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  1. Sophie Del Biaggio

    Why is this actually so good

  2. ricky mooee

    No I didn't want her to end it

  3. Priscilla Buford

    Can’t wait to watch!

  4. Ryan Vance


  5. Ryan Vance


  6. Deb Lynn

    Omg... I was in tears !!! To love someone that much is one of a kind ❤ both are blessed to have found each other & and there unconditional LOVE 💘 ... Such a beautiful song & and beautiful LOVE for each other You both have more than most when it comes to love real love !!! So sorry for the loss of your son Jack !!! But your still young keep trying don't give up !!! Your children are so Beautiful Kids are a gift from God 🙏 May you both be blessed !!!! Forever A Fan 💕

  7. Breihan Moody


  8. sTOPzTARING Alright

    This show had me hooked and the ending was so beautifully executed, it was perfect.

  9. yazdan pathan

    Wtf 1 hr

  10. WND 2

    I wish there was an audience!!! 🙄 I would’ve loved to see the reaction of people in the audience towards this song, ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY! Such a great performance!! 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉🎉

  11. Eagle Eye Gordon

    Luv to see black people doing rock n roll

  12. D Moody

    Loved this

  13. Nicole Martin


  14. Zara Qaiser

    My 3 favourite shows ever

  15. Abdul H

    Syria 🇸🇾🇸🇾✌🏾


    Chills! She brought it out of him! 🤩❤️

  17. Diana Corona

    Bts giving jobs to talented black people and saying black lives matter!!

  18. staceygal1984

    That's horrible what Kevin said to randall I love them both but some of the things they said to each other was horrible can't wait to see the show tho

  19. My Name is

    This is music destined for people heading to hell! Why do you people listen to this deadly crap! JESUS IS COMING!

  20. Sarita Morrison

    Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy gooooooooosh ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Arcus Puffious

    Yes!! 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾😍. MY GOD THEIR VOICES ARE EVEN BETTER!! En Vogueand Brandy showing up all these newbies🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  22. Arcus Puffious

    School these newbies BRANDY👸🏾

  23. LaMaria Naea

    If thats talent then 112 is no talent 😂🤣

  24. LaMaria Naea

    Ummm it was yeah ok🤣🤣😒😒

  25. Angela Losole

    You know this was worthy of a standing ovation which they were robbed from! Frickin virus! Well done ladies!!!!

  26. Melina Rosen

    you know youtube really knows you when they recommend lofi bop versions of the office theme song and the superstore theme song

  27. F O

    where's Dawn??

  28. Omar Drakeford

    ❤️Almost Doesn’t Count🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Androyd Jem

    🥰 everything about this!!!

  30. Samm Segars



    Props to the dancers for being able to breathe while dancing in hot masks

  32. masen ora


  33. Lon Punni

    princess of RAP

  34. Tony Miller

    I really like this young lady wish she would just keep her rapping clean

  35. Alex Maya

    Christian Bale has no idea with what he’s messing with and involving himself with.😐

  36. Konstantina Grivas

    Best TV show ever.

  37. Corvo Pro

    Can't get w/ them w/o Dawn or Maxine. But it was a good performance.

  38. Christina Aviles

    Love her ❤

  39. lisa hayden

    No girl group could not ever hold a candle to the talent of Envogue and that includes yours truly . Bzzzzzz

  40. Anika Shelby


  41. Athanasia Sky


  42. Aurora Dust

    Wait is that Rhonda from the Mickey Mouse Club on the left????

    1. Michael F.

      it's actually Rhona, without the D. and yes that's her. she joined En Vogue in 2003 after Amanda Cole Left the group. Amanda Cole replaced Maxine Jones after Maxine left and the original intended replacement Kimberly Davis decided not to join the group after 9/11/2001

  43. SDeniseT216

    My favorite live performance BY FAR this year!!! Hell, it's probably in my Top 10 all-time now. Flawless!

  44. Briana T

    I don’t see this in other comments but I just wanna say that before she rose from the “underground scene” she was still doing live performances and (I believe) in the beginning of her getting well known there were a lot of people making comments about how they loved her but, she needed to work on her live performance. Honestly kudos to the fans for actually providing constructive criticism because she’s really improved and learned a lot from those comments. She never complained or made it seem like she was being attacked for her past performances, she said ok, and continued to improve as a artist and do really dope performances like this :)

  45. SoundsByJaye

    She’s so talented & beautiful

  46. Rico Morales

    All I have to say is I love this show so much with my entire heart and soul. This remix makes me so so happy! All the memories and good times we have with them are represented and it melts my heart. I honestly want to shed a tear when I listen just out of happiness! I listened to it while working out and so beautiful! Thanks so much NBC! And to all involved with superstore... I love you all so much god bless!!!!! #Superstore #Cloud9 XOXOXOXOXO! AND TO ALL... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

  47. Steven Ford

    This was ... weird

  48. Plunger 15

    why is there so many



  50. Nick Coleman

    My guy Ricky didn’t take a minute to get 4 chairs!

  51. Symbiote

    Imagine if Chidi played Among us

  52. Artiie the II


    1. JerricaVintageVixen

      It’s called “Just One Day”, by Gareth Dunlop

  53. Its Angie

    I love Doja but what is this 😭

  54. ireallydont know

    Oh I wish it were all the original members but it was a really good performance!

  55. Kimberly Moyer

    We need an Envogue versuz!!!!!!

  56. Kimberly Moyer

    These sistas are incredible!!!!

  57. abigail Furminger

    God I love the laughing bit ahahaaa



  59. CourtVaderBooks

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the background?

    1. JerricaVintageVixen

      It’s called “Just One Day”, by Gareth Dunlop

  60. Not _Today

    5:19:30 just giving myself a time stamp

  61. Robin Clark

    They need to do album

  62. Chayton Honeywell

    Why does this have no likes?😂😂

  63. Toneka Grigsby-Green

    Me and my mom started watching Superstore and through these difficult times this show always puts a smile on my face

  64. UhOh Eddy

    Facts - actually something we needed

  65. Maria Royalty

    How is it possible her voice is more beautiful and more seasoned . I've always loved Brandy any ALWAYS will.

  66. GameOn FTC

    cha cha slide

  67. Willando Blair

    She did all that dancing without running out of breath. I take one trip to the bathroom and my breath runs out of me

  68. Christie Kraczek

    I always loved this song!! Great job ladies💖💖💖💖💖

  69. Chuck Wood

    Gonna miss this show

    1. EmiRachelNatalie

      lmao what do you mean hahahha.....Season 6 starts next friday the 29th October. :)

  70. EmiRachelNatalie

    k im in love with this now lmao

  71. Tony Leadholm

    Dear God. I usually cringe at some hour long remix video which I assumed probably had a few interchanging pics of the cast to gaze upon. But THIS??? This. Was. PHENOMENAL!! The entire hour flew by and I might have even shed a tear or two. I cannot stress just how amazing this was. 👏👏👏 God, I love my #Cloud9 family.

  72. - stream in a dream -

    a gift

  73. Althea Grace Lawson

  74. Random User

    There's a hellish feel to it, which makes it the perfect soundtrack for 2020. Thanks!

  75. Peggy 124

    They needed the other 2 original members. If u look at their old video with the original members, man they threw down singing this song. They did good on the Billboard, but I do miss the original members

  76. EmiRachelNatalie

    K I might not listen cause I'm being attacked by Simmosa scenes and I'm going to die lmaooo

  77. EmiRachelNatalie

    HAHAHAHHW I'm gonna listen to this whilst I do school work lmaoo

  78. Rachael

    Excuse me but how is Sandy Redd’s cover of River not on here? She brought down the damn house.

  79. R&J Music Productions

    This is nice, I also do a couple piano covers on my channel