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  1. Lila Thomas

    5:40 Guuuuuuuuuuuurl I didn’t know u cud sing well🤯

  2. shubhanshu sharma

    Imagine her coming out of any ladies toilet with this makeup

  3. H4ppE

    this was publish in my bday WHOAA

  4. Stephanie Chinchilla

    Ship: Stupid 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Charlotte

    Cries in hooded eyes...

  6. Samone White


  7. Emily Ingram

    James Charles be shakinggg 🤣😌💞

  8. Luciamaria

    omg no the god in the beginning LOL

  9. mackenzie lololololol

    Are you sponsored by theses crayons company?

  10. Kojo Mensah

    O my gosh liza is back😂😂😂

  11. Crystal Ko

    I literally could be having the worst day and watching any one of your videos never fails to make me laugh so harddd <3 Thanks Liza (:

  12. Pauldy FN

    Liza we miss the old intros

  13. McDonough Boys

    Liza I am having my dinner and I just remember that you are from india and I am eating chicken corma it is very good

  14. Ayazhan Myrzagaliyeva

    Girl I needed it

  15. Anonymous Persone

    Cringe lol

  16. eldana wubshet

    Who is crying in 2020😭

  17. Francisco Ibarra

    Aalright im gonna line the *weird noises*

  18. Steven Dalloesingh

    Im high right now and *too much structure, you lose yourself*

  19. Katarzyna Kugiel


  20. Preslie Black

    Ur a villager from Minecraft

  21. Hyen G

    Girl u so beautiful

  22. Hana Waly


  23. Artby_Brit

    Lizza a whollleeee mood

  24. Reyna A

    2020 and im still inlove with this couple :((((

  25. truongthuy truongthao Review

    vince gill

  26. Lilly Smith


  27. charles jeong

    HI I need help.

  28. Aishi Gupta

    This is kinda insulting for me since I’m an Indian and I don’t know aint that funny to joke about a person who saved us from the British....

  29. IzzyIsChill Kiefer


  30. Ishani Jha


  31. Pattrick

    Best Halloween transformation I've ever seen. So great of you🤓. The background music is lit🔥

  32. Samantha Shone

    if you turn on captions at 3:56 it says something like WOAH


    I wanted to get makeup like that

  34. Elise M


  35. Kristin Jones

    Dude you should have gone out in public and see what people reacted

  36. emma

    Coffee crisp is only a thing in in canada?!?! I love coffee crisp... and thanks for saying you love canadians because I'm canadian😁

  37. Ava Casey

    her dancing at the begginig is amazing

  38. Mz Supaflyeboss

    Liza model face was so funny I cannot stop laughing

  39. angelie medina

    hi im here

  40. Heather Nicole

    GIRL 🗣 you are FUNNY! 😭😂🤣😍🙏🏾💕

  41. Dylan Mendoza

    Bro she is hiding her social security number even tho we see it on the video

  42. Mz Supaflyeboss

    She honestly sounded like somebody that was actually getting married in French like in the French movies and I loved it I watch this video like 50 times already and for some reason I haven’t commented

  43. Leni Gre

    2:34 what's the name of that song?

  44. Camille Simeone

    I’ve been feeling this way and u really hit me in the heart love u.

  45. Möther Möthe :3

    "When life gives you cookies, make muffins" -Mahatma Gandhi's Great great grand niece, twice removed

  46. Mona Gonzalez

    I see you 👀 Using that LiSA FRank phone case ! Loveee it yesss 🥰🥰👏👏👍

  47. Mona Gonzalez

    Okay yesss girl love it

  48. Cheveil Fenwick


  49. Sandra Vovk

    the queen is back

  50. Meg The Egg

    I'm just like her.....

  51. Nidia Guerra

    Wwwwwwwoooooooooowwwww I love the planet one and ur really good i would say your like James Carels

  52. Ari FloofypersonUwU

    Why am I just now seeing this hearing this breaks my heart but I’m glad to see she’s feeling better ❤️✨🥰

  53. Ari FloofypersonUwU

    We missed her so much like if you agree ❤️LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED LIFE

  54. Clearsincere VEVO

    It's been a while liza

  55. Alina Rodriguez

    missed you

  56. Xion Davis

    It was clickbate but I don't mind 🙃

  57. brooklyn hill

    not her eating a dog

  58. Phoebe Sodan

    I have the same first name as your dog

  59. Rebecca DiGiuro

    Liza and Kristen: baking with their mouths People in 2020: Can't even touch other people


    her hair looks messy

  61. {{• honey lemon •}}

    STORY TIME: thI woke up from a nightmare and couldn't get back to sleep And while trying to get up, I felt on trying and trying and trying I could only move my pointer finger It was similar to last night except I kept on drifting off back to sleep and waking up immediately. Also, it only stopped after a while of literal struggling to sit up Like, imagine being fully capable of sitting up and just laying down in bed, not even tired, but you keep drifting off to sleep for five seconds and while you try so hard to move, the only thing you can move normally is your pointer finger and even though with that I couldn't move my eyelids My eyelids hurt now because I was staining them just to get my eyes open ☁️🤸☁️☁️ and now I flyI'm pretty sure that it was either something completely different or I just got sleep paralysis two night in a row

  62. Gemma June

    Eh you should drink half your body weight in water that’s crazy I’m not sure this is good for you - too much water can make you brain swell. I mean the recommend is usually 2-3 litres a day but 25-30 litres that’s like 10 times as much.

  63. IRMA a


  64. Noisy KJ

    Im glad she’s slowly posting again even if does it once a month or once every two three months I’m glad with it either way.

  65. Kesia Kartodikromo

    you really make me happy

  66. D.C

    This video should be named: dressing up as jet's dad

  67. Chillenlizard

    I can make my toes like that and walk when I was little I started doing it xd

  68. Joanna

    No one: Liza: “I feel like Zoe playing gamora.” Me: 😂😂😂

  69. Aditi Nair

    The vogue @3:48 lmao

  70. Foot Lasagna Cote


  71. Muhammad Hafeez

    Liza : oh nooooooooo!!!!!!!! David :oh yeeeeeeessssssss.....

  72. nct supremacist

    i am so jealous of how much lid space she has !!

  73. Aashi Rounta

    Every girl is a makeup pro Except me

  74. Aesthetic vids by ece

    Omg yess she’s backkk ans still the best

  75. Shivangi Singh

    This cured my depression

  76. leahhaighton


  77. nina sirichantaropas

    does anyone know what breed liza's dog is?

  78. Simone Howard

    I saw the title and i was like "who tf made this" and then i saw the channel and i was like "oh..."

  79. Nikki Nikki

    why was 1:43 so cuteeeee?

  80. Karrie Perry

    Good to see ya back Liza

    1. Joanna

      Your back. You have a dog