😟😃. thing is...i’ve only had it for year. so i might have a squeeze another year out of it 😢

  12. usron11


  13. Landon Luebke

    Xbox w/ (hopefully) custom elite controller

  14. knowell mapanga

    Looks like I will be getting the Xbox....Xbox 4 Life..

  15. pathfinderLXXIV

    Will probably wait until after the new year to see the performance reviews and bug reports but if all looks good I’ll probably upgrade from an iPhone X. The camera being the main reason. The bigger size can be both a good and bad thing. Most of my cargo shorts tech pockets perfectly fit my iPhone X in an Otterbox Defender case. Anything wider and I might be hosed because as awesome as these phones look naked, I’m way to clumsy to not wrap in rubber and plastic armor.

  16. Gianna Greer

    I really miss steve REALLY miss steve jobs. I’m concerned about Apple...

  17. Dinusha Pavithra

    is this silver or space grey

  18. Behold The Emaculet

    Bigger battery, better battery life. No excuses, a trillion dollar company can find anything

  19. Lambert Jiang

    the 8t is actually ip68 water proofed, just so u guys know :)

  20. Vincent Foronda

    The sun has multimillion nits so is stars

  21. Ainul Islam

    Awesome review

  22. Leonard Preston

    Just another iPhone with it's kindergarten UI and wobbly apps. LMAO

  23. Akash Sharma

    I always choose Pixel/Iohone

  24. S

    They invented it... get ur facts right Tiles is doing it for ages now

  25. butti fdft

    I’ll be upgrading from the X to 12 Pro Max. Decided to go the whole hog. I plan to hang on to it for 3 years.

  26. Nateveli DaDon

    Very clear well done review. I have the C7, but I think I might wait for next year

  27. Coach Nin

    This dude is just likable. I enjoy his videos, even if I have no interest in buying new tech

    1. butti fdft

      GB), VoTE (old legacy US carrier Sprint never upgraded the phone) and wireless charging. Will see how it goes.

  28. Lambert Jiang

    retail us package dont come with a clear case :(

  29. TheClodGamer

    I’m going from an 8plus to a 12. Had mine just paid off and my overall bill would be $10 cheaper if I go with the 12 so... so long iPhone 8 Plus.

  30. Ramon Ram

    Well, Good Job! You're predication was ALMOST right! Type-C is almost on all devices, too bad it ended up on the cable, and not the phone itself. Maybe next year.

  31. Da Do83

    31:36 I'm getting Michael Scott Tots vibes 😂

  32. Tommy Radon

    So cutee

  33. yaswanth dumpa

    There is nothing bad of 8t except camera. Nuts title is not apt for the vedio.

  34. D Legend

    So, I have the XS for two years, and I’m really thinking about getting the 12 pro max. Will I be downgrading if I decided to get the 12 pro?

  35. joeylondonxo

    So Airtags are just Tile then? But I’m assuming more accurate in GPS because of the OS?

  36. Daniel Andries

    OLED screens get screenburn ffs ! Stick to lcd.

  37. Rakin Sharuz

    Should I upgrade if I have an iphone X? I have 11pro. But the other device is X.

  38. Björn Granfoss

    Many others offer 120hz but at a lower resolution witch sucks! Or the white point and colors aren’t good enough at those panels. Apple wants perfection. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. VictoriaLynne1966

    YES a charger matters to me. Especially with the amount Apple charges for their devices. I’m not upgrading until I can get a charger and use my Apple Pencil with the pro max model.

  40. samuel tunde

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  41. Vincent Rockafella

    I have a iPhone XS. I will not be upgrading for a couple of reasons...1 I feel I don’t have to as you very finely just proved in your vid, and 2 I’m not buying another iPhone until they get rid of the notch completely.

  42. woodaddy3

    I am looking to get either the 11 Pro Max or the 12 Pro . I am really interested in the camera abilities since I do a lot of outdoor photography and some video . I wonder too about the battery issue . I am trading in my iPhone 7 Plus . There is a $50 difference in price , but 11 Pro Max is a 256 and the 12 Pro is 128 .

  43. Donovan Doran

    My wife needs a new phone by the end of the week She’s got a 7 Do I get her a XS max or 11 pro max?

  44. M S

    I have the original iPhone se and I am going to buy the iPhone 11 because of the price reduce

  45. Lily Pop


  46. Masked Yt

    Ps5 multi plats and exclusive my pc to play xbots games

  47. Eudritch Benjamin

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  48. Austin Greeley

    Could you do a follow up video on this? More specifically I’m wondering if my TV (I have the CX) will support VRR. I’ve been reading that the PS5 doesn’t support FreeSync or G-Sync. Please help me understand!

  49. NOVA

    No. It doesn't matter

  50. MotoMasterX5

    They got me to try out am iphone after being Android since my first smartphone! I'm looking forward to trying it out, and I am sick of google selling my info, I'm glad Apple is leading the way with privacy as well

  51. Art Gutierrez

    I just started the video and I feel like Im going to down vote your video already

    1. Art Gutierrez

      yup, I was right.

  52. Ian Turner

    Oh but it wobbles when flat really I have a fitted case that takes care of that

  53. Ivan Tirado

    I'm not quite seeing the charger thing as a big deal.. if you have a MacBook, that has a usb-c brick, if you have an iPad, that also have a usb-c brick, if you have a different android phone, that also has a usb-c brick, if you have none of these, but have a prior iPhone - you have an existing charger and appropriate lightning cable. The only person that would be left with nothing would be someone who doesn't own any device and this is their first and only device.

  54. Ralph Smith

    Will big sur photos app accept Nikon's new SLR D6. Catalina photos will not on my mac mini.

  55. Frank Re

    Had a iphone 11 pro max and just turned it in for a note 20 ultra what a difference absolutely love it wont be going back to iphone any time soon!

  56. Sadleast

    Thinkin about buying the normal 12. i have a 11 pro Max but i love the square design and the 6,5 inch is a little to big for me. Would that be like a downgrade in general? I dont really care about the best cameras.

  57. Lamiek Tewelde Haile

    I am a gamer. @lamiek19

  58. your pen is mightier

    recycled aloominium, but they include a charger? for shame google!!! earth hates you.

  59. Vegeta

    I have the x900h, should I upgrade for this tv in the video?

  60. howard padgett

    Have had them all. Best phone ever.....

  61. Tonje Holt Svendsrud

    Upgrading from my 2017 iPhone 8 plus to the iPhone 12 :)

  62. Bananaphone93

    bullshit. the difference is nothing big like that.

  63. Nijas Ali H

    8:37 Redmi note 9 doesn't even support wireless charging.. so 9W reverse wireless charging?? Script error..😅

  64. Computer Gangster

    You should change your name to BEZEL

  65. KD

    who else had this randomly pop up in their recommendation??🤣

  66. Jeff Robins

    Interesting to be wearing a black turtle neck. Mmmm, SJ’s?

  67. cnmmd qiuoo

    Don’t upgrade if coming from iPhone pro 11 ...

  68. Tomislav Nikolić

    0:10 Did I wash my hands?

  69. And A m

    i'm gonna stay with my iPhone X, no reason to replace.

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      Apple be doing some shady sh*t with the chargers and "water resistance" Next year it'll be all about the iPhone 13 and how it's "so much better" than the 12

  70. wtfamb wtfamb

    Why do I feel PS5 doesn't seem exciting !

  71. Aditya Desai

    I am considering going from a 7 Plus to 12 Pro MAX. TBH i think the phone works fine for 90% of things in 2020. The biggest things I am missing out on is storage (still on 32 GB), VoTE (old legacy US carrier Sprint never upgraded the phone) and wireless charging. Will see how it goes.

  72. Aditya Sanehi

    If you compare the Unlocked/Sim-Free - 128 GB storage models of both the 12 and 12 Pro, it is only a 120 dollar difference, making the 12 even more steeply-priced.

  73. John Doe

    iPhone 8 to 12 for me

  74. George Bushell

    I have a iPhone 7, had it for 3 years. My battery health is below 50% and half of my typing key board doesn’t work so I have to talk into my phone. I don’t have much money so what new iPhone should I get?

  75. Brian Jr Spero

    As a user of both, QUEST 2 IS A MASSIVE UPGRADE.

  76. Evan Rowe

    Do you get to keep this phone?

  77. fahad b

    iam from 2020 , u all are going to be in quarantine one day

  78. Farhan Mehfooz Khan

    Hi Sir. Needless to say, your videos are great 👍 However please cut it short to 10 mins max if possible as first 6 minutes of this video especially was hardly anything worthy !