Watch Battle for Dream Island or be eliminated.
Twenty characters battle for a luxurious island in an elimination-centric viewer-voted animated series, including BFDI (Battle for Dream Island), BFDIA (Battle for Dream Island AGAIN), IDFB, and BFB (Battle for B.F.D.I.).
Including BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge, BFDI 1b: Take the Plunge, BFDIA 2: Get Digging, BFDI 17: The Reveal, BFDIA 1: Yeah, Who? I wanna Know, and BFDI 14: Half a Loaf Is Better Than None
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  1. Andrew Bankey


  2. Cyron Vince

    [D] Because flower said in the 1st season that he said he gonna win Dream island later he is eliminated Now Flower saidis now winning the season? Flower [D]

  3. The Dominator

    Since the eliminated contestants left the exit that means That the exit is full with nobody in it

  4. Jimy Dontworry


  5. Keeanu Putera

    I like selvi dog tent and glue

  6. Huyen Le

    Bfdi i like

  7. Maria Criselda Caringal

    14:17 i cutting power

  8. Huyen Le

    I like bfb

  9. Eiliya Muthi


  10. Loi 3d 2016

    do cookies run ovenbreak

  11. Drezen Drace Ramos


  12. Antonio Mendoza


  13. Marzena Bryda


  14. marina poliak


  15. Max gaming Mason

    *red not sus now green and white is sus*

  16. marina poliak


  17. Paula Kulczycka

    Me: Heyyyy i want some pizza too!

  18. Drezen Drace Ramos


  19. Drezen Drace Ramos

    I want pda to stay

  20. marina poliak


  21. Thirdy Abella

    i wonder who raised up their left hand

  22. faaris the bfb fan

    My favourite part 9:18-9:41

  23. snooze

    If i was earlier, i could've vote for David,just because he is amazing.

  24. William Caza

    [B] teardrop is the best just like leafy and firey

  25. knibzdelynas

    kil six

  26. Махамбет Тажин


  27. darkcherry18

    good show

  28. 박재민

    4:50 4: Time For A Second Sea-

  29. Impriva Lol

    The needle slapping is so annoying

  30. Lenny Chng


  31. djrexy45msm

    Me being the 1,000,000th viewer

  32. Clinvern Riley

    At the end i was crying

  33. Bluekinz and Purplegirz

    [D] teardrop is cool

  34. yap Calvin

    Wow stupid donut now his diary is gone ya ya ha ha huh

  35. Hash Gamer

    Hey fellow puffball

  36. David Gardner


  37. syren cara


  38. Patrick Mendoza

    Pencil, the voting results were in the BFDI wiki

  39. Margie Musni

    Whu duck feder give duck coconut so he lose so sad

  40. tufan calban

    i vote spongy

  41. senior1examtips

    Tiny Loser Chamber: TLC Locker Of Losers: LOL

  42. Braxton sapigao

    How did I not notice that gelatin moment

  43. Invertdude 16

    [B] ngl teardrop is cool she doesnt talk but she has a good launguage with four i think she desirve dream island

  44. mohalhsonic superstar

    I choose b cause hes coolest contestant and i would love to see his tricks and his comics (it has been the first time me voting for someone to stay in bfb)

  45. PikuSoldier 12

    this video with with the steam release of among us

  46. 2E12侯晏然


  47. Hami 2.0


  48. ???

    ㅤ ( nothing )

  49. Sky Alexzander Chang

    tennis ball: this is my anounser anounser: im not you anounser TB

  50. Kuhika Sarkar


  51. Katrina Booth


  52. jdgar

    Haha ice cube look's like ice cube jr.

  53. Tigey is a Brave boyfriend for kitty

    Poor bell :(


    dont dig straight down like in minecraft

  55. tufan calban


  56. ttv_meteor200 0

    is it just me or does 4 kinda sound like squidward? 🤣

  57. Cyril Carlos

    All of them

  58. Pimimyun

    Make this to RoBeats

  59. Demi Dennett

    3:56 match: 🤜🤜🤜 to type BUB BLE

  60. Kennytheglitcher

    [D] lollipop has been so toxic in the past

  61. BeAn

    Dis spoppy

  62. LAI CHEN JUN Moe

    THE END of BFDI!

  63. Sanic Sped

    The reason there is a goofy Canal is because jacknjellify is too lazy too pit sound at that part still appreciate it.

  64. Mochi cow & Notcatsloveyt

    Merry x-mas

  65. Liam & Lilian Channel

    I watched BFDI everyday

  66. I'm a Pizza

    I'm the 1,000,000th viewer!

  67. Liam & Lilian Channel

    OMG I am a fan of BFDI

  68. Nathan Louis


  69. Liam & Lilian Channel

    Can you please make part 2 ?

  70. Kennytheglitcher


  71. Kennytheglitcher

    1 like = 1 chance for lower to get out of that jawbreaker

  72. arcey kuloh


  73. Nathan Louis

    Puff ball 10/10

  74. DIO

    I wish the old BFdi was back when there was speaker boxes and cAAAKE AAAT ST-AAAAAAAAAAAKE

  75. Aaron Franke


  76. rubixcubeanimates

    11:31 Portable Music Player is Join The Game

  77. zhifeng chai

    Lol it's like almost 2021 and this video is on 10 months ago

    1. zhifeng chai

      Who watch this video on December

  78. Ilhan Smajlović


  79. Mena Nanoder Playz

    i hope leafy and firey become friends again :(