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  1. Lukyamuzi Stephen

    When S20 audio was turned on during low light capturing, I thought it had started raining .

  2. Fishbowl11

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  3. migz vlog

    Noooo 😭😭😭😭

  4. BTCegg

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  5. シ•Yᴀɴix•シ


  6. Egger0

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  7. Sophia Oliver

    Thanks God I met *Vinetechie* on Instagram when I did. with his help I now have my husband access on my phone.

  8. Lexanxius Larry

    Why your pasword is 0000000

  9. Sophia Oliver

    Thanks God I met *Vinetechie* on Instagram when I did. with his help I now have my husband access on my phone.

  10. Lara Barsbay

    I didn’t expect it to be that bad

  11. Ivan Selishchev

    Ты тупой? Зачем плагиатить у вилсакома?

  12. aisak creations


  13. Alone ghost Boy

    It's totally wrong fake video

  14. Happy Egg

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  15. Zivan Del Monte

    2012 tech in 2020.

  16. Ward

    Hello dino

  17. Palosorus

    Got a iPhone 6s I’m 6 gens behind

  18. et eke

    hey could you send me one phone cause you have so many phones it is not even countable

  19. felipata 87 :D

    A lot money for everyone objets

  20. Vihaan Singha

    Not only the 4S I think all iPhone that ran it including the iPhone 3GS

  21. Vihaan Singha

    iOS 6 is the best medicine for the 4S

  22. Bad Era Lover 87-89

    Is it the same for the iPad as well

  23. Felipe Morgado

    Apple: We will quit the charge cube and headphones because 🍃 eco friendly 🍃. Everybody: Ok good... And you are going to sell it less expensive, Right? Apple: ✨🍃eco friendly 🍃✨

  24. Genci Tela

    With the magnets in the phone would that effect a MacBook screen or any laptop if the phone is close?

  25. argoob Al argoobi

    I like the event of apple

  26. Hugh Lloyd

    "I'll just get out the iPhone 11 pros" Picks up 10 iPhone 11 pros stacked like a pack of cards with mf elastic bands to hold them all together😂

  27. Nicole

    the iPhone looked better to me

  28. Sammirah Sj Beto

    Awww, that's so cute ❤❤☺☺☺

  29. Martha Orji

    I can confidently refer y'all to @ZOFFHACKS on instagram because he was able to help me HACK at a reasonable price stop wasting you time on videos just like i was doing. contact him now..................

  30. Salaar Suleyman

    How can I get that phone in Pakistan? :D I really want to have that

  31. Chayan Kela

    i would surely buy your cover whenever i visit the US but right now can't buy them due to the customs that I'll have to pay


    seriously when i heard it from china i thik that phone is going to instant

  33. Awais Malikawan

    Plzplzplzpzlzzlzpzzllzpzzzlzpzlzzlzlzzlpzlzzzlzplz give me one iphone 11 plzplzplzpzlzzlzpzzllzpzzzlzpzlzzlzlzzlpzlzzzlzplz

  34. Siri (Aran boy)

    Do you want to live forever forever and you love her

  35. Angew pot2

    Corona virus is the only thing that China made that is not fake.

  36. Ex Tingkywingky

    "3:10" *If someone want working tweak only go to* Injecty.ru/pokemongo-spoofer-952 It's intended on everyone^^ සියලු මිනිසුන් සඳහා ඇදහිය නොහැකි

  37. Keisha Nicole

    Must be depressing to be "Everything Apple" but Apple doesn't mess with you like that. 🤣. Where are your 12 and 12 pro unboxings?

  38. Mawuli Aguadze

    Love this

  39. heart ticsay

    I think Android win

  40. Saliha Belkhelfa

    Are you giving iPhone 7

  41. سجاد صفدری


  42. Triggered insaan

    Using iphone 12 pro

  43. Tanay K


  44. Farhan Sattar

    Seems bulls**t. I dropped my s7 edge on side from waist length with a cheap protective glass on front and still the front panel cracked.

  45. George Dömse

    So... will you add iPhone12 cases to the Phonerebel lineup?

  46. Loveoldies7

    Money talks.. I see

  47. Layla Playz Games

    Aye aye aye sir your pass world

  48. Dani

    What makes you so special that you get free apple products

  49. Mizanul Chy

    Please give me😔


    I have iPad Pro and magic keyboard s

  51. Mohammed F A R H A N

    Dear Filip, everyone is reviewing iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, don't know what has happened or your package is delayed, but as your fans we will still watch your review even if it is too late. Good Luck brother.

  52. Andrew Stones

    Mine was pérmanently unlocked through *ziphark* on instagram he's the best

  53. Joe Frondozo

    I’m surprised mous failed ): still gonna rock it tho

  54. Utkarsh Kotyan

    First create problem Then sell the solution Wtf!!!!🤪

  55. Ayush Thakur

    Give me the broken one just give me i Phone

  56. • Rika •

    Me: laughs in Android

  57. john sellers

    i only want the drop test

  58. Puneeth Satwik Vemula

    Haha ,what's the funny thing is , even though you covered all the leaks throughout the year,apple didn't send you iPhone 12 to unbox 😂🤣.

  59. Peter Hayfield

    Thanks to the best team on instagram.com/iphone_un , they did the job brilliantly am stress free

  60. Oshen Ushie Patrick

    *Kudos to this best dude at 1.G he's the one I can only recommend*

  61. Anandhu Ps

    #iphone :am i not costly to you 😐

  62. free _dom

    Tell us where from lol

  63. John Garry Oronan

    can I have 1 iPhone 11 pro max pleasee

  64. free _dom

    Where did you get that

  65. ArchGamer

    JerryRigEverything is so unique that many other channels copy his words, his phone bending stuff and other things. Good job Zack!!!

  66. cartoon world

    Bro can we put in iphone xr

  67. The Laughzone

    This hurts to watch and its not even my phone 😂😂😂😂

  68. CASHOUT928

    What happens if you use the taser well its not up?

  69. Tech Tips Central

    Wow. Who's here in 2020 👏

  70. Naonix

    why tf would u want a home button?

  71. Prashant Kumar

    Now where are those iPhone 13 leaks???

  72. HW2800

    Just order my SE 2020! Found out the iPhone 12 Mini was not worth it for $300 more! 5G is years away too! Give the SE away that was dropped twice to someone! LOL!

  73. Sparky_ OP

    You haven't talked about the battery

  74. mo nazim

    Sir I want link of this product 🙏🙏 Reply


    Where’s the drop test

  76. justin xxx

    Apple just copied everything

  77. Lui Bruh

    Anyone watching this video on iPhone 10or11?

  78. leokimvideo

    Which to buy, easy...iPhone 5. Looks exactly like a iPhone 12 and it's WAY cheaper

    1. Keisha Nicole

      It doesn't though. Looks like they took some inspiration from the 5 but "exactly like" is clearly false.

  79. Sheba Lewis

    halo infinite

  80. FarmVille

    Give me 1 Iphone 12 for Unboxing 📦