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  1. Kittycatkyla23

    lol, poor Keith. "Did you take your lactose pill?" "Yes." Loads it with whipped cream and ice cream.

  2. Savvy Gatton

    I like seeing Ned in his sciencey element. It would be fun to see him do more experiments. Or try to make a recipe with just chem lab supplies (bunsen burner, flasks, micropipette, etc.) Maybe even (post-Covid) a trip to a science center and let him loose like a kid in a candy store.

    1. Savvy Gatton

      Now that I think about it... Ned tries viral TikTok science experiments/tricks?

  3. fana

    Zach: we're all Keith's best friend but I'm just a little better Someone in the background: you are little LMAO BRO WHY DID NO ONE SUB TITLE THAT LOL

  4. Christiano Olliver

    Boink, Marry, Punch, Kill: Eugene Zach Ned Keith Reply this comment pls

  5. Max Barish

    real dinner party from the office vibes

  6. Elizabeth Kritzer

    Ned’s moustache reminds me of Freddy Mercury

  7. pamela angela

    Did they really just call Papri chaat: Loaded Nachos Uttapam: Savoury pancake Sambhar: Vegan Soup Dosa: Indian crepe Chili Cheese Naan: Indian Quesadilla

  8. Celeste Missiroli

    Eugene looks high in this vid and I'm living for it

  9. Pelican74

    Neds wife always has these psycho eyes in every picture and the fakest smile. Like....i have seen these eyes before. Those are the eyes and that is the face of someone who isn't having fun...like at all!! And she ia saying to herself." I dont belong here. This isn't me. I am NOT having fun." Just look at the thumbnail!!! That face is saying. Well he ia having fun but this just isn't for me. She would rather be anywhere else but in front of a camera. Trust me. Listen. I ain't hating on her. At all. Just observing things I have seen in the past. In very very good at ppl reading'

  10. pamela angela

    We seriously NEED a SPICY CHALLENGE with Eugene, Becky, and YB...

  11. Jeanieinabottle

    26:19 The banter mixed with the ooos has me dying 😂😂

  12. Emilia

    i’m tripping on acid and this is really nice

  13. Brittany Proffitt

    I keep picturing what the neighbors must think is happening in that yard with all the yelling 🤣

  14. Alisha Kowalski

    Ned with the thermometer 😆

  15. Bone Train

    Holy shit Eugene finally got fourth place

  16. Lucy Neilson

    watching these makes me realise how much better the fast food is in the UK lmao

  17. Kristina

    "is it a plushie? no, it's an experience" reminds me of "what is this, democracy? no this is hell" lmao

  18. aiko suzuki

    my personal rating: 1. Ned 2. Eugene 3. Zach 4. Keith

  19. GirLikeBurritos

    Since Ned and Ariel will be busy with Baby #2 soon, I hope they can put a new spin on their date night series by getting Zach and Maggie or Keith and Becky involved.

  20. Aishwarya Jain

    Keith, you are a terrible cook/chef ... please dont yell at judges!! It feels horrible

  21. pamela angela

    me: there’s no way ned will eat the death nut again checks the progress bar of the video me: oh no

  22. Hedi Khalil

    11:25 this is fine

  23. Paloma Hidalgo

    I actually really want an ugly Keith plushy 🥺

  24. Veronica

    You know what, it's reasuring to see people try new and difficult things and not being inmediately great at them. Thanks for sharing <3

  25. Kirsty Chalk

    "British food is pretty terrible" that hurt me, until you have a proper sunday dinner you do not have the right! Although I will admit that we are bland as hell!

  26. Trump Would Date His Daughter

    I was not ready for how critical they are at the end but I’m here for it LOL

  27. Christopher Pham

    Alternate title: Everyone suffering except for YB

  28. Gittel Funk Rusowsky

    As someone who lives in Souty Amwrica, this just confuses me 😂 Here pancakes are what I think you'd call a crepe, so it has to be thin, lol it's nothing like this

  29. Kendall Kahn

    The person making the pancakes is so cute and pretty

  30. Alex Ng

    If Chicken Noodle is on sale, I'm down to buy it, hope it ships to Malaysia


    I am from Wisconsin we get better cheese for 5 bucks

  32. Christopher Pham

    Eugene: tries diet coke and hates it The diabetic community is quaking.

  33. Madeleine Ramos


  34. sнαηтιllε cσяяεα

    "i wonder if theres fanfic between them" oh honey noooo

  35. movecount

    5:36 why did he laugh like squidward i cant-

  36. Sarah Anderson

    29:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Sam T

    ned awkwardly playing the flute makes this whole video perfect

  38. Cameron Hunter

    You sound like bobcat goldthwaits character he always used to do.

  39. CoCo Bunny

    I really want keith to eat everything at a dog bakery 😂

  40. Lala La

    HAHA the "light music" wasn't what i was expecting. ahhahah

  41. Julia

    Its really wet inside Eugene: just like you

  42. aiko suzuki

    Ned is the true winner.

  43. QueenOfFabulous

    Nah Micharah is home schooled so shes just like that

  44. Van Ha


  45. Crazy Little Kitty


  46. Yeu Chua

    Yang pilih allah like.

  47. Natalie Roberts

    Omgggggg the way eugene just flipped 😂

  48. rainbow drops

    I need a video with all of Keith's reactions to him losing and getting the lower rankings.


    Keith's voice fits in well !

  50. Julia Blake

    Now I have the jigglypuff song stuck in my head

  51. Jade Go

    Me: a pisces waiting for where we will be placed Also me: Waits for whole video hoping that we're 1st Me again: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  52. snuggle bugg

    low-key why do the Try Guys literally just get it😂

  53. MadsterMadness

    Petition for ugly plushie try guys

  54. Andrew Vera

    Gryffindoor in the house son🤙🏽

  55. tacita

    Petition for Try Guys try and make Indonesian martabak "pancake"!!!

  56. Sarah Anderson


  57. pamela angela

    I knew Ned’s date night. That’s how many times Ned talks about his wife. I know the date night of a man I’ve never met

  58. Charlotte Clark

    "this is YOUR fault" *.6 seconds later* "TERIYAKI"

  59. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    30:04! The way Keith tries to move on and throws Eugene under the bus! I LOVED IT! xD

  60. Lili Saahko


  61. Nalini

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how cute Denise is?

  62. Queenofwheels

    Way to ruin the video by bringing up Covid. We come to youtube to get away from all that. Also leave the fart jokes to others.

  63. Tanvi Reddy


  64. Demi Parkinson


  65. Lucile Gautier

    How can an angry bird rip-off win? I'm all for Ugly Keith!

  66. Jane' Pienaar

    Maybe some light music... 😂😂

  67. Minke van der Heide

    I actually find it pretty cute that they don't know what the extra layer is for in the underwear :) :)

  68. Jess C.

    Yea this episode totally needed an music moment lol

  69. zhofiirah

    When the couch fell on ned and the puppet show ended, it sounded like wes said “end show” which is so cute to me 😂😂

  70. Dianne Carter

    I would watch this as an actual play series on Twitch. Watch out Critical Role, you may have real competition.

  71. Dianne Carter

    Eugene is so extra and D&D is absolutely for him.

  72. Alston Singletary

    Omg. What Eugene said threw me for a loop. He’s an amazing actor. 😮

  73. hiro de

    Ned is such a "I'll accidently take over your lego project" dad

  74. Slime Monster 379

    The thought just came to me: i hope every woman or man (i dont discriminate) finds the love of their life or their forever partner like Ned. Like he loves Ariel so much and his son it makes me jealous and im a teen haahha. So ye, basically someone who loves you.

  75. Mausami Ghimirey

    Dont tell me you armies out there didnt think about BT21?!? WOWWWWW I’m telling mom jin and president namjoon that y’all cheating 😂 LOL

  76. Sean Fleming

    Eugene's heel turn was pure savage. Loved it!

  77. Duckie

    When they were scoring the dish, Eugene looked like he’s saying I’m sorry when he stared at the camera.29:44

  78. Sarah Garcia

    Eugene looked so anxious giving the bad judgment

  79. Emma Dyson

    Leo *clicks on video* Leo *skips to part about Leo’s* Leo *clicks off video*

  80. Aminah Badero

    me screaming 1971 onlyyyy