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  1. William Ziegler

    Definitely a cool monitor but WHY was it so close to the edge precariously sitting there on that table in the beginning it caused me so much discomfort and fear it would become another linus drop tips video and the name of the channel would describe the state of the monitor too lol.

  2. Lost Komadas

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra - muscle phone 🦾

  3. Boy Dolomite

    onlyfans creators too!

  4. deepestfried

    Y'know whats funny? Acer usually has cheap laptops with good specs, and they make really expensive laptops

  5. deepestfried

    ShortCricuit is like Unbox Therapy but less annoying

  6. Josh Gregory

    Apparently it's the perfect laptop for basically everybody.

  7. Triston Line

    Ugh Google Play Music is so much better than IRvision Music.... Sigh, why couldn't they just rename the bloody thing?

  8. zeraton1722

    I read the safty instructions! When im bored. Its a really wierd thing.

  9. Chas Rogers

    Can you create an automation in the shortcuts app on iOS triggered by the NFC that runs a shortcut to pair the headphones? Thus KINDA making NFC pairing work?

  10. Charlie Abrams

    Can someone explain how LMG videos use the extra space on my IRvision screen (iPhone 12 max) versus others? What resolution is used? (Resolution newb for video stuff)

    1. Charlie Abrams

      Oh 2:1, got it thanks later on in the video. Apple has to do something about it....

  11. Blake Tyrer

    Audio quality sounds a bit weird for me in the vid btw.

  12. Northbound

    I wish u guys could review laptops people actually can afford to buy....sigh...yes it's a peasant joke...

  13. Francisco

    When is the review dropping

  14. Allan Makkink

    pulls its apart but dont even turn it on or play a game wtf lame

  15. Moises Baltazar

    Is any one else’s Xbox series controller home button soft cause the Xbox one s controller home button is kinda hard. Or is it just my controller home button that’s really soft and not even hard??

  16. Brian Bull

    type A to type C usb charging...Rolling my eyes

  17. jake weg

    Wheres the mouse pads?????

  18. cole garner

    If you are hardwired does it still help ?

  19. Jack Birkedal

    it. is. not. supposed. to. be. a. flagship. phone. stop. acting. like. it. was. supposed. to. be. IT. IS. AMAZING. FOR. ITS. PRICE. CHILL

  20. Matt Slade

    We love a good Anthony video.

  21. Sumner Lambert

    It was hard to tell, but it looked a bit like you might have been focused on his nose with the leica lens (and not his eyes). At 1.0 I assume the dof is extraordinarily shallow, and prob hard to nail the focus with- which might explain how "soft" the leica looked. Or maybe I'm off base- hard to tell! The Fuji looks awesome in any case!

  22. Brick

    IRvision music is actually better than play music. I also put it off for ages 😁

  23. zhen86


  24. trev

    not supported by ASUSWRT MERLIN and does not support VLAN tagging

  25. Yurii Semeniuk

    They have released volume control by swiping up/down on the right piece today. James can see future :)

  26. lolo lola

    Invasive app. Ill stick with the airpod pro for both android and ios.

  27. Temmie gaming and memes

    They have a good reason for no swipe controlls because there so small it may be difficult for it to tell the difference between a tap and a swipe that's why headphones have it and most earbuds don't

  28. Keith Chiu

    i love the enthusiasm

  29. Gordiesang

    What was the dirty secret??? The clickbait?

  30. Elisha E

    The eye lies a lot with this monitor. To me it always looks short, when it's actually as tall as a 27" 16:9 monitor. I still prefer a 16:9 32" in most cases, but for a dedicated FPS/simulator rig? I don't like the viewing angles on VA panels, though.

  31. Jens Humke

    What kind of Router can handle 10G up to 100G WAN + LAN? Hopefully, someone knows (if you got some names + pricing, that would be awesome). Greetings Jens

  32. Aqua God

    U should feel my back texture..

  33. MN NM

    Asian review asian product, stereotype!

  34. Kelton Johnson

    Couple things for everyone - That’s a full frame equivalent 75mm lens not a 50mm because it’s on an APSC camera with a 1.5 crop. Also, it’s an f1 on APSC which means it’s the same as an f1.4 on full frame.

  35. Phorpy

    Bruh my school still uses windows 7 in 2020 (windows 7 was released on Oct. 2009)

  36. jake kiedaisch

    Oh if anybody wants to know the name of the absolute bop that starts playing when he starts reviewing the photos in light room. it's AGST - Distant

  37. Alexey


  38. Cyclone Gaming

    In Australia these are 2800 but I can get it for 800 but I only have a ps5 no pc should I get it?

  39. Daniel Dougan

    Image quality? Dynamic range? Autofocus?

  40. Pal Kaposi

    i so much in need of a boss like that...

  41. corsa uhh

    I was wondering why my battery was dying quickly during this video, then I realized I was watching in 4k lol

  42. Håkon T.

    Eh, my ISP router gets the job done, it has fast enough wi-fi to enable me to actually max out the 500 mbit fiber connection.

  43. Derek Wise

    RIP Google Photos....

  44. Lei Yoh

    that's a bbgpu. rip pcie slots

  45. HY 12

    Is 60fps playable

  46. Draztiq Meshaz

    Just but the bullet and got fiber for our little community farm. One of these would be fabulous! Two would reach the Greenloft and Tipi.

  47. Kyle Garrett

    Meh, I'm hardwired in, the rest of my family can suffer.

  48. Henry Wenger-Stickel

    I watch for the Anthony

  49. Randy A

    ahh brings me back to the first day of second grade walking into the computer lab and seeing the sea of multicolored macs and just how sick i thought it was

  50. omenworks

    So it's been over a week now... where is the review ? :(

  51. Gucci Crimson

    Don't get this get the Smsung S20 FE

  52. Gucci Crimson

    It's good for (1) People who don't use phones that much

  53. Martin Kiel

    *Reviews wireless keyboard with the wire plugged in the whole time*

  54. terry rudford

    The brash thursday superiorly irritate because caption approximately compete atop a scattered quince. straight, educated bandana

  55. Tigerex966

    Because of the different format, geek bench is not a good test for x86 against m1. It turns out that Apple’s M1 single-threaded benchmarks are even more misleading than we originally anticipated. According to a source, the single-threaded tests that were thrown around in the last month or so, most notably Geekbench, and Cinebench don’t properly utilize x86 CPUs wccftech.com/why-apple-m1-single-core-comparisons-are-fundamentally-flawed-with-benchmarks/ This totally explains fully why the 4 core 11th gen cpu from intel matches or beats the m1 in single core, and scores 6700 with 4 cores, against 7700 m1 macs with 8cores. In current single core benchmarks, they are only using one thread of the x86 cpu, which means it is not recording 30% of its performance. So in actuality, intel and amd have the highest single core, and multicore scores currently on the market. Apple came close, but no cigar, if you take that fact into consideration. The M1's are still fantastic buys, not because they have faster cores, they do not, but because of their machine learning, ai, special encoding, rendering, decoding, custom chips for video and photos, and their new architecture, that puts everything close on a 5nm chip, allowing for more transistors, and more performance per watt, like Huawei, then 7nm, and 10nm x86 chips, that need more power, more cooling, and more room. True techie's will see past the hype, and limitations, and love all of the competition in the cpu space, each has pluses, and minuses, and we all benefit. Just be careful not to get caught up in all the hype of the m1, or Huawei, Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, and others, when they release new cpu's, and is mostly advertising and propaganda.

  56. disptr

    A slight correction: The middle HDMI output is compatible only up to 2.0. The two outside connectors are both HDMI 2.1 though. "DisplayPort 1.4a *3 HDMI 2.1*2, HDMI 2.0*1 (The middle HDMI output supports up to HDMI 2.0)" See: www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N3080AORUS-X-10GD/sp#sp

  57. Bob Cat

    another 4k + priced review lmao , do you really this viewerbase can afford this?

  58. Hunter's Moon

    This video just got recommended to me on 3rd December 2020 - WTF IRvision!

  59. Straw Hatter

    Why is Anthony always chewing something during pauses 🤖

  60. grapy

    Anthony you are an amazing voice man. Love your communication style. It's so unique, effective and persuasive.

  61. John Jeffo

    The title is opposite of clickbaity... Almost made me not watch it though

  62. Michael Riad

    I would be interested to see if it could be used to turn a Mac mini into a laptop?

  63. Music Easel Cat

    Ewww this guy has another channel

  64. J.P

    You look like a more straight Linus tech tips but still kinda gay lol

  65. Ken Matharoo

    People watching this in the future, if you have an iOS device, you can enable swipe controls on these now. Only volume controls for the time being but they work damn well. EDIT: It's on Android now!

  66. Roy Hess

    ... when a home router draws more power than your desktop pc in idle

  67. John Bonelli

    Hey linus myself and many others have been getting the run around from this website on when our orders are shipping and what's going on are you sure this company you're endorsing isn't a scam?

  68. Mehebubul Husain

    It just Complaining not reviewing, unsubscribed.

  69. M M

    The beginning of the video is misleading. 1. This would be a 75mm equiv. focal length on Fuji Cameras, not 50mm. 2. This lens is definitely not for beginners.

  70. Vukašin Maslovarić

    00:30, "nice and safe": reaches the product with scissors

  71. curtis dance

    A watch should be circular, a rectangular watch is just and easy and cheap way of doing a screen

  72. Linus Tech Tips

    Brandon’s been having a blast with all of these cameras!

  73. Mozzy M

    what song is he playing to test audio depth

  74. Egg-Roll

    0:29 whoever packed that box needs to go back to packing school 101. Sure lets put something fragile right against a corner shoving all the protection material around the other 2 sides... At least it is properly packed at 1:01, but still.

  75. Reece Elkins

    razer basalisk my fav mouse.

  76. Gaming York

    Linus, Mac Os has integrated screen recorder in quick time

  77. Quietus Plus

    Alex is getting better and better with the solo stuff. One of my favourite personalities at LTT