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  1. Teresa Garcia

    This song is actually about the death of someone you love, it's always so hard for me to hear, I always end up crying without fail.

  2. Anne Reece

    Wow! Obama is a lovely man. And he’s right - you guys are doing something really special here on IRvision. Thank you.

  3. Mark Spangler


  4. Mark Spangler

    Hummingbird by Seals & Crofts, just believe 😎

  5. Ella T

    yea maan, storytelling at its best he was a poet gone too soon a sweet cherished voice check out the song eagle and the hawk :) a shorty but goodie and others

  6. JoAnn Brannon

    Beyonce wish she could hit notes like Anita.Beyonce is a proformer not really a good singer just my thoughts

  7. mjdolan14

    Amazing watching you react to this for the first time. You have a genuine spirit and found a way to present it to all of us. Thank you

  8. Tania Jennings

    Fun reaction, this makes you want to MOVE!

  9. Kimmy

    Please listen to: Guns & Rose's- November rain Tears for Fears- Everybody wants to rule world

  10. Lynne s

    Put your freaking mask on! You are modeling for thousands of people!

  11. Lynne s

    You are adorable!

  12. madeoutofglue

    You guys should do the videos that people suggest with the most likes. Maybe go back to older videos that have more votes in them. Where are you getting these ideas from?? It's been a while since you've done a real classic.

  13. Debbie Griffiths

    Merry Christmas Tim and Fred... 🇦🇺

  14. Michael Bragg

    He made this CD in 1981 That year he got Divorced from his wife that year. This CD is what he was going through with his divorce. Listen to the song If Leaving me is Easy

  15. Trudi

    you're both so lovely, but the cutie in the little hat? He gets it. You can see in his eyes he really understands what musicians are trying to say. Keep it up fellas.

  16. KJ

    Yo yall need to react to 1990 south rap like master p, trick daddy or 8 ball and mjg that would be lit.. noo mystical

  17. terri wilbanks

    How about the Lonely Island...I'm on a Boat! There is an edited version which might be slightly more appropriate on this channel, due to language. I have a son in the Navy and this is my ring tone for him.

  18. Gymrat Carpe Diem

    My favorite Eurythmics song is "Love is a Stranger"

  19. Rachel Escoto

    I have this on vinyl! "Angelitos Negros" is my FAVORITE track from that album, granted the entire album is amazing but trust, that song, the passion in her voice, psh, 🤯🤯🤯

  20. terri wilbanks

    Jaron and The Long Road to Love...I Pray for you. Still love this song.

  21. mjdolan14

    Can't stop watching these. Love you bro, we appreciate your passion!

  22. Sam Gutwald

    The reactions are over the top


    Keep your masks on, new round coming of Covid! You did a great job! Wait until Mom gets home! Blessed Christmas and remember the Reason for the Season!

  24. Montana Maxx

    It’s so much music to this degree man from 90s to up until at least 2012

  25. Sassyblue

    Oooh it's pretty

  26. Latai Williams

    Omg I mean I get yous maybe 2000 babies but come on this song was a hit,I dont get you have not heard it

  27. Donna Bray


  28. Sassyblue

    Christmas is m favorite, except for when I get depressed cause i live alone, and my parents passed away.

  29. Jackie Bennett

    Have y'all done Tina Turner's whats love got to do with it? Its classic. Or any ZZ Top?

  30. Sassyblue

    Play Elvis "Blue Christmas" and "Frosty the Snowman"

  31. Donna Bray

    Lol I don’t think they had weave back then

  32. mjdolan14

    Dude you are the best. Keep spreading the love!

  33. Gymrat Carpe Diem

    You gotta listen to "Close to You" by the Carpenters

  34. Sassyblue

    You're ornaments are red & silver, maybe you should get some red lights.🤔🎄⛄🎁🎄🤔🤔

  35. mar'itza gtz

    Tbh the brother on the right is adorable when he mimics the singing 😂

  36. Kimmy

    Have to listen to Joan Jett

  37. NeverTalkToCops1

    Great fun! You guys enhanced the song.

  38. K. Grace

    If you hat the mask over your nose, come back and tell us how a ventilator feels. It's like I told my cousin who said birth control pills make her gain weight. I said so does being pregnant. Pick ya struggle! We want ya'll safe!

  39. mar'itza gtz

    Idc how old i get, I will always love this song.

  40. Robin Camacho

    12/420. Just watched your listen to the Righteous Bros UNCHAINED MELODY. Personally a all time #1 for me from back in the day [69yrs old now] and never ever tire if that deep soulful song of love. Word age & emotion grab your heart and having loved/been in love, it clicks my emotions heavy, plus the boice- in my day of radio only, no visuals well swore it was a black singer(s) Nevertheless, besides this song I follow you bros often, sometimes its both ya, sometimes the very expressive moved twin. I think y'all have q of the best utube channels, so open to all genres, all ages, all music. Your real emotions shine thru, you're facial expressions, + comments give a great backdrop. Iv÷ never heard criticism. I must relate 1 of my fave episodes were exPresideny Obama's playlist + LOVED his choice of Bob Dylans THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN'- Being a child of that era of Americas 1960s change/protest of war, eyes seeing differently from our parents, Hippies and Ameriicas old guard fighting the new: music, thoughts, lifestyles & changes of thinking led too much strife, resistance and family division. The best if times & the worst. Martin Luther King, Kennedy's, riots and flights to Canada broke many family's apart- Bob D was a poet who saw the cause & effect. Thus the song(s). Lived this as It transpired. You two were raised well, good values and to express well & accept. You are my example of good young men with good hearts and respect. Always, a subscriber: Gramma Robinbird ( Mr Obama

  41. Donna Bray

    Listen to groove me by them

  42. Maddy

    Hi guys! Thank you for playing these older songs, bringin back memories! Lol. H-Town "Knockin Da Boots"..... Y'all should play it! 🙏🏽

  43. Sir Phineas Lucius Ambercrombie, Esq.

    Bill Burr gives props to Eddie Murphy, etc. Richard Pryor and George Carlin were the GOAT.

  44. tim holman

    It is the opening song to Game Night

  45. E M

    Like I didn’t even know she could get more awesome like. Ivy leave, Harvard law like wow. I didn’t know that I not gonna lie. We all knew she was special obviously already but dang.. this is like her telling us her whole story it’s just .. soooo amazing and powerful. You’d love it trust me

  46. Wendy Khan

    Adore you both! Thank you for sharing 😊

  47. E M

    All her words are soo powerful and beautifully inspirational. Tellin u man check it for real ♥️♥️

  48. E M

    Telling you man it’s like.. I didn’t even know about all her accomplishments n law school n stuff like what!! She’s so inspirational too! Tellin u. Ull love it man! PLEASE REACT TO MICHELLE NEXT! 👏🏼☺️♥️♥️♥️

  49. E M


  50. Angie Shelkey, MBA, MS, CCC SLP

    You should hear the Unplugged Nirvana Album. Legendary. Timeless. Necessary.

  51. Patty Boggs

    I like it.

  52. E M

    You got Barak already♥️ now react to the First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA! At Virginia tech. Soooo inspirational! What a wonderful family!♥️ just like our president barak, Michelle also brings u to tears with her inspirational words!! ♥️

  53. E M

    Cool as hell man!!! Obama is such a kind man and such an inspiration and a amazing speaker ! I could listen to him talk all day man! Makin me wanna cry n stuff this man. So awesome!!! and MICHELLE OBAMA!!! Too! What a powerful family. Matter of fact- u should listen and react to Michele Obama graduation speech at Virginia tech 2012!!!!!! Makes me cry every time!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  54. gina

    This song had to have been either 1971 or 1972. Because I was at the movies with my fiance. Then we married in 1973. The movie we were watching: was 'Play Misty for me'. This song was in it. The main actor was a young Clint Eastwood. Also Jessica Walters and Donna Mills. Awesome song, but the movie was about a stalker/turned killer.

  55. Sherry Markwart

    You gave her so much respect... love you Twins!

  56. celestialcircledance

    Lucinda Williams Cant let go !

  57. Patty Boggs

    I can grandmother was so good to me and my sisters. So sorry for your loss. Your grandfather was there for you and your brothers. So nice to hear you giving him the respect so well deserved.

  58. My New Normal Show - by So. Cal. Observer

    Ha! That was so much fun. You guys really did a beautiful tree, not just saying. Did your mom let you guys decorate the tree at home? You seem like pro's, it's so happy and full of sparkle. Great job, it's very artistic and old fashioned at the same time, just stunning. Your home is beautiful too. Very nice guys, Merry Xmas! I need to put up my tree. Was fun, Elke 👍🙋💓

  59. gina

    Twins, Your tree turned out Beautiful. Your home is so cozy, warm and awesome. Thank you for letting me watch you both put up your first tree. Merry Christmas, peace and stay safe.

  60. Patty Boggs

    I really like it... no words just music 🎶

  61. Angel wild

    I think by their facial expressions this is one of their most disliked songs ever!! Lmao you boys are adorable and you definitely don't like this song. 😂

  62. Holly Herndon

    I'd love for you to react to Aretha Franklin "Pink Cadillac."

    1. madeoutofglue

      They haven't even done Respect or Little Prayer. I feel like people keep recommending the most obscure references. Can we just watch the hits??

  63. Joe Smith

    Leader's of the new school for some great busta rhymes

  64. Kevin Dobson

    Can you please react to Rodyskopp and Robyn song called Monument It's such a deep song Please, please

  65. Julie Hill

    Please react to LP- The One That You Love - thank you -

  66. Michelle Bloom

    Notice how Kim Kardashian was white in this video lmfao 🤣

  67. Maddy

    Wow! Congratulations Twins! What an honor! 🙏🏽

  68. 3636 327

    In middle school, a buddy broke up with his girlfriend on a field trip by playing this for her on her iPod. Brings me back.

  69. RB

    I invite you two to listen to the song again, uninterrupted, and paying close attention to the lyrics. She is describing the process of falling in love. Definitely not a church song... and yes, Roberta Flack has an amazingly beautiful, classically trained vocal instrument. ✌🏾❤️

  70. E M

    WHHHHHAAAATTTTT!! Ohhhh daggg!!! YALL TALKIN TO OBAMA?! Takin it to a whole other level!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼☺️☺️👍🏻good for y’all!! Hell yeah!! Keep on keeping on y’all!! So many ppl proud of u both! Great job !!!

  71. mjdolan14

    how did people dislike this? keep doing what you're doing

  72. ValidescopeWest

    This is my jam! I also played this a lot during a breakup when I was younger.

  73. Dayamudra Dennehy

    Please stay safe. Those masks need to cover the nose. Otherwise, what's the point?

  74. Jewely H

    Ugh Obama? Might have to put away the Twins hoodie I bought. 😒

  75. Havoc0474

    Blackstreet- Before I Let You Go

  76. Vicki Richards

    Have you guys done any TLC videos? No Scrubs, Waterfalls, Unpretty- they were awesome at their peak. Also check out Salt n Pepa- Let’s Talk About Sex

    1. Ochruros

      They did ‘ain’t to proud to beg’. Would love to see them doing any of those 3, particularly No Scrubs.

  77. Susan Hicks

    When it came to EWF this was kid stuff! They were monsters on the 🎤

  78. Patty Boggs

    I love this song 💕

  79. Lori Karsemeyer

    If you like this, check out “Smooth”! One of my favorite more current Santana songs with Rob Thomas on vocals. Carlos Santana is from Jalisco Mexico 🇲🇽 and he is a guitar legend!

  80. Gabe Ortiz

    Please listen to her mariachi album: Canciones de mi padre