fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something living in nyc, clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.
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  1. Stephanie Pino

    This is such a beautiful short film, congratulations ashley! ♥️🌸🦋🍀

  2. Rani


  3. Syafiqa Norhaidi

    We love you!

  4. Jordan Angle

    Please vote red and don’t ruin our state

  5. Allyssa Almonte

    this is so beautiful😭❤️

  6. Natalia Neira

    Just wanted you to know that you are amazing! You are an inspiring and beautiful woman with a lot of talents and style! Love to see your videos!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Dormi ASMR


  8. zarmeen Omer

    This was beautiful

  9. Lola H

    your cinematography and framing are *chefs kiss*

  10. Faun Heartist

    Fav script, or whatever you call your words. Witty, hilarious & funny life/social commentary!! That's the word- commentary-Yaasss! Brill!

  11. Cecilyˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

    ... It's a year later, I'm 23, into 35-39 year olds. Ashley, do you gotta call me out like this. :-)

  12. bebe

    this is one of my most random comfort videos lol i come back to watch it like 5 times a month

  13. Jackie Hoyos Ponce

    HEY BBY sorry I'm late to the party but I wanted to say that I've watched your videos forever now (I've lost track of time lol but definitely over a year) and I love you! You inspire me with your creativity, your work ethic, your love for life, your beauty, your comedy, your sense of style, your humility, everything! I'm sorry for the hate you get but you actually do have ppl that support and love you. Let the haters blabber on, they know nothing.

  14. Frid-Lorine Danielsen Aarnes

    I love you’re vids ❤️ I’ve been noticing a lot of hate in the comments, which you don’t deserve, Hope it gets better

  15. Maria Bifrost

    Ash should of been the Emily in EIP.

  16. Maria Bifrost

    I love you Ash!

  17. Theresa

    In 15:55 isn't that te guy (longer brown hair and mustache) from TikTok that does cute videos with his husband???

  18. Melanie T.

    Ashley! Hi! Some time ago I literally binge-watched a lot of your videos! I like them a lot and they are so unique and interesting! Now I just saw a supportive video from @Holly Hargreaves where she says you got a lot of criticism and backlash (and she doesn‘t understand it either)! I couldn‘t believe it! I haven‘t even seen a video of those but I think I won‘t watch them. First, I don’t need the negativity in my life, second, I already now that I won‘t understand it and it will make me angry and sad, and third, I don‘t want to give them any attention. I was very glad to see a lot of positive comments when I came here! Don‘t listen to the „haters“, it is just jealousy, boredom or bad education and I hope you see and concentrate on us who really like you and your creations and we appreciate all the hard work, the details and the authenticity. Don‘t give them power over you, you do great! <3

  19. Natalie Namonai

    I love your videos so much. I am posting a positive comment on every video bc you're a smart, creative, empowered woman and WE NEED MORE WOMEN TO BELIEVE THEY CAN BE TOO!!

  20. Natalie Namonai

    I love your videos so much. I am posting a positive comment on every video bc you're a smart, creative, empowered woman and WE NEED MORE WOMEN TO BELIEVE THEY CAN BE TOO!!

  21. Natalie Namonai

    I love your videos so much. I am posting a positive comment on every video bc you're a smart, creative, empowered woman and WE NEED MORE WOMEN TO BELIEVE THEY CAN BE TOO!!

  22. Bread Studios

    If you're up to it I love to see another one of those videos you did last year in December called something like Holiday party outfit ideas :)

  23. Larisa Andreea

    Hey Ashley! I saw a video on youtube that showed you getting a lot of “criticism”. I never commented on your videos because I feel insecure about leaving a comment BUT now i have to share some positivity. I love your videos and I love your personality ❤️ Remember that you are amazing and creative and humble🤗 For the rest: She is not the problem and hate is not the solution!!! ✌️

  24. Erin Iriks

    "I am a hoe for lists.." This to a T

  25. khushbu merchant

    Please do an update video with actually talking about what formats worked for you, what formats would you recommend for someone who is also venturing into small business with a full time job (like you are planning to start clothing line along with youtube as full time job).

  26. Bread Studios

    Another segment of me not looking at my notifications for a month and seeing this video 2 weeks later.

  27. Daisyli Dick

    how did you create your planning schedule?

  28. ItxzReefyy

    _5:52__ bro just press ctrl + z to undo and ctrl + shift + __ z to redo_

  29. maiaiaiai

    9:39 oof 💀 this joke didn't age well

  30. Surfer

    Cool video, new subscriber here. If anyone can identify the sample at 00:49, I would be grateful.

  31. Esther Reyes

    Her style was honestly ahead of it’s time, I remember watching this way before a lot of these looks were trending like they are now 😌🙌🏼

  32. Erika W

    We love u so much...I'm glad i found ur channel...💚

  33. Erika W

    Girl u rock🔥

  34. Erika W

    I'm here to watch this video again...n Ashley ur awesome...n ur such a beautiful person....don't let the haters make u feel low.....u knw what TS says....haters gonna hate hate hate. Just shake it off...:)💙

  35. karina ailsinghani

    Is your brain accepting internships cuz i'd like to apply :)

  36. Prakash Solanki

    I think u r styling everything in best way

  37. karina ailsinghani


  38. Lucia C

    Bellagio is a town in Italy near Lake Como and the reason why I know this is because I sometimes make extremely detailed fantasy travel itineraries (down to outfits, stores, and orders at specific restaurants) and I just did one for Italy :)

  39. M Lvsr

    I love you

  40. peach roses

    This is why you’re my favorite person on the internet thank you for Existence

  41. Athena Cruz-Albrecht

    7:10 Anyone else remember this clip from the London 30 day capsule wardrobe video?

  42. ssijeoni

    OMG IM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS VIDEO !!! helps me alotttt

  43. sofie

    Can you do a video on your experience moving to New York? Any culture shock or things that were different from where you have lived in the past? Any places you recommend? Thank you and love you vids !!

  44. Beckyysaurus Austine

    You are amazing Ashley !! Don’t ever tell yourself otherwise 💓💓💓

  45. Naomi M Guzman

    What a great video! Thank you

  46. Grief

    watching this while quarantined gives me like nostalgia for the future if that makes any sense <3

  47. nittoburn4

    Me reading title: *I never thought somebody would actually do this*

  48. Grief

    Ashley: the looney tunes were too in your face Also Ashley: buys bright red pants

  49. Thomas Mitchell

    I’m not sure why her videos are always so sexually charged. Something must’ve happened to her when she was younger

  50. sunflower Child

    I used to trap one of my villagers like you did and the 2nd day I let her out her she wanted to leave🙈

  51. Autumn Hartshorn

    You are amazing Ashley. Keep being U. <3

  52. Ninjhetto NLK3

    10:12 Oh, so women do that intentionally.

  53. Jaden Henry

    This was beautiful🥰

  54. Joyita Banerjee

    This video is amaaaaazing❤️

  55. Camille Gironella

    Is this the fucking video receiving hate comments? Its because it was such a gem. Done better than most movies, and you watched it for free. Your ego was hurt it was better than some videos from a subscription you have. Pretty sure you're just jealous about the aesthetics.

  56. Elaina brown-spence

    I've been having major quarantine depression. This helped.

  57. Courtney Nicole

    rich people be like: "i love thrifting :)" ... but it's all vintage stores

  58. Sheridan Parham

    ur the cutest!!

  59. Marlena Hernandez

    My thrift sister.....😍😍😍😍😍

  60. sheila hewlett

    I really like your channel

  61. Jane Choe

    plz do an appartment tour

  62. Anjali Hith

    me trying to understand how this beautiful fucking masterpiece that makes me wanna cry and smile at the same time is only 6 minutes long.

  63. Sacred Sophia

    I love looking at real estate too! I LOVE architecture. And I love snacks. So. Spirit animal.

  64. Rylie Michelle

    What style of dance did Haley do when she danced??

  65. Sacred Sophia

    Ha! That is a wingback chair. They are so awesome. It is lifegoals that I own one.

  66. Angela Lee

    I like how she actually seems to be having more fun since she stopped getting cyber bullied in the comments

  67. Sacred Sophia

    You're hilarious and candid and thank you for that! Highlight moments for me were "dead people furniture" and "period underwear" which is like ugh thank goodness someone else out there has that problem. I didn't have a period for 6 years and now it is like every. Single. Month. And I am always confused about when it is coming (it keeps resetting) I just know it is coming kinda thing. Now I am like journaling this nonsense "on this day I am ovulating I think" and "on this day I think I technically started it" and oh my goodness has it been 2.4 hours already I guess I need to change this thing, and ... omg ... this time it took 2.1 hours to need changing and suddenly it is like I am readjusting the rule by like .3 hours, YALL. WILL I EVER GET USED TO THIS AGAIN. No? Okay. Being feminine is so much cringe sometimes. But then I remind myself I do not have dangly bits to worry about and I smile to myself.

  68. historyturtle20

    Just here to say I love your content Ashley, you always come out with amazing videos. It's such a pleasure to the eyes. The amount of effort that goes in all your videos is amazing. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with us. Take care and stay strong!

  69. Yallen 22

    I love ur videos sm they always cheer me up (:

  70. Emily Hansen

    I’m really stoked for the best dressed wedding where you have 10 outfit changes because your fancy dresses need floor time

  71. ishita mann

    can ppl stop being mean to her? she is an amazing human being

  72. Kelly WOW

    Holy crap, on a whim I saw the response to responses video and decided to come are fucking delightful and I look forward to watching many more of your videos! I like style videos, but like you said, the same format and way "styling" gets talked about gets old quickly.

  73. N O

    A pep talk if you ever need one - Girl :(( I’m so sorry I did not notice the extent at which people were hating on you. If I’d known sooner I would have written a little pep-talk comment ages ago. Ok here we go, you are AWESOME ok? AWESOME. So don’t you dare let these people talk you down, I don’t know who they are or what their circumstances are but they have absolutely no right to belittle you because of your flaws because there’s not a single person in this world who is flawless. You are stunning, suuuuuuuper talented, and well... the BESTDRESSED. Your videos are literal works of art, I can tell you spend a lot of time perfecting them and trust me your work pays off because there aren’t a lot of other youtubers who can compete with your style. And I just wanted to thank you for being so open with your following but I also wanted to remind you that you do not owe anyone anything. YOU built this channel yourself and if one day you don’t feel like putting yourself all the way out there or you feel the need to move on with your life or career, then go right ahead. Just remember it’s your decision and it’s not really anyone else’s business. So if you want to take a break from social, take a break. But if you don’t, then you don’t have to despite what people might be saying, that your fragile and sensitive, I think you are STRONG all caps. Not a lot of people could do what you do. So don’t forget to own what you do and definitely don’t forget to leave enough love for yourself. And if you need some I gotchu girl here’s some love <3 . You deserve it :)

  74. Rose is Bella

    You’re doing great job.; )

  75. samellon

    I just wanted to let you know that your videos about your move were such a comfort to me when I was moving, and I just overall always feel motivated towards my life in general whenever I watch your work. Thank you for all your hard work, we appreciate you so much! ❤

  76. Eva Taylor

    Hahhah “harry styles fanfic” so relatable

  77. crybabyblue

    ok ashley, i don’t know if you’ll see this, but today was really hard for me. i had an anxiety attack and i have been on edge all day, but as soon as i watched this video, i felt tons better. no matter what people are saying about you, just know you have amazing fans who will support and love you no matter what. stay true to yourself.

  78. Chelsea Mauritz

    The peplum dress gives me huge queen beryl energy from sailor moon lol


    me just trying to watch best dressed: the unskippable ads: *the real real is not only a luxury confinement store but also a mobile app*

  80. TN BN

    Missing best dressed videos so much! Hoping you’re doing well Ashley! Take care of your physical and mental health please please please! You are so loved and so many supporters are here for you! 💕💕💕