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  1. Jedi Clarity

    Niel will win for game of the year... Noughty dog tlou2... Neil paid them to me..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Carlos Bohme De Vidts

    Rigged Awards 2020: TLOU2 Edition

  3. Zeafer Jones

    This is exactly why I still consider Ocarina of Time the best game ever. Its a great game but every year the games just keep getting worse. FF7 remake wasn't bad though.

  4. OP OswaldoPlayz

    Innovation in Accessibility?

  5. Sushma Singh

    Kratos after winning the reward- Yeah BOI

  6. Felix Tjong

    Yoo what persona 5 royal?

  7. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    If The Last Of Us, which couldn't sell in Japan, beats Animal Crossing, which sold out worldwide, then everyone's going to say that the election was rigged. A lot of my friends are voting Ghosts of Tsushima, but all I see in the comments is "Doom." How did a game that was loved by critics, panned by audiences, & ended up in dollar bins in Japan get so many nominations anyway? Why couldn't they wait till January so Cyberpunk could be added to the list?

  8. Revolution019

    Is it just me or should Minecraft be nominated for ongoing game??

  9. Zombiespanks 08

    I'm good if Doom eternal, Final fantasy 7 remake and ghost of tsushima get game of the year not last of us 2

  10. Gnarly Whiskey

    Spirit farer got me passed my mother and law passing away.

  11. Gnarly Whiskey

    Ori and the will of the wisp got me pump ans crying in the room up stairs when my girlfriend played

  12. Deyvisson Danillo

    The Last of Us Part ll is my game of the year

  13. el yosho vuelve

    Ok but can we talk about among us

  14. джери стокер


  15. meme prez


  16. Long John

    Look he’s b hopping to gain speed throughout the song

  17. FredEFuego

    Ghost of Tsushima for every category it was in I liked The Last of US II but that story was awful gameplay good graphics and sound on pound but that 360 in the story left me putting down the game and just not being able to finish it.

  18. Wahyu Ekananda

    Snare be like: "tung" "tung" "tung" "tung"

  19. Nolan George

    Such a dapper rockstar

  20. Stars and Stripes

    This is turning or it's just like hollywood movie awards, it's an sjw awards

  21. Festive Viny

    I jope the Last Of Us part 2 wins 😍😍 love it so much

  22. Galactic Maui

    I feel Last of Us 2 is kinda overrated. Good but not my favorite enjoy several of the other games mentioned more.

  23. David Jeffreys

    I hope Last Of Us 2 beats Ghost of Tushima because honestly, when I look at the level of work and art that went into Ghost, that's what I expect from every game I buy. This rarely happens but its always the hope. So as beautiful and good as it is, in my head it's simply standard. There is no question that Last Of Us 2 intended to push the entire gaming world forward. It was controversial yes, but it did elevate the standard and we will all benefit from that in future games of every genre.

  24. CrazyParth

    For gane of the year tlou2 should ein

  25. CrazyParth

    I think in eSports fortnite is gonna win it has the most expensive tournaments

  26. Soggybeans H

    I really want ck3 to win strategy/sim instead of flight simulator but I know it won't win

  27. Soggybeans H

    Technically almost every game is an action/adventure game

  28. scorpioninpink

    And Raji need to win Indie Debut.

  29. scorpioninpink

    Also, Genshin Impact needs to win the Best Mobile Game and RPG!

  30. scorpioninpink

    Hades or Animal Crossing: New Horizons for me for GOTY.

  31. Mister Gio

    Now the question is...who will win Game of the Year next week?... If "The last of Us part II" wins i'm gonna be pissed.

  32. Tokoduku

    For goty, I see Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, FFVIIR, and several wrong answers.

  33. thanh hai

    guided meditation

  34. Mihailo Maljković


  35. GaMbLe


  36. Mr Fallout Fan

    Now that’s something I like to see congrats roger

  37. ליעם נוטמן

    I really want ghost doom or hades to win but because the game awards are so " woke" it will probably go to .... The last of us 2

  38. Eightbitbossuru

    Doom Eternal GOTY!!!

  39. edward sanchez

    Dude I hope the last of us 2 doesn’t win any awards 😂🤣 That would be great! 😆

  40. Kobe Moreno

    the game awards are simp for the last of us that my uncle give me the game because how bad it is and the last of us is in almost every nomanaten

  41. Edgar Ciprian

    Sorry I blinked did “ and...the LAST OF US PART II” get nominated for anything

  42. De Anton.

    Smash es poderoso

  43. u/WaterGuy12

    I believe in you DOOM!

  44. Sajor PR

    This game of the year is rigged TLOU2 isn’t that good at all

  45. Emely y Max

    I want Nintendo to win

  46. Scott Becker

    So I know TLoU2 is the big joke on GotY, but can we acknowledge that Fall Guys was nominated for best continued support 😂 Half the reason that game died was because the developers never added anything or fixed the rampant cheating.

  47. jhony rojas cespedes

    sad brawl estars T^T

  48. FC Hurricane

    The last of us and hades were everywhere

  49. rab 1

    Am seeing far to much repetition of game titles considering there was a lot of other games to mention

  50. dorito

    I hope Genshin wins best mobile game. I doubt Genshin would win best rpg, but if it doesn't I'm rooting for Persona 5 Royal

  51. D Kurameno

    Every year. I watch a game awards and remember that it’s rigged af and there’s literally no point in watching this.

    1. Scott Becker

      I can usually agree with their choice, but I know TLoU2 is going to win this year, even though it really doesn't deserve it. I thought Sekiro, GoW, BotW, and The Witcher 3 all deserved it.

    2. KenyelRoad

      Spread the word brother

  52. AzureRoxe

    If Last of Us 2 wins when the other options are Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, FF7R, Ghost of Tsushima and Hades, it is beyond obvious Naughty Dog paid out the ass to have their game win.

    1. KenyelRoad

      No, stop saying that. You have too much faith in this award it is based on nothing, they actually know nothing about what makes a good game, either that or they don't care about awarding the best, Tlou2 is "artsy" and expected to win. It is shit and will win anyway, but saying it was paid makes you look like a dumbass and you dont want that.

  53. DɨӼɛռ Largin'

    Y'all think I'm gonna watch an award show on release day of cyberpunk 2077?

  54. Glorious 240fps

    LOL i can see a lot of non-playstation people crying and shouting for DOOM Eternal. Sorry fellas,you missed out the best game of 2020. Ghost of Tsushima for the win.

    1. KenyelRoad

      Wut? I am no ps fanboy like you but GoT is the best game, maybe hades.

  55. Gaming forever

    Mafia definitive edition should be win

  56. Marvel0us Her0

    As long as Doom wins best soundtrack, I’m happy

  57. isnskw

    Ashley should win for best voice actor , she did phenomenal job.

  58. Hassanal Estino

    I am here after the 2020 GOTY reveal, hoping they will play the Orchestra Medley for the following nominees: Doom Eternal vs FF 7 Remake vs Ghost of Tsushima vs Hades vs Animal Crossing: New Horizons vs The Last of Us, Part 2

  59. Teste

    No Microsoft Flight Simulator for game of the year ? What a joke.

  60. Teste

    a lot of re-releases, old games and esports bs.

  61. JeBoy Daan

    Christoph Waltz is still hilarious

  62. Fruit Sonic


  63. Jay J

    Ghost of Tsushima almost everything.

  64. Charlie Hudson

    Red dead redemption should have won

  65. Dragon Flyer

    I’m happy that Ori and the Will of the Wisps is in it for best art design and track

  66. C C

    They should’ve have nominated Dani as a content creator, he literally creates games.

  67. Eliel Castro

    Boneworks deserved a nomination.

  68. Pico Rualo

    please vote for Ghost OF Tsushima

  69. Alan InYarmha

    Mario? In place Batman Arkham Knight? What a joke

  70. Jared Villedalara

    amoug us

  71. Jared Villedalara


  72. Mitchell Diaz

    FF7R deserves GOTY man. The visuals were stunning. The music was beyond epic. The gameplay (which is the most important) was fantastic. After 4 playthroughs its for sure my pick.

  73. me em

    I hope we see a trailer or a release date for legend of zelda breath of the wild 2

  74. Mitchell Diaz

    If last of us 2 wins game of the year, we riot.

  75. MrSliverwolf

    When will they start nominating content creators that people have actually heard of?


    where is cyberpunk 2077 reply pleasee

    1. KenyelRoad

      It will release in december 10th, what releases that late in the years isn't nominated, it will be nominated for 2021. Meaning that tlou2 will be goty this year.

  77. Aslyons 2010

    No demons souls?

  78. David Willian

    If Doom Eternal or The last of us 2 wins,I will be satisfied.

  79. Vlad Iluca

    remember when game awards were not PC and actually rewarded talent?

  80. Sharkuel

    I am watching this and I am all teary rn, not gonna lie.