I am a self taught nail enthusiast that love all things nails. No design is outside the box for me. I enjoy working with acrylics. I do fun and challenging acrylic nails tutorials. I also love the world of beauty. So you'll find occasional hair and makeup videos as well. If you love nails as much as me definitely stick around. Check out my videos and subscribe to stay on top of my latest content.

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  1. Breann Myers

    I mean thumbs up

  2. Netise Vancol


  3. Breann Myers

    Like pls and I am sorry if you think i am being rude but if you also think she should always do both hands hit the little bell that under this

  4. melissa hulsey

    Nail tutorials

  5. melissa hulsey

    I hope you I hope you post more

  6. Emily Kilmer


  7. #catloverrr

    What’s it’s name tho? (I don’t wanna spoil the surprise for people who haven’t seen the whole video yet)

  8. #catloverrr

    Yup I got an ad right before she said it! 😒🤣

  9. #catloverrr

    She’s really good at making pacifiers! Like I could never.

  10. Ella Barnes

    Hi girl, love these nails. I’ve just got my first job at a nail salon, and I start tomorrow. Do you have any tips & tricks? As this is my first time working with clients! Thank u girl!

  11. Yuh Nicki Minaj

    OMG I JUST GOT THE IOS14 UPDATEEEEE🥸🥲🫐🫑🥑🍍🫒🧋🫖 if you want to have one emoji reply to my comment and say which One you want and I will let you copy and paste it

  12. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

    That is ridiculous I've seen soooooo many people do aquarium nails i mean what a shady a$$ B!#€* seriously 😑 😒 she just mad you a big nail vlogger and wouldn't promote her stuff if she's so high n mighty with patents and threatening to sue, why don't she promote her own stuff anyways mama your nails look so cute like lava lamps...

  13. Kalani Robertson

    Her: Im Having A........ Ad: Tmobile I Want It All

  14. Queen Ke

    Yes I bought mine Cyber Monday I can't wait till I get it & do it 😂😂😂😂😜 BTW Yesssssssssssssss sis they r kute 💕

  15. Harper Music

    You could use glitter glue because it is liquid but just add a little bit of water.

  16. Chrissy_loves_animals

    Hello. Do you stop feel these are worth it? I was about to buy some so do you think I should? Thank you

  17. Noor Shulaiba

    can you do a super long acrylic nails pllzz

  18. Miranda Holland


  19. Lauren Berthelot


  20. elenai jules

    Damn and my mom just gave birth

  21. Erikita Xo

    Am I doing something wrong? The poly gel stays soft it’s not hardening? I have the exact same uv lamp too!

  22. Deszane Flowers


  23. Cynita staton

    You did that I love 💘 it

  24. Evangeline Koch

    Congratulations for your baby girl😀😀😀!!!

  25. Evangeline Koch

    I honestly said the F word when that ad came up and she was about to announce if she was having a boy or a girl.


    do you have tik tok love julia

  27. Melody Bliege

    They are so so so cute

  28. Mariamne Sanchez

    do you have any suggestions as to another good brand of bling gel because I cant find poochies on amazon?

  29. Shavon Lynn

    So pretty


    when is you'r bather


    i like youo'r Nails i hope you have a baby boy or a girl

  32. Melody Bliege

    Yeah it looks like budder but not the coler

  33. jiannes

    um so i ended up buying it-

  34. Alleny Sandoval

    Love go go go

  35. Watermelon Seedss

    Does ur fingers feel heavy with all those gem stones on? Or are u used to it?😁

  36. bean

    BuDeRRRRR 🥴🥴🥴

  37. sariyah taylor

    do you recommend this method on beginners and I love your videos they are very helpful

  38. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

    You and you hubby seem so down to earth and wholesome people I love y'all

  39. Kayla Barnard

    Congratulations on your on your baby

  40. Corrine Robinson

    I really like your nail room and your bump is beautiful and best black nail channel everrrrr

  41. Esther Ekwedike

    i love your intro .lol

  42. riah francis


  43. iMChiko ツ

    Her: I’m having a..... me: waiting hello?.....are u there. Ad: selling cake pops for 10$ Me: omg I’m getting 10,000 of those right now. Edit: omg thx for all the likes have a nice dayy


    Hi a

  45. Amalia Drakou

    Love you ❣️



  47. Khloe Frye


    1. Khloe Frye

      Love it girl 😘🙏🏿

  48. Khloe Frye


  49. Aria Ganesh

    omgggg hii

  50. Analia Contreras

    did the baby come

  51. Kelly Hieronymus

    You, and your husband are so adorable! Great start to my day, thank you for all the laughs 😂❤❤❤

  52. Leanna and meiying Stlouis

    That is your really eyes😚😚😘😘😘

  53. Khloe Frye

    Of course I do it so funny

  54. Nat Alia

    Hi I love your videos

  55. Leanna and meiying Stlouis


  56. Serenity West

    biggggg fannn

  57. Serenity West

    i love you and nals sooooo much

  58. manoj martyn

    Congrats and ur daughter looks just like u


    The watermelon ombre

  60. Aviana Ezell

    I have a dog named ebony

  61. Diana Alvarez

    Where’d you get your dip powders?

  62. lia

    When you were making the video on November 14th thats my bday

  63. su maameri

    before the bling came on this could be a beetleguese look :3

  64. Line Fernandez

    Qui parle français ici 😂

  65. e

    Love that room. I keep my holo taco in the boxes too lol

  66. Mercy Owere

    Beautiful nails

  67. Amanda Gonzalez

    What did you do with the nails that had the silver acrylic? Did you just soak them off?

  68. Kaylene Sam


  69. mariam fareed

    You are a really good nail artist

  70. KSum

    I just ordered gelly tips & a nail drill so I can do these at home! I'm trained in gel nails, but I had no idea these existed! It takes me hours to do my nails myself! 😅 Thank you, this is a game changer 🙏😁

  71. jem. mm

    Awwww isa girly congratulations 👧👧👧👧👧

  72. LOLA THE Best princess period Williams

    Why do you do one nail

  73. Mali Dior

    Awwwww Congratssssssss

  74. barbra kilgore

    oh i cannot wait to try this

  75. Kalleigh S

    Who else got a ad when she was boutta say the gender

  76. miley miley


  77. Leydi Monserrat〈3

    What is your favorite acrylic brush

  78. Reneè Smith

    Her: soo I’m having.... Me: omg omg omg I hope it’s a girl Ad: your breath stinks maybe brush your teeth 🦷 Me: wtf

  79. xoxo._jalaila

    Eight who??🥴

  80. Anika Lhora A. Intal