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  1. Nalani Cruz Ferrera

    does anyone else notice her voice trembling sometimes? i wonder why i hope she’s okay❤️

  2. Calli Cantu

    you guys should get The Home Edit to come to your house!!!!! That would be so cool!

  3. Kylie Boucher

    Congratulations on the baby. She/he is going to come out handsome / pretty!!!! You got this mama!!!!

  4. Calli Cantu

    I live for the hour long vlogs girll!!!!!!!

  5. Marcel Hazelton


  6. Rachel Fernandez

    It literally gets in there and does it’s job.....😂😂 that Snapchat filter

  7. Diana Espinoza

    Currently 34 weeks pregnant with my baby girl. My OB said I can have one cup of coffee or soda once a day if I really crave it that much but just to drink a lot of water through out the day. Never liked coffee but once I got pregnant it’s something I crave the most. Lol My baby girl is healthy thank god. A bit of coffee once in a while won’t hurt ☺️

  8. Yaribella _

    Kitchen goals so beautiful 😍

  9. Belle Princesse

    Girl its a peninsula not an extended island. An island is surrounded by water on all sides a peninsula is land thats extended and connected to somerhing largerm 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Michelle

    love alll of your vlogsss saludos desde monterrey NL. :9

  11. Jacqueline Meza

    Do they all live together or what?

  12. Hailey Pena

    Omg and I have the same Christmas count down nome thing! I am so happy that I have the same things as my fav IRvisionr yay!!❤️

  13. Hailey Pena

    I have the same cookie gar as you the

  14. Larry Poncio

    I eyed the whole video, so Beautiful 😻

  15. Elizabeth St.Pierre

    Beautiful kitchen I love it

  16. Ava Kois

    Gingerbread Houses!!

  17. Lizeth Mayorga

    Saludos! de Calvillo Aguascalientes 🇲🇽

  18. Sarahi Gomez

    Loved it guys!! Now excited for next year lol

  19. Dannie Coook

    Your make up looks amazing an your kitchen looks beautiful❤❤❤😀😀

  20. Lorena M.

    I subscribed because of the music your dad was listening to lol. Your home is gorgeous and I look forward to watching your vlogs! 😇

  21. Jayleen Sanchez

    I love you Karina

  22. x.Thandi.x

    7:56 Now u can watch the intro by itself 💚❤️🤍Merry Christmas

  23. MariaBONITA

    la comida se ve bien rica

  24. Sylvia Silva

    Team Dunkin ☕️

  25. Julia Silva

    Damn Mama! You’re one busy lady! Make sure to find sometime to relax and take some time for yourself. Happy Holidays ❤️

  26. jewel garcia

    The kitchen is absolutely beautiful!! ✨✨✨✨

  27. Jillmarie Vargas

    that breakfast looks so good

  28. Theresa Sanchez

    Yayyy vlogmas. Congrats on your new addition. Stay safe n keep vlogging

  29. Lovely Eli

    This is such to home this hit different different 🥺❤️ I’m so sorry for what you went through and hopefully this is a new beginning

  30. Emi Clavijo

    You are so sweet ! You deserve all the good things ❤️

  31. M G

    Need a recipe for that ASAP!

  32. Ava D'Onofrio

    Love the kitchen decor 🤩🎄

  33. Cannon Ball

    Yay so excited y’all are doing vlogmas!

  34. Lindsie Delgado

    I love you guys channel I really missed y’all and k come back to this😭😭😭 it’s such a blessing. Congratulations on this wonderful grift and I hope it all goes well

  35. Terri Felts

    Great kitchen!

  36. Whitney Roberts

    Girl I’m totally a Duncan girl to.

  37. Kaylee Inman

    200 mg a day is what the limit is 💕 I’ve been DREAMING about drinking monsters since I’ve been pregnant 😩

  38. Andrea Gomez

    I could watch the garcias like I did the riveras...... but the garcias are way better and funny love them

  39. Erika Davila

    Your dad jamming to Los Invasores?! Puro Nuevo León 🤠🇲🇽♥️

  40. Andrea Gambino

    That's my is what my dad does he listens to music while he works, his job is construction.

  41. Jazz Gray

    You can have a tall a day. My nutritionist said I could while was pregnant.


    You have a twin ??

  43. Lindsie Delgado

    Omggg i haven’t watched your videos in like 2 years but omggg u have a baby now 😭😭😭 so cute

  44. ariana

    bro my step mom making so much money off the chocolate bombs

  45. MalMal0214

    Coffee gave me life during my pregnancy! So excited to follow your journey. ❤️❤️

  46. Yadira Marquez


  47. Jessica Vega

    I totally cried with her 😭♥️ congratulations beautiful

  48. Anasha Vickerie

    I love the intro.💗

  49. ConnieNSimon Garcia

    Beautiful home and decor🎄🎁❄

  50. fruit_amazing

    Karina: ok do you guys wanna bet Jasmine: I don’t have money LMAOO MEEE

  51. Naomi Garcia

    My birthday is April omg congratulations

  52. Kayla Thomas

    Walmart has the best decor 😌✋

  53. Silvia A Velez Cansino

    I DoNt HaVe MoNeY

  54. Emilse J Rosas pizano

    When squishy puts the filter on her face 😂

  55. Alexa Gonzalez

    So I saw Mayra put on her target pjs the same day you bought them and you said you got that Target sweater yesterday.... y’all should really be washing the clothes before ya wear it def because we’re in a pandemic.

  56. Brooke F

    Oooo I love the little coffee station moment! ✨❤️🧋☕️🎄

  57. Beth Fabin

    love you sooooo much.and that side island is called a peninsula.

  58. Grizzz S.

    You should show more cooking videos the food looks bomb 😍

  59. kassandra Leos

    What’s that you was eating looks so good

  60. Bara Jag

    Those flowers are extremely toxic for dogs an cats so make sure buns doesn’t eat them😊

  61. Maya Vishram

    Omgg I love it it looks so homey and spacious 💞

  62. Savage240lol Mobile

    Tell me why karina’s parents listen to the same music as my parents now I’m a bigger fan because I feel like we related by blood lmao 😂

  63. Laura Roy's Life

    When i was pregnant i couldn't stand coffee! Even the thought of it would want to make me throw up! But after u had my baby, i was back to normal! Love you guys!

  64. Marissa Morales

    Lmao I love you Karina!!! “This faucet is a black faucet” all obvious! Lololol merry vlogmas!!! Xo

  65. Jayla Jones

    Love Love love it!😊 🎄

  66. Small Home

    The kitchen is so beautiful and spacious and the decor girl omg cute

  67. Kayla McGilvery

    That kitchen is everything 😍😍

  68. Kayla McGilvery

    Yes I love Dunkin 😍

  69. Raylene Madrid

    seeing the little heartbeat warmed my heart omg 🥺❤️

  70. Kayla Cosgrove

    I love her s9ooooo much how can you not honstly

  71. life with leelee


  72. pOp

    Omggg i really love how in the intro you put baby that SO CUTEEEE~


    I swear Karina looks like a queen when just waking up 😭

  74. Paola Dupuy

    Congrats Karina & Hubby 🤗🙃😜😆😅😂🥳🥳👶May God Bless🙏 in your joyous 💙💜Day's to come Get plenty of sleep Bc when the baby arrives say goodbye to sleeping luv your videos QNS,NY 😘😘😘

  75. Estela y Chuy Ortiz

    Can I get the recipe! That looks bomb!

  76. Emily Meader

    Do a gingerbread house competition ! That would be fun to watch

  77. Aracely Belmontes

    Absolutely loved the kitchen.❤

  78. eduardo saldana

    Birkenstock life

  79. Carolyn Richey

    I luv luv luv the kitchen Its beautiful.i aso luv you both and your family. Again congrats on the baby. Im so excited for you both.keep upbthe awsome job. But get youre rest too.may God Continue to bless you all take care. Lots of luv carolyn

  80. pitbulllover

    I just found out I'm pregnant with my second baby well second rainbow baby I've had 4 pregnancies in 2 years my daughter is 10 months