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  1. Goncalo Marques

    I feel I listened a long time ago a very similar melody. Great song!

  2. Deodoro Jr. Edullantes


  3. hui Chang

    This reminds me Olivia Newton John - Physical I have no idea..



  5. Mrs.Wokeee 123

    She really said “Ayo, I’m gonna safe 2020”

  6. Javier Blanco


  7. Sulva

    0:30 "I was made for loving you, baby" 1:03 "Physical, physical..."

  8. Shivangi Tripathi

    This sounds like those bittersweet Disney songs 💔

  9. VS Edits

    this will be the last song i play before i die

  10. no1nestandsalone

    Girl we hear those Sympathy for the Devil drums 😂

  11. Ryan

    Miley flopped kanye is better

  12. BlakmetalP


  13. Allex Bllack


  14. Paul

    The next single

  15. Allex Bllack


  16. miranda orellano

    Yaaaas girls🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Allex Bllack

    Thes are my kinda love songs

  18. Allex Bllack

    I love this

  19. Allex Bllack

    Sag life

  20. Allex Bllack

    The saggitarus energy

  21. Allex Bllack

    Omg yes

  22. Allex Bllack

    Yes ma

  23. Allex Bllack


  24. Allex Bllack

    To gratev

  25. Allex Bllack


  26. Allex Bllack

    Omg in love

  27. Allex Bllack

    So amazing

  28. Baby Quinn

    I love her raspy voice

  29. Petter Nilsen

    I used to be a fan, then she went all dark and outrageous.... but now she's back at her best❤ kick some ass miley ❤ this song is a masterpiece!

  30. ADool ALamri


  31. R

    i have been waiting for this level of peak since bangerz and she has delivered!

  32. jesley antony

    God...what timing. Thank you so much for this. I love you

  33. Poland TreX


  34. Ana Beatriz Valladares

    Why can't you let me go?

  35. Mary Sophie Anderson

    I’m living for this album now wow I love every song but this is also kinda special 😍

  36. Abed Ad

    In my opinion, this is the best song on the album.

  37. shawn112789

    this gives nine inch nails closer vibes

  38. Padgey

    To me it sounds like she’s shouting for most of this, I see most comments saying what a great singer and performance but I dunno just sounds a bit shouty to me but I’m no professional singer so what do I know :) no hate intended

    1. Donnie Murray

      her technique is good here, its not shouting but a style of singing

  39. 1 000 views video challenge

    For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life.

  40. The Master of Lion

    Get this song on the radio for New Years

  41. The Master of Lion

    Def a top 3 on the album for me.

  42. lampino1984

    Can't believe how she is perfect, never out of tune! Much better than the original version!

  43. Maria Jose Chavez

    I don’t know why I think this song is for Mark Ronson

  44. Anar Veliyev

    My favourite from the album ❤️

  45. Loui Cultureee

    Now I understand why the Dua Lipa and Normani collaboration hasn’t come out yet. This is GOLD!

  46. ED1984

    The best album from Miley love this! Love the 80ies/rock sound 😍

  47. Blesing Valla

    Liam was probably mentally preparing himself for this album

  48. gwenaël Quintin

    The voice is fantastic Miley!! You are Genius!! Continues!! THE BEST MY GIRLFRIENDS!!

  49. MiyakiTeezTis 0_0


  50. Krishna Negi

    Nice song

  51. dcy3301


  52. gwenaël Quintin


  53. gwenaël Quintin

    It's beautiful woman Miley , You are Girlfriends From USA!! I like this song!! It's very Beatiful song, Bravissimo!! CONGRALATION !!

  54. TheKoRi

    Back in the days when u tought that this music vid is high quality xD Now, only 480p xD

  55. Allex Bllack

    Sag energy

  56. Allex Bllack

    This is so true

  57. Allex Bllack

    I have goos bummp

  58. Allex Bllack

    Omg amazing

  59. Zessa Z Zenessa

    Its not my fault, its the world I'm living in

  60. Tracey Lynn McGarry

    Never been a big fan but absolutely love this song, shame the video holds no significance to the song! Seems It's all about looking provocative these days

  61. gwenaël Quintin

    This Album , Perfect Miley!! I love You Miley!! Je t'aime mon amie des USA!! Tu es Sublime, continue comme çà!! Bravo !! J'adore cette chanson!! I Like this song!! It's fantastic!

  62. Tania N.

    Fucken queen

  63. Nader 15

    Every time i hear this song I remember 2013 before Corona 2020 now I'm sad

  64. Toha sharf

    angels like you can't fly down here with me 💔👌

  65. gwenaël Quintin

    Yeah , tu es un Ange Miley!!! Yeah, you are a Angel Miley! Merci, Thank-you!! Ton album es sublime!! Bravo à toi!!

  66. beyondme

    People fighting for which song is the best in the album..and i am like can i have 12 bests?

  67. Minhajul Gaming

    this song refresh my mind

  68. Maja Juniarka

    Daymn I Love it !!!

  69. brendan murphy

    You write a song with almost murder me?...I can’t breathe.... #thestorybehind

  70. gwenaël Quintin

    Tu es Sublime , Franchement ton album est formidable, continue comme çà comme çà tu peux un peu parler Français!! Bisous je t'aime , tu es Mon amie des USA!! Merci pour cet album il est fantastique!!

  71. UmZeeZ

    well this is going to be controversial... song rocks though

  72. Deodoro Jr. Edullantes

    One of my fav from the album ❤️ Playing this live is lit 👌

  73. Dale Horton

    Total talent in a world directed by the moon by the sun... From ware dragons once roamed free forever and a day...🌛🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌜🌛🌜🌛🌜

  74. gwenaël Quintin

    I LOve You Miley!!

  75. gwenaël Quintin

    Plastic Hearts Very Good Song and Music !! I Like this Album!! Cool !!

  76. YUDISTira AldiWijaya

    This song is more hyped than the main song "Plastic Heart" itself

  77. Muhammad Adillah

    Sia : Elastic Heart Miley : Plastic Heart LOVE THEM SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️

  78. gwenaël Quintin

    Me Also F.... me!!

  79. gwenaël Quintin

    Kiss! I Like This!!

  80. gwenaël Quintin

    Hannah Miley Montana Cyrus Very Good Voice!!