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  1. Bethany Lawrence

    I love Eazy for real! I hope bachelor franchise casts him for paradise

  2. Danita Inwek

    They painted Yosef out to be the bad guy or “villain” but he is actually just speaking facts.

  3. LinhHueTran

    Yikes. “Never give up on you” lol

  4. mandy Taziva

    Dog perfume??? ....really Dale

  5. Shonisani Maranda

    And there goes a man (Dale),"i am sorry you feel that way, but I am not going to let you stress more, let me rescue the guys and do the right thing, take her away from stress" this is all about confidently falling in love. I pray they end up together, to eternity.

  6. OceanLove

    They could have been afraid to say something...maybe nervous because she sure has a weird vibe about her that's for sure. Lol

  7. Kari Bu

    This show has lost all credibility...Why is Clare still on? She & Dale bonded prior to filming. Leading the other guys on, is classless & unfair; what a waste of their time. Does this relationship really last pass filming, or is it all for fame?... Having the dodge ball guys strip, was so trashy -- besides, she doesn't want any of them ... Bring on Tayshia!

  8. Jojo E

    0.35 lmao she looks so done

  9. Ben Franklin says!

    Do it my brother!

  10. Busting Yewls

    Wait I thought this was next weeks episode ?

  11. pepperr

    Luke got them crazy eyes

  12. Mackenzie E.

    Sometimes when I get sad I come back and watch this video. It really just brings a smile to my face

  13. Stephanie Whaley

    Hannah Ann stop saying “like” my brain is gonna exploooooooode

  14. Diane McCloud

    Joe was right when he said, this is the beginning of many more social media is going to be the wave of the future....

  15. watching youtube

    Most of her cast actually seem pretty mature.

  16. Diane McCloud

    This conversation is very relevant to today's situations....hence 2020 has put a new spin on how the world views many innovations and life styles.....the topics that you can research are pretty amazing.....and yes, it can become a financial benefit.....

  17. Diane McCloud

    Interesting topic, I don't have the nerve to be on IRvision, I would love to, but as of today it is for others, I do sooo love all the topics that can be addressed.....I am like Tayshia, I had no ideas influencers were so huge...great topic guys....

  18. Brawnson Gould

    Then go to bed.. smh

  19. Luc Bordage

    She is being played on her season so far. She falls way too fast for these dudes on all her apperances over the years, so why would this time around be any different. Not surprised at what is happening. I hope Tayshia is more cautious with her picks when she takes over this season. There are a few good guys there but Many Players as well. Good luck to her.

  20. Tamanna Popko

    Lol that girl always defends her mistakes when they come out

  21. Danita Inwek

    She’s so overly dramatic and it’s cringey

  22. Priscilla Venegas

    Omg dale is the one 🥺🥺

  23. Wolverich

    So women want equality, if not greater rights than men, yet biologically inclined to function under hypergamy. OK. This is exactly what happens when men allow that and stop chasing. Women are broken and busted inside and out. These men aren't nervous. She just doesn't have what men are looking for aesthetically, which is why they aren't all over her. She looks like the oldest one in the room, doesn't have the right body type, has synthetic looks from botox which is a huge turn off and plus she's too picky and simultaneously desperate. Personality wise, she's bossy, moody, too emotional and wild and weak. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Any sane man wouldn't want anything to do with that. Ironically, feminism and modern day women have liberated men. The above clip is a good example of the direction society is headed in. Women have to beg and twist arms to be dated and for attention, while men are starting to walk away from the game. Good luck out there on your own woman.

  24. Ben Franklin says!

    So... Rachel Lindsay is STABLE. Ooookaaay! @SI and Ericamo206

  25. Michael Gorden

    So Tyler C was right about Yosef? Lol

  26. JJ R

    He really loved her!!

  27. Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  28. Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  29. Amrita Samuel

    She was just communicating what she wanted which is really important in a relationship...I think people should stop shaming her just because she's old.

  30. katherine Winkler

    I'm trying to figure out how Brandon was superficial for wanting to join the show cause he thought Clare was beautiful..... When she legit made him do strip dodgeball to win time with her 😂 I dont get her , stop preaching that you want respect and maybe actually give it yourself ! No wonder shes only dated jerks in the past .

  31. FFD Farmerproperties

    What is your professional background? I am not a dog, calm down ??? Run Dale Run

  32. Thea Ouch

    She is not yours forever, its just your turn.

  33. Thea Ouch

    Don't chase her, invest in her. Don't date her, procreate. Don't be a nice guy, be gentle and kind.

  34. FFD Farmerproperties

    Run Dale Run as a women would a bachelor play strip anything???

  35. sushan bhowmik

    She just like 40- and everyone probably expected a hot 22 year old 💀

  36. Eliza Vance Avianna Landry

    Good. I am waiting for love from you 💝💖

  37. Lena Winkler

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  38. sam alwan

    she’s so insecure

  39. Tharsiny Thurai

    i cant stand hannah ann , her iq level is like -237

    1. Ayesha Khan


  40. Yasmeen M

    I love Eazy!! He is so sincere, mature, but also funny and charming on the show! Can’t wait to see him on Paradise (it’s not even speculation at this point, he will be on Paradise)

  41. Peterson Oliveira

    Boa tarde FIRST vai amém bom

  42. Dean Caleb

    Why does eazy look more professional here than in the actual show😂

  43. Courtney C

    I dont know why everyone is saying “both should go” or that they dont like tyler. Like wouldnt u rather want someone to tell u if someone on the show was talking to other people?? Like he was looking out for her and what happens if she finds out down the road and nobody told her?

  44. MrGlenspace

    I always liked Becca.

  45. Ball Sonic

    I’ll never understand these ppl saying “I’ve waitied so long for that fairy tale etc etc” you will never find that on the bachelor lmao!! Stop seeking out these unrealistic relationships

  46. cristy dalisay

    Really I love when Dale hug and touch Claire really felt the connection and the attraction between them..sorry if some are not agree with me it's just only my observation and opinion... Hope for Dale and Claire that they will end up together...

  47. Hamlet C


  48. Ronnie Peterson

    The act of violence on racial violence and Bachelor Nation we'd saw on IRvision from Hollywood to Australia Burned another career up in flames. Chris Harrison did this for 18 said Clare Crawley a girl from her quarantine home in Sacramento, CA has been called off after not behaving herself saying bad things to 50 men. And was walked out from the show. Later in a limousine, Clare blew everything and told how wrong it was in the story she wrote how sad her tears have and now about the girl who took over till Clare takes a second chance. But for socially distancing came first before being back to normal and after word about the rose ceremony and the cocktail party, it was cancelled so is the final rose and after the final rose that needs to be fixed. Who'll take over as the new bachelorette? We'll find out Monday or Tuesday that moved when Chris hosted another edition of The Bachelorette. And Clare I know you are with us, Tell me more why it didn't workout. I re-ask Deanna Pappas of her new channel The Pappas and Trista Sutter whose new channel The Sutter Fam is within Lauren & Arie and new bachelor couples coming to youtube all about Clare who'll tell us on youtube as the new youtube sensation in Sacramento, CA while in quarantine. Tell us why is it so shocked, Clare why you're not the Bachelorette.

  49. n300zx931

    lol dude can’t wait to win the game and then dump the old lady. This is awesome!

  50. n300zx931

    Old undesirable woman trying to be the prize to some high end men. Awesome show lol

  51. Jenna Lucia

    Wow I'm totally on his side. There was a date/meeting time planned and she didn't show or stick around to figure out something else to do. She wanted him to chase her. I see the same thing on her show right now. She gets upset when men don't chase her constantly.

  52. O331 USMC

    Lol your 39 and single and will always be single because your not going to have kids at this point and no older guy looking to start a family is going to date you, there’s no point

  53. masih M

    look at kamils face at 6:23, when he hears "f u" he gets so mad his cheek shivers hahhahahahahahah

  54. Kate Witte

    Why are they still giving him a platform given the allegations?

    1. Kate Witte

      @Truth Hurts two women have made allegations regarding Eazy and sexual assault. There were tweets that have since been deleted because their lawyers suggested it. But it is serious enough that they’re getting lawyers involved. Apparently they’ve tried to reach out to the show multiple times and nothing was done.

    2. Truth Hurts

      What allegations, the media do not talk about it. Spill the ☕.

  55. Curtis Jennings

    Being 39 and single... maybe she was always fishing in the wrong pond?

  56. Scarlet Larios

    This is what happens when you try to please everyone but yourself

  57. Scarlet Larios

    I wish she could’ve said no.

  58. ilovegoodsax

    4:49 That sarcasm with "GOOD...LUCK!" tho lol.😏🤪

  59. Ines Nieves

    I think she might be single again after this

  60. KarlaElaine100

    She needs therapy. I don’t say that in a mean spirited way....but she needs help. She is emotionally fragile. She wasn’t equipped emotionally to be The Bachelorette. I wish only love and light for her.

  61. Beeski

    I don’t think Yosef would have cared so much about the strip dodgeball if he hadn’t been interrupted by Clare that time that she spoke to the guys when they didn’t rush in to steal her away. He was the one that started to say, “Let me speak for the group.” After that, it seems he had a disdain for her

  62. ghhh 90

    Well seems like 39 isn't enough she still needs time to grow up , 31 year old Chad will never settle with 39 years old walking red flag , it's been two and half decade since she lost her virginity

  63. Un Successful

    She’ has no respect for herself and so doesn’t respect men either. It’s a vicious cycle with modern dating

  64. Cal

    Omg how old is that grandma??

  65. MrKingofsomething

    This is embarrassing

  66. Mark Vargas

    So does she like guys or girls lol

  67. Tia Paterson

    Nicks face tho when her dad was giving him the talk, so priceless!

  68. Brandon Brewer

    This is so awkward

  69. Danielle Wilson

    I mean y’all are all accusing her of being insecure and they may have all been shy or something but it was an awkward and embarrassing situation.

  70. Katelynn February

    Bruh what're those red marks on her legs?!

  71. C C


  72. Horepah M

    Imaging Dale not joining the Bachelorette,I wonder who's she gonna pick?🤔

  73. Jab 0311

    Dale is gonna hit it and quit it. Old hag

  74. Jerry Jacob

    Why do guys go on this show? This chick is pushing 40.....all these guys can get a younger woman...they are scraping the bottom of the barrel wasting time trying to charm this old lady.

  75. Annie Banana

    Becca looks so gorgeous here. Really sad to hear about the allegations against Eazy...

    1. Danita Inwek

      What allegations?

    2. Amanda Varvak

      What allegations?

  76. Jab 0311

    See that 39 year old grandma without makeup/ yuck. Roast beef sandwich.

  77. Jab 0311

    What a joke. Bunch of simps fighting for a 39 year old over the hill woman. See her without makeup lmao

  78. Maloree

    She’s nothing special 😂

  79. Mary Nderi

    Many people are suffering in this world in one way or another thanks God you ( Becca) not one of them. Pls donate instead of burning and you might change someone s life for ever.