Watch the official video for "Feen" ft. Trippie Redd

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  1. kingjay1255


  2. Sherrie Hart

    this the song come on listen to it

  3. Kaylynn Aylsworth

    I wish high school was like that I am in high school it is nothing like that

  4. Kaylynn Aylsworth

    Cambridge Springs PA

  5. Awais A

    Trippie 🔥🔥 1400/800

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  7. Danilo

    I feel like a feen🔥💫💫

  8. Jonathan Wright


  9. joaquin 10

    really nice production

  10. Abigail De lo santo

    Dios bendiga atodo el k vea este comentario

  11. Selva Ram


  12. Selva Ram

    best song of the album

  13. Yafreysi Sánchez


  14. Jey Collins

    44 Segundos de canción y ya quedé enamorada. :'3

  15. Persayus McNab

    this is my new fav and now always will be, luv u bro

  16. ZYojansel


  17. Life with Atallia

    kel you need to come back with the pranks love the music video

  18. Juliana Trevino

    i love luh kels vidoes and really respect him

  19. Baby Snags

    You good rapper

  20. daisy stewart

    earlly gang were you at

  21. Luh Kel

    Catch me live today at 4pm EST talking about Feen

    1. Janiya Jackson

      @QueenBri Briana I dont know

    2. QueenBri Briana

      Is ocean going to be there css I want to see her

    3. Janiya Jackson

      Ok ❣️❣️see u later😁

    4. Tirone Powell


    5. QueenAnwar21 Cookies

      I love u luh kel I love the new song that you made ❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗😊

  22. Angelika Ilani

    N ocean is so cute lol she always hypin him up. 💙😂

  23. Angelika Ilani

    Yuh kel do his own stunts dpwh 😂💯🔥

  24. LukiDuki

    Early gang! This is fye btw

  25. Hitmaker Fullydark


  26. Buggi Boogie

    Love from kenya

  27. nuni dior

    awwe look at his baby .. oceann shes so very beautiful

  28. Vullyz

    I never knew what "FEEN" was until i heard this song

    1. Marissa Vaughan

      @Djscarecrows thx

    2. Djscarecrows

      Lol y’all tripping

    3. Marissa Vaughan

      Same I had to look it up

  29. canada's corner

    now you are lying if you wasn't here looking for ocean - 😭🖐🏾

    1. Marissa Vaughan

      I wasn't-

  30. nuni dior

    stop trolling and stop with the bops .. love uu trippie and turren

  31. Naldo S. Oliver

    Grande trabalho!

  32. savage Cabbage


  33. Kreator Kai

    FEEL LIKE A FEEN 🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  34. Hughdeen Killer


  35. Mariano Ceus

    Superé good man 🌶✊

  36. maskee


  37. Breanna Ferguson

    Love it 🔥 🔥 📛

  38. Malissa Mcleod

    I love your music your amaizing

  39. CAN I SLIME IT ?

    i love that song

  40. JJ Vlogz

    So hot bby😈💯👅

  41. jimin's lollipop

    i am hella earlyyy-

  42. GetRektFN

    *99% wont see this but God bless you and have a wonderful day, im struggling to get 59K🎁*

  43. Qumex YT

    Is very nice

  44. Shahdil Sohani


  45. fabian peralta

    who else is in school every one in school like

    1. Marissa Vaughan

      @fabian peralta nice

    2. fabian peralta

      @Marissa Vaughan i am on my last class

    3. Marissa Vaughan


  46. Kylie noel


  47. crissary de la cruz


  48. Nylah Davis

    early 😏😍

  49. TryXN _YT

    lessss gooooo noti gang i love luh kel

  50. Craxter


  51. Destiny Adderley


  52. Mini

    Wow I live this song

  53. Rayneisha Rither

    Pls say it back

  54. Rayneisha Rither


  55. Blandina Barna


  56. Carlin González


  57. Marissa Vaughan

    Wassup early squad

  58. Henok Ermias

    pls like

  59. Mk B

    Bruhh how do u keep your voice that smooth?

  60. Yvng.__forever 23

    Early gnag

  61. Shawayna Logan


  62. Rahabu Tumaini

    First gang where u at????

  63. Gina Oladiji

    At the end was cute

  64. U1lb


  65. 1 sᴜb with notis before 2022?

    *To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name🥖*

    1. Temarsosick


    2. Marissa Vaughan

      What's with the bread

  66. Joziah Fisher


  67. Rahabu Tumaini


  68. Avion Colon


    1. Marissa Vaughan


    2. Rahabu Tumaini


  69. Avion Colon


  70. J

    He made the car black so it can run faster

  71. Tye Harr

    Girl mood changing go to the door before you came in there with cheers on the floor

  72. ozuna fns.

    Dios te bendiga si logras leer este comentario (amén )

  73. Desire Flores

    las cruses

  74. William Alcorn

    im sorry i should of bin here to watch this 8 months ago

  75. December Phelps


  76. killerkel47


  77. Armen Hovhannisyan

    Who here in December 2020