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  1. gee skin

    Dan's opinion is worth 2 points....4 another sports network though

  2. Kevin Cerce

    Leonard Fournette dropped 3 easy pass attempts vs LA Rams, According to Pro Reference, the Bucs are tied for the league lead in dropped passes with 13. Bucs zone defense I expect Patrick Mahomes will light up Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Final score Chiefs 52-17 Bucs

  3. arvin nazari

    333 💪💜🙏

  4. Bondcast

    Nah they’ll sign some girl so she can be the first female NFL QB

  5. Kevin Cerce

    Leonard Fournette dropped 3 easy pass attempts vs LA Rams, According to Pro Football Reference, the Bucs are tied for the league lead in dropped passes with 13.

  6. Hugo Pirela

    Cry me a river max. U better not be playing the race card. Bottom line, caldwell couldn't cut it, he got fired. Patricia will get fired. So will the next coach. With this worthless team, every coach gets their respective 3 to 5 year window, then gets FIRED. Don't be praising jim caldwell for being a 9-7 coach. Or going one-and-done in the playoffs. U got some pretty low standards, max.

  7. Kaleab Tsegaye

    they dont even know they are brothers

  8. Kevin Cerce

    Leonard Fournette dropped 3 easy pass attempts vs LA Rams, According to Pro Football Reference, the Bucs are tied for the league lead in dropped passes with 13. Bucs secondary zone coverage worst in the league unless they switch to man coverage

  9. Jamie Hanson

    Listening on my way to work

  10. Medical Speech-language pathologist

    Tex johnson

  11. Jabes Acierto

    Well, the Clippers didn't win the championship

  12. Anne-Marie A

    Does anyone believe him? He is trying to save his paycheck.

  13. Rad Raad

    I’m getting heated watch this 😡

  14. Evan Ross

    As a eagles fan, I’ll take him over Carson.....

  15. John Hackmann

    sports teams should never let women on a mans team, or men on any womens teams, also would you like it if we said play like a man??

  16. Kevin Cerce

    Patric Mahomes will light up Bucs secondary today

  17. Justin Hedges

    Ok, try that in the NFL.

  18. oofplux

    how does he always deflect his own praise and credit his teammates instead? i honestly love him so much and I am so grateful he landed in Seattle

  19. Marvin Campbell

    I guess u gotta win the MVP ta get some luv from the suits n N.Y. Jackson alone gets the Bal Pit game moved from Sunday to Monday to now Wednesday. Meanwhile, we lose R WHOLE QB STAFF & we can't even get the TIME of the game changed!!!!

  20. Luke Wilson

    damnit as a saints fan i'm scared he looks good

  21. Antonio Tucker

    He was the best wide receiver doing his era 🏈 Megatron forever 🏈

  22. Rocket Boy

    Pierce had a top five foward and a top five sg. He only won one.

  23. AntsnRoaches

    Might have to get Elway out of retirement !

  24. Escape

    Golden State was like it's all fun and games till you see who we sign this off season

  25. Joe Ireland

    I like this team, but it's hard to justify that starting lineup. From what I noticed, turnovers killed Duke. It wasn't so much the fact that the forwards were giving the ball up as it was the fact that they were forced to act as primary ball handlers a lot. Roche and Steward show real chemistry and confidence at guard. Id also like to see Mark Williams get more mins but can't justify taking Hurt out. I'd say a lineup of 1. Roche, 2. Steward, 3. Moore, 4. Johnson, 5. Hurt and Williams playing key mins will become prevalent this year.

  26. Hoi Tha


  27. Preston Moore

    i’m here from the nate robbinson memes

  28. r rod

    We need Shane falco

  29. J J

    wait the WNBA has an actual draft??

  30. Rod McCollum

    Call Terelle Pryor

  31. Jules Bergman

    He also went to Spire and the JBA and the Drew League to play, it wasn’t just Lithuania and Illawara. Gotta include all the main details in here.

  32. Gloria Abejero

    Winner for trying to figth to Pacman . Horn. really shame people in the world can see it.

  33. Rodney White

    I’m so happy to see that she got the opportunity. It’s a real breakthrough for women in sports. Not just in football. But any sport that any woman wants to play when they grow up. But please. Do not let this particular woman kick again. That kick was terrible.

  34. ATL Sports

    I honestly thought they edited in those sniffs.

  35. C Anderson

    Soo Denver has to play without a QB, yet the Steelers get 5 extra days off to get players back? Your NFL ladies and gentlemen.

  36. matthew van der ploeg

    Next week: Should Tom Brady be a first-ballot Hall of Famer?

  37. Alex S-B162

    Hogan's story is entirely BS, he's the ONLY PERSON EVER to claim to have been injured by Takers' Tombstone. Legit Marks the safest worker in Pro-Wrestling History..

  38. Here'sjonny5696

    Here after the fight

  39. Zammyr Buitrago

    It is difficult to say who is where because of the time difference, but the argument can be made for Lebron, or Wilt, or Russell, etc.... however, most American commentators say “best athlete” and that is wrong. If you say most athletic basketball player than yes, but best overall athlete, no. I don’t discredit Lebron because I believe he is in the conversation, but I think people forget the shear number of sports and athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruce Lee, Mayweather, Ali, Serena Williams, Micheal Phelps, etc... which are all superb athletes. and most of these people would go above most NBA players (With the exception of the top tier athletes) on a list of best overall athlete.

  40. DaleyChips

    Had to come see my man Nate at his best after that. 😭

  41. Ollie Qi

    stfu molly

  42. John Lester Baclao

    Slenderman 2.0 lmao

  43. ThatGuyAron

    If we beat the Saints we still in the playoffs


    imagine if lakers got zion

  45. Make Sense

    jefferson being bitter cause he no contributor like steve kerr

  46. Live&GoFit

    Thanks Stephen A!

  47. SakBoyPacoBonJova

    He cheated

  48. Sherrie Slaugh


  49. Burt

    The last pass Kendall Hinton threw in a game was October 6, 2018. He was 0/5 In a 63-3 loss to Clemson

  50. Big Shane Gillis

    He might go lottery but not top 10, def not top 5. Jalen Suggs is looking like #1 right now

  51. Nathan Darren Galvez

    They be doing debates about thanks giving like the Knicks winning a championship!

  52. Audi Keef


  53. Fishbowl

    Iron Mike is obviously in a higher level of Awareness. Beyond most of the people. And to those who are not ready...will look so dumb empty and bare nothing.

  54. Keith Kool

    There’s no debate if you saw the two man play!!! The game is not the same no more . To open and to easy to score now. 5 mj’s would beat 5 lebrons. Thats the goat debate

  55. Ronnelle John Enriquez

    Perkins had me laughing when he said he can go get them rebounds and set picks. It was more like pass the ball to the wrong man or turn the ball over

  56. Vince McMahon

    If the NBA wants to lose every small market they haven’t already (probably just Milwaukee) the for Giannis to Dallas or Miami.

  57. Ronnelle John Enriquez

    Perkins had me laughing when he said he can go get them rebounds and set picks. It was more like pass the ball to the wrong man or turn the ball over

  58. Shourya Teggi

    Whos here after his boxing fight

  59. Tobi Messmer

    How can you not mention vince's dunk at the olympics? That was the most disrespectful dunk of all time 😄

  60. Kawhi hi

    I hope this is a hidden talent the broncos have, thus is kinda interesting tbh

  61. Emarius Morgan

    Don't bench carson cause we in trouble if you do if you ask me I'll say no

  62. Crash 13

    Julio Jones chase down was before DK and mclaurean don’t forget!

  63. Vince McMahon

    Bill is basically a Yankees fan. Hey our one Championship this millennium, we’re still living in the 70s

  64. Tonci Zmikic


  65. Tobias H_K

    They didn't competed against the Lakers... They lost to Denver...

  66. Matthew Cooper

    Nothing is wrong with him.bullshyt he never was sick. Talking about treatment for cold 😆

  67. Lame ass Willie

    Man good topic horrible show

  68. AngelaMary31 AlisonAnnaDj

    2 Seattle GOATS...

  69. Xxxx Big Rich

    Stupid to fire Caldwell to hire a Loser fat boy that won rings because of Bill Bellichick & Tom Brady. Gee I wonder why?

  70. E*******Z L.I

    His energy is unmatched!!

  71. Valjean Lee

    Granted Buster won the fight, but that Ref did some bullsh*t....

  72. MI KE

    Would look like a couple garter snakes in a knot 😅😅

  73. Yasir Mehmood

    What did he say at 1:55? lol

  74. LiamYT 2

    Bruh Hinton throws dimes

  75. justin holmes

    Now days later we know the criticism is justified.

  76. eatcheesekobe

    I feel that these scouts spent all their time watching these prospects play, in awe of some of what these youngesters can do, but then the picks ultimately don't play out because these same scouts don't have time to actually watch NBA basketball and forget just how much better the pros are versus the prospects.

  77. letie0717

    I just like want to punch the idiot reporter in the middle...

  78. Evan Ouk

    "Give the keys to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown." dude the keys were already with them even with Hayward.

  79. Franz P

    GSW will surprise the league. Steph is Steph. He will always splash. The surprise is how the people surrounding him will STEP UP. The doubts that the league has on them as an average, that’s okay. Coz as a team these average players has a lot they hasn’t shown in their career. They are young but not to young. They are physically in their prime and they will find their way around Steph. That could be defensively, doing the dirty work, or making those easy two points counts every position and lock down the opponent team. Again, Steph will always be Steph, he is Chef Curry, he will always be cooking in the court something special ;)

  80. letie0717

    Mike’s very intuitive! He’s a true Cancer sign.. when the reporters coming at him.. Mike’s already gone there and back.. now just waiting for the time to come.. when he’s going to attack like a savage! I love Tyson, he tells it like it is, deal with it!