100 Thieves ("Hundred Thieves") is a premium lifestyle brand and gaming organization. Built at the intersection of competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel, 100 Thieves was founded in 2017 by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, the former OpTic Gaming Call of Duty captain, X Games gold medalist, and 2014 Esports Athlete of the Year. After retiring from competitive play, Matt founded 100 Thieves as a creative outlet for his entrepreneurial passions. In its first two years, 100 Thieves has won multiple esports major championships in Call of Duty, made the League of Legends and Fortnite World Championships, launched the top gaming podcasts on iTunes, sold out over a dozen apparel drops, and is supported by major partners such as Cash App, General Mills, & Rocket Mortgage. The company has raised $60M from investors including Drake, Scooter Braun, Cleveland Cavaliers Owner & Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, Artist Capital Management, Ludlow Ventures, Green Bay Ventures, and Sequoia.

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  1. AL Rafid

    Watching this after 100T cash app compound build...Really Hard working is a character of Nade

  2. Mitchell Demoise

    Rae and Jesser gonna slap ngl

  3. Rezco

    How can i join the Clan i played apex Legends and im 14 years old

  4. Tay Town


  5. KRJ KRJ

    1:40 the cursed photo of nadeshot

  6. Gamingwith Ethan

    Does anyone else hate NoahJ?

  7. Reed Floryshak

    Jesse just sold

  8. Marcos Melendez

    Logo kinda whack to be honest

  9. Corn On JaCOB

    Jesser sold

  10. KRJ KRJ

    4:50 is this drake cus i dont see a difference

  11. cquick 3

    Jesus Saves ✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️ Love God

  12. Eclipse

    Now they need to do chopped with 2hype

  13. Meaghan Cahill

    my family has a dubble doodle wich is a laberdoodle and a golden doodle he is 3

  14. dizzy buthasty

    hunter x hunter is insane

  15. Erick Ortegon

    You should do this again but put the hints on the screen so the fans could also do the steps

  16. x 211inprogress

    Does dude even need the crutch?

  17. ImAlien

    Waaaait who are you sending back to Albania 👀

  18. EdgyInkling

    Dude wtf ? You're making best NA roaster and not include Quantum Fizzics and Alicopter ? That team is doomed then xd

  19. Fearless Gen Z's

    Hahaha most of the comments are about rae being too adorable😂

  20. Fun Mania

    Rae trying sooo hard not to scream...

  21. Akhira Limits

    11:56 In my eyes that looks sus

  22. FeraBeast

    💯 Thieves really rich, thats the thing😉😉

  23. FeraBeast

    Courage : welcome the backyard of all backyard Faze : hold my ball

  24. coastShooterKills

    CoD pros rig games

  25. Tim Ruby

    Who else didn’t understand how this shit worked

  26. Oskar Beres

    the music sucked

  27. Harper Leitner

    I’m fat he’s skinny I know more about food Bro I’m dead

  28. WinTerOpZ

    Man I remember clicking on the video of jesse breaking the wall in the og 2k house... and now they r a part of 100 thieves which has my favorite streamers😁Man the only good thing about 2020😔

  29. gema navarro

    “i won the prank war” *next picture is brooke looking evil af*

  30. Unitary VT

    damn, imo kris and nade carried this video they funny asf



  32. Tim Ruby

    Yo bro really brought up mop

  33. diego nuno

    nadeshot when are u going to stream on twitch again.

  34. zubinja MusicTV

    You like have to get Moe on here that would be so fkin cringe i would love it

  35. Awab Elfadil

    Everyone:Oh my god nateshote’s room is so cool Me: who is…oh yea his room is so sick

  36. gema navarro

    i feel robbed cause the description said “follow the players” and had brooke in. but brooke isn’t here😤😤

  37. Piper Deeming

    Can you interview DanTDM pls that would be fire also love all 3 of your channels

  38. Michael Vuong

    Courage is hilarious and a stone cold killer...hahaha

  39. Shonen Ray

    raechel got karma

  40. Stealth_ Wispy

    Where do I get this?

  41. F!shy-_-

    Yo I got to the gg room

  42. Kory Fortier

    Sym is a quitter

  43. Brandy Himes

    2hype In 100 thieves let’s go

  44. Phillip Thegoat

    Y’all should’ve got Rae for the hide and seek video

  45. Netrox

    That beautiful filipina face

  46. DemonOwnsYou

    Bruh courage is fat bro you can see it

  47. Hrithik Basu

    Nadeshots’s huh sent me

  48. KFerg

    I have never been so inspired by a group of people more than 2hype they’ve inspired me to chase my dreams and I want to grow up to be like you guys!!! Prayers to you all keep making peoples day and inspiring!!

  49. ImThatSmooth

    This was really entertaining to watch, enjoyed it completely , would love to see a second part

  50. Hunter Nutt

    my house is bigger

  51. Atom Ical

    Kinda want to see the old 100T team meet the new 100T team.

  52. ian novillos

    teeny tiny rae <3

  53. CORPSE

    NADESHOT: picks rock every round!

  54. Daytrax

    @ 11:56 cash do be confused what is happening!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  55. caeruleus

    2:03 miss girl .. do you not know who Rae is and what she does?

  56. Kay Chau

    Your going to get a kick out of this one, the lotus tile was in my sleeve the whole time

  57. born 2007

    Who is sleeping in the background Symfuhny?

  58. Steven Romero

    Not nic cage....Nicolas Cage😎

  59. David Whitney

    She is Whicked Humble

  60. SteveoMagician

    But.. why?? Don't waste your time people

  61. qopoy dnon

    Dude this made me realize how young Jesser is

  62. Salvador

    Respect the grind and hustle !

  63. MrOsage254

    Sykunno next

  64. Paul Hoovestol

    Zedd, when you're on Joe Rogan's podcast, as an aspiring producer, I would love if you could touch on your low volume release strategy (you said sometimes you release 2 tracks per year), when certain artists in the industry like Russ (irvision.info/home/hJC6gaGop5Wkips/fy-lm-h-y.html) are close to making a million a month doing the one track release a week strategy, which everyone seems to be advocating at the moment. I find the difference fascinating and would love to know what you think works for different kinds of artists at different skill levels at different stages of their career.

    1. Rohin Agrawal

      hey man good luck on your productions. would love to collab some day. hmu if you want NewdlDewdl#8698 on discord.

  65. Arkodeep Ghosh

    Yeah ! Nade knew what he wanted. He wanted halo in fortnite. Noice.

  66. Tiffany Phanmaha

    Here for 2Hype <3

  67. ThatGuyFromTexas

    Who else thinks they should do a hide and seek in the 100 thieves compound

  68. Luke Todd

    Am i the only one who thought that the dude in the denim jacket tried way too hard?

  69. Chris Musson

    The Hypocrisy of a socialists making commercials! MORON!

    1. Daniel Wyatt

      I just think about her beating up her boyfriend to the point where he had to call the police and she was arrested. That almost never happens, she was probably trying to murder him

  70. Laquinta Holmes

    So what's 2hype


    This is ass bro they had two games in their skill set.

  72. Lauryn Pascua

    Y does rae look like she evil 2:52

  73. nickdraft54

    There's skins 100 thieves on rogue company

  74. nickdraft54

    There's skins on rogue company for 100 thives

  75. Uhriea Crider

    bro seriously should’ve put an actual reaction this stupid stuff is so cringe like bro come on what the fuck is youtube real reactions are what the people are here forrr losers. that’s why optic best brand faking shit

  76. Trix

    Nadeshot: i don't have the best memory Me: ur old?

  77. Leslie Vanian

    Mika sitting by Rae the whole time is so so so adorable 😭