I make crappy cartoons about my real-life experiences.
I use Adobe Animate and Adobe Premiere Elements to make these crappy cartoons.
Wicked Sweet Merchandise

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  1. jon boy

    Best one in a while!

  2. Kark

    Eat you have to eat to Iive by jucy (or Lucy)

  3. Cat Duckie

    Pod poor parry 😅

  4. Tarnish


  5. Cpt. macmellon

    Couple years after the oh piss still gets me

  6. Toby Onan

    I like smarties

  7. Camden Jennings

    It’s so funny cause there’s actually the kid that kicks the football every time instead of throwing it it’s annoying as shit

  8. Rj Cudney

    I love how when they're just standing there like Beavis and Butthead the boss says come on guys don't just stand there pick up a broom so they just pick up a broom and still just stand there with a broom in their hands LMAO f****** love it!

  9. theuserwhat theuserroyce jockster6484 paulgithii

    This man has been brave enough to post a video of reality thing

  10. Camden Jennings

    I think there may be something wrong with you Tyler

  11. NatEscape

    420 nice

  12. Vent Fire

    Oy! My shield potion needed that


    That’s funny I had a very very similar six grade math teacher and he was also the first teacher I heard swear at me

  14. tstryker03

    At a party one summer night 6 of us took turns pissing inside this guys rolled down Mustang window. He drove it home drunk and since it was summer it go pretty hot outside. The next day the car was for sale as is lol. He said 2 big ol'fat women bought it and never said anything about the smell inside. He said there was piss steam inside the windows from having the windows up all day long in the summer heat.



  16. ItsMeZOFFEE

    My phones battery turned 30 percent when this video was uploaded

  17. The Shöcker Pit

    I don’t know was that kid who will go to the nearby fast food restaurant and get food from there and be like oh hear you guys had a crappy food meanwhile I have the exact same but at a higher quality

  18. tstryker03

    This video was shared on FB and now I've seen every episode multiple times.

  19. Smile Despite

    I just turned 21 a few weeks ago and I was only excited to buy my own cigs for the first time a second time

  20. hsubu

    Happy Birthday! Sorry for the late happy birthday was busy and couldn’t watch your video. >w<

  21. Jena Cruz

    YOU FUCKING BICH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  22. Smileyfacekillz

    I actually have two bro

  23. The gaming Seal


  24. Bkandzzz

    Cant believe it’s been 7 years😭😭

  25. Outlaw William

    Do you know....

  26. dkdhdyhsjskxockvensmdufj xjchcjsjksdhchvyuskskcjch

    Somehow I was thinking of this when I seen a cat

  27. darbix9

    All of my favorite animators are horrible or lazy animator s

  28. abiwii16

    real question is how many dispensaries, do this island have? lol i mean it os Michigan after all.

  29. -ᚱᚷᚾᛁ ᚴᛁᛝ-

    I was awake during one of those visits...it was fucked up

  30. Jacob Breuer

    My cat brought a bat inside once, we thought it was dead and we picked it up with a bag and evetything, anyway we put it in our garage until we figured out how to dispose of a dead bat, and later that day it was gone. It played dead and flew the hell away as soon as we left it alone! Talk about a zombie bat!

  31. Adam Lee

    Hmmm... I realize this is a pretty old video. 3 things. 1) I recently found this channel, and I subscribed because in general I've been enjoying the videos and the storytelling style. 2) The person playing in this video sucks at Contra. 3) I would watch more videos like this - I think that somehow watching people suck at NES games in some way validates my own childhood experiences with the NES.

  32. fedup15 granny

    U Should Have Bought A Case Of Ramen Noodles 🍜 It Would've Lasted U Those 3dys Instead Of Having That 1 Meal Deal! J/S🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😊

  33. alida flus

    me now I guess I'm already old and oblivious to the times and whatever the shite generation z is doing.

    1. alida flus

      My birthday was yesterday turned 16 spent the day alone

  34. The gaming Seal

    Sapatos Pamily Gwapo Spanish up to 50

  35. Kynan Theboi

    U laughed so hard

  36. Home alone boy yt


  37. Isaiah Nelson

    At my school on Monday you get pizza but it has a space in it that’s full of really hot tomato sos so you had to cut it open and pour it all out then eat it

  38. Mona Lisa

    I'm my sister's punching bag

  39. Home alone boy yt


  40. Nic8585

    Any short clips or cooking anything is hilarious with that voice

  41. Home alone boy yt


  42. Home alone boy yt

    0:22 the WHOOOM with out the WHOOOM

  43. Home alone boy yt


  44. lucas Guevara

    I don’t have a toy story monopoly

  45. qt zav

    Oh shit he's sus btw browns Sus

  46. Rodrigo Mejia

    Fuck you

  47. Andrés Gómez

    this one the craziest story on his channel 😂😂😂

  48. Happy Dinosaur

    Step bro I’m stuck

  49. Octorose

    Okay, the flu is bad, but have you ever had G.I.D or gastro intestinal disease, it makes you spew and crap liquid ass. That’s what I get for accidentally drinking sea water.

  50. rockstar22322 rockstar22322

    i stayed at rhe same hotel in August

  51. Cameron Bowen

    Who else here in 2020

  52. joshua kudlich

    Its 81=3^4

  53. jkhuv87t5

    The Subaru Hatchback was relived that its suffering ended.

  54. Joseph Mort

    There was a bomb threat two years ago at my old junior high. First, find out who had a test when the call came in to narrow down your suspects. Second, no one at that school had the brains to make a bomb.

  55. N1NJA_50


    1. N1NJA_50


  56. susie randle



    When ever he uploads you know it’s gonna be great

  58. Glitch TV

    Fr tho like I thought I was the only one that had that problem

  59. Ogsnowbone 150

    U should make a vid when u stopped hanging without Michael

  60. Ten Cents

    I was 9 when I shot a gun

  61. Nathan Yu

    No shit Sherlock if you’re going to a busy road in town and waving around a airsoft gun that looks very real everyone’s gonna be calling the cops because they think that you’re running around with a gun

  62. DoctorZonk Tv

    Put rocks on the trampoline for the nice shrapnel

  63. Ten Cents

    Why is this my nightmares 😂😂

  64. Nathan Yu

    Dude why did you throw away your pistol could’ve use that for secondary

  65. Nathan Yu

    have you ever played airsoft like an indoor range or went to mill sim events it’s fun

  66. Nathan Yu

    I first learned about this Channel because of this video because i search up air soft

  67. Deegan Geer

    I have a golden retriever that does that and bites the crap out of me

  68. Bacon Insurgent

    That dang possum noise

  69. Knuckles 54

    Its all Ready been 8 months dam

  70. kinda new

    I want to die

  71. Shawnese Ogden

    He says....why does my upper lip like somebodys butt whole

  72. Chadx M

    yah...the feeling that you are now becoming old while not attaining something worthwhile....at least i got to watch some good contents here in youtube

  73. The ultimate sentry

    Ok so this is gonna be pretty different but me and my mom have bonded so much over your videos Tyler, thank you very much for giving us that I love your videos

  74. Funny Gorilla man


  75. YouTube Fade

    3:24 Yes you did your swimming in piss right now

  76. kylnn wuf

    The first brew stew video I watched

  77. Big Wang

    I turned 30 this year, and I lost my holographic Charazard. So you doing better than me

  78. Clout Demon999

    Actually its 24 dots and a burger king sign

  79. Frank Axe

    100 I love The blue power ranger and I used my blue power ranger costume in middle school

  80. Landon Hood

    “Oh piss”🤣