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  1. Lonely Isme

    My favorite animal are killer whales, oh whales.

  2. Dank_Dexter

    This reminds of he Eric Andre show

  3. Fidel alvarez

    I want what Kyle’s on ahahaa 8:43

  4. Chris M

    Is it just me or does this video have all kinds or random flickering spots throughout the video?

  5. Rank Greenwell

    You should invite 420dogface and give him a good clean shave👍

  6. sophiaa lol

    who tf is that

  7. Emily Jung

    grayson hit diff in this video...

  8. i iExiiLeD

    This guy tries too hard

  9. Naitō Gottfreed

    jeff should definitely keep vardan on the show just to put Jonah in his place😅

  10. Jubil Marak

    If it was easy everybody would have been doing it

  11. S U C C B OI

    Can we a “like” counter please?

  12. Jaysoddfutr

    I feel bad for Wyatt he seemed uncomfortable asf

  13. Andi Yu

    "it's like a glory hole" bruh

  14. Fernando Jimenez


  15. Caesar Delpino

    Wow this really sucks rather than criticizing and complaining why not truly help the guy? with a place a place to stay find him a counselor who can help him with what got him there in the first place! he was not born on the streets he has had some kind of trauma mental pain bad enough for him to not care anymore. he could be helped and it would take plenty of love time and patients.

  16. Rebeca

    Jeff reminds me of my brother in many ways. ❤️

  17. Tsewang

    Lana is so sweet and pretty pmg

  18. Anthony Saliva

    whats up with this fucking door

  19. Skylynn Gonzalez

    Lmfaoooo u know jeff was pissed when he realized his friend ain’t watch any of his shit when he said “is this normal for you to be breaking stuff and yelling at ur crew” and jeff said “yeah actually it is it’s what we do every episode” ✨😭

  20. Evan Carney

    rudy is so LA

  21. Jakob Medeiors

    Bruh Scott being in it made this shit

  22. OUTL4W GYP

    Jeff has a second channel? Robin under the hood. Check it out lmao 😂

  23. Jakob Medeiors

    Let me buy sun 🌲

  24. Kevin Sebastian

    This shit is fuckking legendary

  25. Kess Starr

    He gets mad at his date for not looking in his eyes

  26. Unknown666

    4:19 Jeff like 👀damn

  27. Vogue charliii

    Wtf is wrong with this video idk what..

  28. Ivan Giron

    301k likes...shouldnt david be ripped by now if 1 like=1 weight lifted by david?

  29. Insepsy

    These Youttuber's selling cheaply made masks at high prices. 📈

  30. Hypnottik

    "zane and heath peeing on each other" hahahaha

  31. nicolas martinez

    People should stop watching jake Paul, and watch this. This is quality content

  32. nicolas martinez

    Most underrated show ever

  33. Anita Seales

    Umm.... I an pretty sure that addison ended it .😐😑

  34. Wyatt Butler

    Bro I frickin love this show

  35. Talan Your dad

    bro cut kyles hair

  36. Daniel Gutierrez

    Doooo Ryan Reynolds

  37. Patricia Lopez

    vardan: im glad i skipped my zoom class for this

  38. Jesus Banuelos

    Alex Ernest

  39. EpicFire 1108

    What happened to Jeff's face???? Whatever happened I hope you get well

  40. Jesus Banuelos

    Alex Ernest

  41. Christian Plays

    I came here from insta

  42. Goldilocks Goldilocks

    Yes season 3

  43. Daniella Chocolate

    I love this I love it when Jonah was like let me out It doesn’t sound funny when I say it lol 😂

  44. Ashly Foreman

    The “Jeffs got a lot to hide” sent me

  45. Lima Bean

    JEFFS HUMOR IS SO UNDERRATED. His videos are the only ones that guarentee to make me laugh out loud every single time 😂 keep up the great content 🤟

  46. Jesus Morales


  47. lupo341

    This gives me Eric Andre Show vibes for some reason

  48. aydanbot

    Some pretty good hair for a fossil

  49. bowen voowy

    “This is like Christmas at the foster home. Everyone’s trying to make it better with shitty surprises” lmaooooo

  50. Yt_young_cholo

    All of these vids are just the best

  51. xtcy!

    this episode is goated

  52. Giacomo B.

    Vardan: makes fun of Jonah being fat *Other people pointing out that he's fat* Vardan: EvErYoNe HaTeS mE iM lEaViNg

  53. keerstin


    1. bowen voowy

      Blake looks so uncomfortable haha

  54. Rap Cruz

    now cut borat's hair

  55. Danny Samano

    He is not 30

  56. Shirin J

    He looks like a ken. But like not in the best why.

  57. Jaysoddfutr

    On a space ship.

  58. Jaysoddfutr


  59. audrey earley

    this is the new Eric Andre show

  60. jesse martinez

    Danny Duncan

  61. Shayla Soares

    they look uncomfortable

  62. Dakota Dunn

    I just don't know whats going one, whats real what's fake?

  63. aoife woods

    whos here when griffin acc chated and Dixie is with Noah

  64. Sammy Mahieu


  65. Mia Peterson

    Remove Jonah

  66. Stefan

    Anyone else see the spider crawl across the screen at 6:22 ?


    Why when he was introducing Jonah in the beginning he sounded like sky does minecraft

  68. Maneh nazaryan

    yo can i get an appointment for a matching mullet?

  69. Stephanie O'Donnell


  70. Nick Pierce

    Watch the red door what a trip


    4:20 look at jeff

  72. Xic D

    I feel so bad for noah lmaooo idk if i can watch this, even though its funny as fuck

  73. Xol2Crazzy

    Mosey alry hit

  74. Xol2Crazzy

    did vardon eat a mushroom from mario?

  75. Xol2Crazzy

    y is Vardon 15 now

  76. Danasha Culton

    4:50 is where he talks about dixie d amelio damn to much talking lmfao

  77. Malaika Khan


  78. Michael Medina

    Look at Mike. What a fucking lame.

  79. Michael Medina

    I can see Matt and Mike as each other's partners.

  80. ava ritchie

    charli damelio sisters boyfriend woooooooooow