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  1. Steven GRILLI

    I gonna just keep my iPhone 3GS

  2. Whit Coburn

    That was one of the best reviews/tests of the differences between the phones. Thanks!

  3. Bharath J

    Finally someone who is telling the truth!

  4. Josh Garay


  5. Francisco Valdez

    So, thank you apple for taking the charger off? Thank you apple cuz now you are more profitable? I think this is not a review from the consumer perspective.

  6. Ross Ginsberg

    Going from regular iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 Pro is a huge leap. 12 Pro feels so much better to hold and if you do anything AR related the LiDar is a game changer.

  7. Savvy Dan

    Nice comparison! I will wait for 12 Pro Max due to the better camera, even though I would much prefer the size of the standard Pro...

  8. surimaribo24

    finally a review that makes sense thank you for this .

  9. Mr. Sir

    Max, I have been trying to curb the temptation of upgrading my phone and you have made things very difficult haha. Great video.

  10. Xxbigdaddy 69999

    Guys imma get the 12 pro, I have a 7 and ive had it since like it came out, there has been times where it just turns off should I upgrade to the 12 ?

  11. Long live Duck

    Shii my 7 works perfect

  12. Evan Orozco

    its still glass so it always going to break and if it dosent break its not glass no matter how strong im always going to put a case

  13. Wreck Fatal

    What about an iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible portable charger? Like instead of having a charging case or a wired portable charger, you could have something that just pops on the back and quickly charges it

  14. Evan Orozco

    bezle are the same it looks like

  15. Evan Orozco

    how about looks it looks the same tho

  16. Mrhate2doit Gaming

    Reselling me on a phone me on a phone I already have. Kurdos

  17. Rolex

    What I like about Vadim is that he's an Apple pro but he knows how to stay reasonable And I liked comparing the new iPhone to old and not Android.

  18. TF.Lyrics

    How much did the apple pay you?

  19. mtripathi

    Very biased review. I choose not to watch such youtubers going forward...!!! Enough is enough.

  20. Pascal Schwarzer

    a co-worker has the new 12 pro, asked him today if I can hold it for a minute. Feels amazing. Thought I would go for the mini, because I want a Phone I can use comfortably with one hand, but the 12 feels like the most compact >6 inch phone and I can get to every corner of the Display without changing my handposition. So I think I'll go for the 12. Not 12 pro, because I really dont need it. I am a light user.

  21. jingangquan

    You guys are my favorite techchannel (despite the fact that everything is shocking to you ;p). Bought a 16" Macbook Pro last year thanks to your videos and will now upgrade my Xr to one of the 12 models. Major reason is my Xr constantly loses connection when I go outside and it switches from WLAN to LTE. So annoying as I always have to turn it off and on when that happens. I hope the new modems will fix this problem. Keep up the great work!

  22. Ronald carlos

    Hola, sinceramente no noto una gran diferencia entre el 11 Pro y el 12 Pro

  23. Chris Johnson

    Ordering the 12 Pro Max next Friday. Cant wait to see how it performs for photography! Nice comparison!

  24. Rachana Jadhav

    Which should is prefer for programming please tell between macbook or surface laptop

  25. grantcg

    I upgraded from the iPhone X to the 12 pro last Friday and in my personal day to day use it’s not all that much better. It’s a little smoother, battery last a little longer and display does look a bit better but it’s nothing to write home about. Not a big camera person so I cant speak to that.

  26. Link Games

    I just got my 12 I upgraded 6 generation of iPhones form 6 to 12 lol

  27. Gfdereew Ghyjhhkkk



    Why do u talk like that

  29. Maher Salem

    6g of RAM while other companies start with 9 to 12 g RAM

  30. Jonathan Goh

    Nah... u not gonna convince me

  31. Alvin Tung

    I love my iphone 7

  32. Sreejith Sree

    How about iPhone 12 it is same camera effect like iPhone 12 pro

  33. Kenyi Anderson Távara Gonzáles

    if it weren't for ARM not compatible with Win 32 applications, or there were more applications for ARM, the galaxy book s would be the winner by far. It has better sound, better battery, better camera and microphone, super light, does not heat much ... 🙄

  34. Bobbylee Budde

    I didn't know you guys were brothers I also didn't know you have a sister shows how much I watch your videos lol. But when I do watch them they are always good knowing your siblings doing this together makes me sub to channel good work

  35. Matt Bulfair

    I've been using it for a week, and I find myself by the end of the day having about 50% power, Playing games, videos, and more. I didn't upgrade my plan to 5G but the icon is showing up. Setting up 5G auto is preferred.

  36. DjLucky Killer

    WOW snow!! Where?

  37. TyphonGAMING

    So should I upgrade from 11 pro max to 12 pro??

  38. Ezz Eldin Elshamy

    Sick review, absolutely appreciate that , waiting for 12 pro max , i gonna upgrade from iphone 6s plus to that phone as soon as it comes out

  39. mariel cabruja

    you should do this exact same review but with the iphone 12!

  40. André Martins

    Which iPhone 12 Pro color do you guys prefer?

  41. Jason Y

    Flat sides are nothing new in iPhone.

  42. fikretproperty

    this is bullshit. 11 is much better as 5g is not in use and surely its not worth to pay a lot for 5g that is not in use. also design of the phone is rubbish

  43. Bu-Mohammed

    U r the best!

  44. Alexander Sydney

    Dude, Max got thinner.

  45. Zack Rays

    I feel it's all a matter of perception. I got the 12 Pro 128 Gb in Pacific Blue and when compared to the 11 Pro Max which I still have, honestly I don't feel the difference. Magsafe has a flimsy feeling, 5G will be a battery killer on an already lower capacity battery, disable 5G to have better battery life? really?? what's the purpose then? LIDAR, don't get me started on this technology that doesn't add much value at this point, camera features are barely noticeable. A14 is subjective when compared to the A13 on my 11 Pro Max, Hardware might be the only plus I see on the 12 Pro...In the end I ended up giving the 12 Pro Max to my son. I'm keeping my 11 Pro Max.

  46. Ross Kulma

    It’s a nice case very high quality feel BUT when I opened the box and found out the case it totally open on the bottom that was the deal breaker for me.

  47. Jack Jones

    Once again apples advertising department did its job well

  48. Sahil Mehta

    Me on 360p: Jeez these cameras have horrible sharpness.

  49. Jude

    Just saw your review from someone on MacRumors and instantly subbed! Best 12 Pro review i've seen.

  50. Heiko Pollo

    Y am i even watching this i already have my iphone 12 pro

  51. Rodney Hiner

    Snow and leaves still on the trees!

  52. Carlos C.

    C’mon man, you bought your wife the cheaper phone!? Lol, great review!

  53. Leo Yang

    Now I really want the iPhone 12 pro

  54. Daniel Xavier de Souza

    My score is Note - 11 iPhone - 9 Pixel - 5 i got surprised by portrait shots

  55. Durim Ib

    iPhone 12 Fanboy

  56. Sswwaaggyy Zadar

    I’m just getting it bc of the storages

  57. Jessica Lynn

    I can not decide between the iPhone 12 pro max or the Samsung, I have been android forever, but I am also a photographer and would like video and want best quality. I take sports videos as well for my son. What do you recommend?

  58. Jose Guzman

    A pro phone with a pro quality. Max Tech: Apple redesigned the iPhone Me: Max Tech has updated the b-Roll

  59. Tarek Soliman

    What leap you are taking about you idiot !! Apple just add one small feature in each 12 months ! And keep the same stupid look phone They are followers and follow samsung Cant imagine they still cannot remove the natch till now !

  60. Bubbly OwO

    I'm an android user but I like iPad more cuz its prettier lawll

  61. Tarek Soliman

    Shitty phone, no innovation since past 3 2 years Apple new Gay CEO is more busy finding someone to suck his deck rather than innovating iphone unlike Steve Job every year real change was made to iPhone The phone now has exact same look since past 3 years Since this new Gay CEO took over the the company became followers rather than market leaders, they just follow Samsung in every thing, screen, sizes, camera etc. And till now they cannot remove the natch from the screen which looks very ugly comparing all market phones which are 2 yea ahead of iPhone in this.

  62. Lee

    I turned off 5G as well. I have the opposite problem in my town that I get double the speed on LTE compared to 5G.

  63. Susan S

    So glad I watched this. I have a pro on order and after so many lackluster reviews I was about to cancel and stick with my XS that is working okay. The one issue is spotty cell service. This should be an improvement even on lte. I also take product shots so the zoom lens is important. Great work standing out from so many tech reviews who seem to be a bit more superficial.

  64. Muhammad Usama Wajid

    Your family is gift from God

  65. N. R. Rohde

    Budget phone gets budget performance. Battery life is nice, but it all boils down to what your priorities in a device are. For me, this isn’t it.

  66. Matheus Henrique

    Iphone 12 Pixel 5 Note 10

  67. mark5378

    What was good about the 6s? 🤷‍♂️

  68. Ps1guy Plays

    glad to know that i can download cod mobile in ur basement

  69. Lee

    You definitely deserve all the views!

  70. Muhammad Usama Wajid

    Your family is gift from God❤️👍

  71. Sathyameva Jayathe

    Mada in China

  72. Jesse Maddox

    Day 2 I shut the auto 5g off and went to straight lte, MASSIVE difference in battery life! Wish the magnets were a bit stronger tho I'm not trusting it on my car mounts if I got a big enough bump

  73. José Martín

    This video almost feels like he could be mocking first world problems... Talk about making a huge deal of the smallest things...

  74. survivor turnover


  75. Sanason Dark

    Max Tech please add Android smartphones reviews videos because you are best reviewer.

  76. Jack Master Too

    The Apple Pencil looks much better then the s pen

  77. Trade Pandey

    Watched first 2 min and i can say that paid reviews can not be better than this.

  78. franco daring

    Ipad air 4 beast

  79. The life Of Truth

    If it has the same camera as last year. With just software improvements then shouldn't that make u mad. As Apple could've just sent that same software update to ur phone.

  80. Kyle Muller

    I’ve been contemplating on getting the 12 or the 12pro/12pro max for weeks and I’m not gonna lie I’ve also entertained the idea of getting the 12 mini just cause sometimes I get tired of large phones. Mind you I always get the best possible phone currently I got the 11 pro max. After watching your video I’m convinced the 12 pro max is a must have for me can’t wait to get my hands on it. Great video man your a very under rated reviewer enjoyed your take on the iPhone 12 pro very much!