Hi Guys! We're Capron and Rydel! Welcome to the family! Thank you for being on this epic journey with us! We love you guys!

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  1. Will Sprake

    cranberry juice 😏😉

  2. Yeeting Vlogz

    Your pregnant congratulations

  3. Kiley Jansen

    This kid is gonna be a musical genius and a major athlete 😂

  4. Brooklynn's Corner

    Awww y'all are TOO CUTE 😍

  5. #E Kau

    Hi caprine I wish I could fly to Texas but live in London say hi to reflux for me

  6. steven shaw

    Spenser baby name

  7. Keelah Shaelee

    i love you & your families relationship. i love it that your family is so supportive, and the genuine love that runs in it. i hope that will be my life in the future when i get married, and have children💓


    When you find out Rydel is brother with ross

  9. Jalean Easter

    Rydel and Capron i love u guys and u are both very beautiful

  10. Anthony Bozzi

    I am happy for you

  11. Bailey B

    you are so CUTE togheter

  12. Montserrat Lopez Martinez

    I like the name Jason or Bryan

  13. Midlensky

    when Rydel is angy she makes, that cute face Lol by the way Capron she waits cause she pregnant got to be A MAN boii

  14. Connor Cooper

    His name should be Connor

  15. Avri Pfeiffer

    Rydel looks like Cinderella! 😍

  16. Sawyer Whaley


  17. KIm Redmon


  18. Rustin Wyatt

    I have

  19. kim proud

    What is the name of the baby boy 👦

  20. Boo Boo

    She's pregnant in this 😍

  21. Madog Player

    I like how the they just cut caption off at the end

  22. Mikiahs Adventure

    the tiktok trend with the cranberry juice guy is my moms childhood friend

  23. Liam Velez


  24. Xavier Mardo

    The name should be capron jr.

  25. Lilia Rexin

    Her baby bump is so big already!! Omg💜💜🤣😂😅

  26. Luv me26

    I love how cute you both are... your gonna do amazing as parents

  27. Edwin Calderon

    Did you just burb

  28. Hannah Blare

    Rydels makeup looks really good 😌

  29. Olivia Allen

    I hope your all happy, healthy, safe, and successful now and in your future ❤️😁💗

  30. Ss_scrappy /shady

    U should name him Capri and his nickname caprison

    1. Ss_scrappy /shady

      And short for son

  31. Mirna S.Pereira

    What a beautiful family, congrats to they, I'm so excited to this little boyyy

  32. Julien Martinez

    Everyone"it's a boy!!!" Capron"of course it's a boy"

  33. icecweam cone

    Yu no i was thinkin in a few years yall wpuld be like ayyyyyyyyyy im pregnant They did not waist time

  34. Artem Kryvytskyi

    Capron literally only finding good things in Rydels stuff while Ryder finds that small incorrect thing 😂😂 Still kinda cute🥰

  35. Paige Alexander

    I love your videos

  36. Paige Alexander

    This will be my favorite video ever

  37. Deegan Horrocks

    Did anyone else see Corey at 3:60

    1. Deegan Horrocks


  38. William Sports And games


  39. Jenna Ewen

    When are you changing the name to funk family

  40. Ayden’s Outdoors

    This was alsome made my day

  41. Lorine R5er

    I laughed so hard 😂 you are the best

  42. Jill Davis

    The cutest video!! I love it🥺

  43. Jill Davis

    “Awh he’s a happy boy he got cheese fries.” 🥺😂-Rydel

  44. Jill Davis

    Rydel eating baby food ahahahah

  45. Daniela Vizcarra

    I love rydel and capron and you guys can come for my best friend Frida and her boyfriend Luis wedding next year 2021 ask your parents and your brothers

  46. Jill Davis

    So cuteeeee🥺🥺

  47. Jill Davis

    Awhhhh baby Funkkkk

  48. Jill Davis

    “I love youuuuuu!!” - Rydel

  49. Jill Davis


  50. Beyza Boz

    Wow doing a big wedding with masks nowhere to be seen seems like a great thing to do during a pandemic

  51. ace_h1ghsky

    So happy for you guys

  52. Carly Zanti

    what the song is at the end of your videos

  53. Sarah Riddell

    Johnson's baby products are actually so bad :/ check the ingredients


    Hey Rydel i have something to tell you...... I personally have never watched any STAR WARS movies in my life...... srry

  55. Antonio Zaragoza

    Bro you never seen capron smile so big

  56. helen lin

    baby funk coming 2021

  57. Lucas Hindley


  58. Itz Megan

    They said Johnson not good for babies it causes cancer I forgot what kind but don’t use that on the baby

  59. Sara Sullivan

    I've got a baby name suggestion for you guys: Cayden

  60. Jonathan Dubief

    imagine ross lynch being ur uncle :()

  61. Rachel Markwort

    victor, valiant, valor, justus If you are going for old school: William, courage funk Or maybe onyx or something unique like that Avery for a guys name is really cool also

  62. Grace Critzer

    can i have like a family tree. i’m really confused there’s so many people.

  63. Lavonne Vaughn

    You guys should do the baby food challenge. That would be something.😂

  64. Claire Smith

    8:45 when Rydel’s mom says “go get the books!” Oml like mother like daughter they are the same breed of adorable human no question

  65. Bradley

    You should name your baby colt

  66. Liyana Bari

    2:31 Wendell still put it in 🤣

  67. Savannah Griffieth

    I love mama lynch and Ross reaction aww❤️❤️

  68. Gabby Parente

    Who else keeps getting that one McDonald’s add of the guy speaking and saying the theme song at the end I might just throw my phone

  69. kialiegh jade

    i love y'all but how hard is it to just keep your mask on when you're at the store. what was the need to take it down to talk to the camera

  70. Swift Ducky2015


  71. Arlind Halilaj

    Baby funk yeyy

  72. rob hul

    Awesome video it is sad that i didnt get a notification agaim

  73. Ruby Davies

    beautiful couple ❤️

  74. Michaela D

    You guys brightened my day!!

  75. harry braisby

    hope the baby will be healthy and well

  76. Marilena Theodotou

    U should play among us together!

  77. Hannah Buckner

    Is it bad that I knew you went to Outback because of the bread 😂😂😂

  78. Stephanie Ladkani

    Name him miles

  79. CatDude Gaming

    Comment baby name ideas

  80. CatDude Gaming

    Congratulations on your baby boy have u figured out a name for the baby