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  1. GHOSTF Kev


  2. Mr. Rickitofen



    I didn't receive

    1. Tawfiqul Haider

      @xLegehnd so do I have to keep my game on while doing this??the site has no sign up with battlenet tho

    2. DroopyWorm

      Same. Give it some time. Maybe by tomorrow it'll load up

    3. XUZEKI

      @xLegehnd but i still not receive it

    4. XUZEKI

      @xLegehnd yes

    5. xLegehnd

      Do you have a activison account linked with your battle net or psn or Xbox account? & you need to follow all the steps shown in the video

  4. xavierr y

    i really want damascus it would mean the world to me if i could get it

  5. moddedout007

    Hey bro anyway u can do this for me ?

  6. Two Lawless

    Dropped a like my G thanks for this video

    1. xLegehnd

      Thank you bro I’m glad i could help!

  7. Christian Vega

    Can we use the same skins from warzone mw to warzone in Cold War?

    1. Christian Vega

      Ima take that as a yes!!!

    2. xLegehnd

      When the nuke event starts the map will change for BOCW & weapons on that game we can use in warzone I’m sure you would be able too

  8. Sh4d0w Modz

    I need a camo glitch 😅

    1. Juliett

      There's no such thing. Just do them and quit complaining

  9. Philip Stone

    So I type the password in or code and it takes me to a video

    1. Tawfiqul Haider

      @xLegehnd i went there theres only one achievement ..opening the truth...nohting else..any help plz

    2. xLegehnd

      Go to your achievements

  10. Team EVO Surf Casters

    Cool! You got it. I just sent you the. Website and code

    1. xLegehnd

      I finished it already :)

  11. xLegehnd


  12. Pxndx on 60fps

    Sup my boi

    1. xLegehnd

      Yoo wassup

  13. Pxndx on 60fps


  14. Teagan Armfield

    Hey I have a friend and I want to help him get damascus he only has to do launchers I'm in your discord

  15. SirStogii

    There was no nuke town bro click baited😭😭

    1. xLegehnd

      You know nuketown will come regardless bc every black ops game made has had it TGR said it was but I still don’t get how it’s a preview but fk it 😂

  16. Daniel Carrillo

    Bro can I please join In a big fan , man please :( my Activison username is McLovin#40416668

  17. TryHRDagain7

    I couldn't really tell

    1. Ls_legend_713 gamingHD

      @xLegehnd Just got Confirmation from a Manager at GameStop where I stay they said all GameStop’s will only be receiving 1 extra PS5 console but most likely the employees will take extras

    2. xLegehnd

      Same here I couldn’t tell myself but we will know soon before launch there’s alot of stuff uncovered

  18. TryHRDagain7

    Where was nuketown

    1. xLegehnd

      According to the gaming revolution he talked about it being in this trailer it’s like a snippet of it

  19. محمد

    Can I join please my actvision id m26k#3041517

  20. GLITCH-_-KING _

    Whats up yo can't wait to see more

  21. Alexander Rodriguez

    Yo I subbed with notification on. You still accepting people to the regiment?

  22. Kaleb Lopez

    I agree with you

  23. Sakuta

    Hey bro wanna do reg for reg I got one too, I'm tryna collect more if you can help me out (:

  24. Alienbob 2052

    K9 UNIT !!!

    1. Gen Z

      @xLegehnd BO2 was my fav game too 😭

    2. xLegehnd

      These scorestreaks are a early build of the game so let’s hope in the final build it’s in!

  25. xLegehnd


  26. Swifty Gamer

    More scorestreak let’s go

    1. Swifty Gamer

      @xLegehnd but the dogs are to op it’s like infected but in a actual multiplayer game lol

    2. xLegehnd

      We just need dogs and it’s all good to go!

  27. Pedro Torres


    1. xLegehnd


  28. Thomas jarvis

    *UPDATE* 💥Patched💥 durable gas masks have been removed from the game

  29. Josh

    I got videos of me doing this the first day it came out

  30. Seth Carvalho

    Yo xLegehnd! What do you think about that new multiplayer/zombies game mode in Cold War that PS4 & PS5 get but XBOX and PC have to wait until like November 2021 to play?

    1. xLegehnd

      Just like spec ops for Xbox & PC same situation it seems I have ps4 so ima definitely be finding glitches in this mode :)

  31. Pentagon Jr 304

    To be honest it really a good idea they do it because on NBA 2K there is a lot of toxic bully on there

  32. Skit Skit 13


  33. Skit Skit 13

    BUT HE HAS A SON?!?!!

    1. Skit Skit 13

      @xLegehnd yep played that campaign too many times to forget

    2. xLegehnd

      Yeah he said in here in the video that he has a family so the Vietnamese killed his father in black ops 1 frank woods spazzed out if you remember 🙏

  34. Skit Skit 13


  35. Jayden Amidon

    You are a unknown youtuber but you seem very humble!

    1. Jayden Amidon

      @xLegehnd No problem! Much love and lots of respect! Hope you wake up one morning with 1m subs or can make this your full time job!

    2. xLegehnd

      Thank you bro & yes I’m humble! 🙏

  36. xLegehnd


  37. Jayden Amidon


    1. xLegehnd

      This campaign is bouta be trending on Twitter for days lmao can’t wait to finish it

  38. HITCH


    1. xLegehnd

      Yeah it’s gone with the new update today

  39. Theshadow 4579

    From where the Trailer?

  40. xLegehnd


  41. Team EVO Surf Casters

    Are you ready for this Easter egg?

    1. Team EVO Surf Casters

      @xLegehnd head to pawntakespawn.com/colorbound and enter: 1peices9in8play1 for your free warzone blueprint and emblem , calling card and more

    2. Ncr Ranger

      xLegehnd I'm just excited for downtown to be nuked

    3. Team EVO Surf Casters

      I’ll join your game once I log on to pawntakespawn and see/get clues. Don’t give up Bro use the Ak or amax it’s still fire

    4. xLegehnd

      Yessss let’s get it when can do this together and end it for all I’m done with modern warfare I’m ready for Cold War I haven’t even completed the battle pass for season 6 smh & they keep nerfing all the good weapons it’s like every guns sucks now

  42. Megan Johnson

    Lets goooooooo

    1. xLegehnd

      @Variety Ninja they will do this event when the time is right in my eyes so we will have to wait and see before Cold War releases so much leaks are coming out but I’m not covering them because of copyright strikes and I don’t want to spoil the game for you guys I respect y’all to much fr!

    2. Variety Ninja

      @xLegehnd when are they doing the event its already been 1pm pt time right????

    3. xLegehnd


  43. Piero Rodas

    But the two gatilles must be upstairs?

  44. Shawn Chernecki

    It just sucks that a win in zombie royale doesn’t count as a win. Doesn’t count the stat in your BR wins or your plunder wins

  45. Mere DaGoat

    someone please help me, i want damascus fir my mp5 please😕

  46. Jimmy Jay

    Sony better works against bots who buy a lot of playstations and sell them way overpriced on eBay! That's so unfair! It would better be one console for one customer.

    1. Ben Burke

      @Jimmy Jay glitching Queen did a very good video on it. With how these hackers and bots are now. It’s next to impossible to fight them except by not buying their overpriced crap. I always remembered learning growing up as a kid, no matter how smart someone on the “good side” is there is always someone more intelligent on the “bad side”. What we use phones and computers for on a daily basis is nothing compared to what they can actually accomplish nowadays.

    2. xLegehnd

      Sony should’ve seen this coming when the second wave ended and I was waiting for the 3rd wave to come it just never happened so I’m like okay they might have reached full peak demand cause it’s been 2 or 3 weeks since pre orders went live for wave 2 websites crashing can’t even add it to the cart it was a disaster

  47. King R

    Stop being negative bro people have a chance to get them on launch day stop discouraging people from getting one

    1. xLegehnd

      Do you not remember what happened when the PS4 released? & the pre orders were sold out this is the exact same thing and I’m not being negative it’s all facts cause it’s true I’m not saying nobody can’t get one the CEO of Sony even said it himself that it would be hard to find one on launch day & pre orders have been cancelled good luck sir

  48. the great one

    Bro this is straight lies man, target has said they will have on launch day. Definitely not everyone is going to have on launch day but there will be some.

    1. the great one

      @xLegehnd Lmao I live in a small town I’m good now and I’ll be able to beat everyone when I’m on my game cause I am. I’m aiming for target launch day baybeee. I’m gonna get that PS5 now

    2. xLegehnd

      Ask yourself how fast will that go & how many units will the stores get? & until they stock up again? & especially when people wanna camp outside for a console mannnnn I tell ya

    3. the great one

      @xLegehnd my boy, target said they gonna have on launch for local stores and along with other retailers. Some will get and some won’t get it launch day but you saying “nobody gonna get nothing till next year” or some shit is negative asf

    4. xLegehnd

      Exactly ppl think I’m being negative cause they can’t get one go on launch day mannn I’ve seen some on eBay and who gonna pay 1000$ for something that costs 400/500$

    5. sickcarnagerequiem

      I have a feeling it’s going to be worse than the switch. People are going to have a hard time getting one for years

  49. Phantom-Zone

    “Not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one” Well manufacture more! Ffs Sony is a freaking multi billion dollar company!

    1. xLegehnd

      I couldn’t agree more they should’ve seen this coming & it sucks so bad bruh smh 🤦‍♂️

  50. Oby 1

    It's definitely fake

    1. xLegehnd

      This is so old bro 😂

  51. prancerboy _

    Bruh this is worse than the RTX 3090 pre-orders and purchases lmao

    1. xLegehnd

      Bruh then when the people who have it early could sell it on eBay for 1000$ then go buy a iPhone 12 😂😂

  52. José Orozco

    Thanks bro, love you mannnnnn

    1. xLegehnd

      Your welcome I’ will always keep y’all posted!

  53. FCB Junior

    Didn’t sony say they’ll have it not more units than the PS4 at launch

    1. xLegehnd

      When the PS4 first came out pre orders were sold out for some time then they had more waves of pre orders then when it came out it was sold out for a good long time some stores might have up to 400 units in stock but trust me they run up quick

    2. FCB Junior

      @xLegehnd I don’t get how preorders took 12 hours to be sold out tho, it was like 12 minutes overall. And How did the ps4 have 12 weeks to preorder? I don’t know, I’m confused. Lol

    3. xLegehnd

      Ryan thinks the Ps5 will sell over 7 million units by March 31st 2020 but how can that be if it’s all sold out even in lauch day and weeks after up until Christmas cus everyone and their mom gonna want one including he series x too but I expected this it’s not shocking for me

  54. yendri1


    1. xLegehnd

      Yeah it sucks I wanna use hate factory on it because it has built in 4K or 8k video rendering and on PS4 it’s only 1080p HDR for I think

  55. mega gamer

    In my country the ps5 is 999.79 (witgout taxes) it was originally around 600 or 700 but they make u buy the headphones and the charger bas for controllers, and an extra controller and a game. So yeah, only rich people can get a ps5 this year in Panama.

    1. mega gamer

      @xLegehnd yeah, this is really hard for everyone (not like the covid situation was fun before) and imagine savimg money to spend it on this console, only for them to charge you 500 more or even tell you you wont have it..... (peace to gamers lol)

    2. xLegehnd

      It sucks cause it’s like everyone wants one even myself but I just feel like Sony could’ve made so many consoles then reveal it then they would have enough consoles for everyone but the exact same thing is happening again like the PS4 launch day

  56. Team EVO Surf Casters

    That’s just crazy

    1. Team EVO Surf Casters

      @xLegehnd no new intel today. Tangrams are showing up all over different locations in the warzone map. I’ll send you a video so you can understand what I mean irvision.info/home/hIvdfIBzZ92ca7A/fy-lm-h-y.html

    2. xLegehnd

      Wait what happened in warzone today? Is there new Intel missions ?

    3. Team EVO Surf Casters

      @xLegehnd I bet everyone’s on this. Have you seen the tangrams around the warzone map? I think we’re going to have to decode the tangrams to get into the second doors in the bunkers. Maybe a good video to do on locations of all 36 tangrams in warzone.

    4. xLegehnd

      Yeah I was doing this earlier lmao can’t do it now cus everybody wanna do it

  57. Corby LAD

    I want my chat to be open to everyone on my list again, I hate the community party changes also

  58. Angel Cardenas

    Do you need two durable gas mask or just one

    1. xLegehnd

      Yes you do

  59. Jose Lander is-zarco

    Wow everyone knows now I remember a week ago before nobody knew

    1. Jose Lander is-zarco

      Yeah bro my homie accidentally found out too we try to use it as much as we could before it caught release n patched

    2. xLegehnd

      Damn really ? I didn’t even know too 😂

  60. MrDragonoftime

    It is just harder to meet new people on the ps2 cough cough four

  61. Reginald Vannison

    Nice! Can’t wait to get mine.

  62. DreamingOf Destiny

    Will you get banned?

    1. Javi Rodriguez


  63. ForceTouch

    show us ui and more

  64. xLegehnd


  65. Richard Rodriguez

    Good shit man

  66. turlough kelly

    2 likes no views xD

  67. Swifty Gamer

    First and who was here when this private

    1. Cerry


  68. yendri1

    1st like

  69. FacelessOne

    I saw that video too i readed in the comments he works for New York times and sony was kind to send him one

  70. Takeshi Kovacs

    I'm happy you have started blowing up man

  71. Javi Rodriguez

    when u gonna be setting it up on stream lol im jealouse

    1. Javi Rodriguez

      @xLegehnd bet i will imma wait for the version of ps5 i really dont like slim i have ps4 pro

    2. xLegehnd

      I didn’t get it yet but I’m gonna do my own unboxing on stream with my kids and wife :) this was from someone else who got it early but y’all know I always keep y’all posted on new stuff

  72. Javi Rodriguez

    wait u got it early ?????

  73. yendri1


    1. yendri1

      @xLegehnd yes

    2. xLegehnd

      Yeah the console looks huge as sh**

  74. Swifty Gamer

    Love your new intro

    1. Swifty Gamer

      @xLegehnd np

    2. xLegehnd

      Thank you bro I wasn’t suppose to release it until Cold War but it’s new intro for 2021 😁😁

  75. Lapj ➐

    That's look very great😍😍😍

  76. Lapj ➐

    But how did u have one? Me I can only have one the 12/11/20

    1. Lapj ➐

      xLegehnd bruh they forget me.(nice life🙂)

    2. xLegehnd

      Some people received it early

  77. xLegehnd


    1. yendri1

      I might get 1 for christmas

    2. TryHRDagain7

      I really hope so is it really real tho?

  78. Mr Nobody


  79. MartiniGM


    1. Edward Diaz

      MartiniGM Who the hell asked?

    2. xLegehnd

      Are you getting the Ps5 bro? & I’m second now until everyone else comes!

  80. AnythingButTheDE

    The map is huge they should just put it in the middle of the map so we can actually play in it