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  1. Major

    Such a shame he didn’t walk the walk on that night, and no rematch clause in the contract :(

  2. ExpiredSushi

    Inoue 🔥

  3. L Marv


  4. Aaron Duran

    117-111? That judge was paid to sleep during the fight lol


    De la holla no es mexicano los mejicanos no se dan por vencidos que aprenda del gerrero dinamita marquez

  6. King Kong

    Can you imagine Teofimo Lopez vs Gervonta (Tank) Davis at 140!!!! JEEZ it's gonna happen ladies and gentlemen the two hardest hitting Lightweights

  7. Russel Greno

    Lucky Punch for marquez pacman win that fight

  8. David Rubin Lang

    I believe Pacquiao's psyche undermines him when he faces Australian boxers. Another boxer who tested Pacquiao to the limit was Adel Hussain. So...Australian boxers are his boogeymen!

  9. Neo the choiceone

    Where are loma fans 😏😂😂😂🥵🥵🤣🤣🥶 the greatest champion Teofimo López bby

  10. Robert Taylor

    I didnt think Leonard won the fight when I first saw it and I haven't changed my mind on viewing it now.

  11. Mikey Mc

    Wow didn't even know this fight was happening where was the promotion for this

  12. Jose Luis

    Dice Márquez que le robaron esta pelea también

  13. Charles Johnson

    Charles Lee Johnson . They both got millions . But I bet my life savings on that they both get tired of people cracking tall jokes on them !

  14. David Rubin Lang

    Manny Pacquiao clearly lost. He was dominated by Jeff Horn throughout the fight. Only God knows why he fought this way. He was out-punched and he couldn't do anything. My post mortem for the fight is: Jeff Horn fought like a man who has nothing to lose! He took Pacquiao to deep water! I predict Pacquiao has had enough of Jeff Horn, or even boxing again for that matter, and probably will hang his gloves and retires! What a turn out for a boxer who had destroyed almost all great boxers of the world! After this all his former vanquished opponents would clamor to test him again!

  15. game laro

    iam a filipino casimero is no chance to inoue. inoue is too strong for him

  16. re,

    Let's go Monster

  17. kevin ortiz

    Ojalá Berlanga y López se enfrentarán a gervonta davis, muy buenos boxeadores

  18. KALBO TV

    Watching 2020 October 30. Have??? Hehe

  19. SOS Logistics

    I see blood on the canvas

  20. Alex Penta

    0:18 I do not owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  21. Paul Amaya


  22. Allard Ostermeier

    and they say he aint technical... xD

  23. DON paolo

    "The japanese turtle" naoya inue

  24. Yohanis Ramba

    This was a terrible decision...

  25. Yohanis Ramba

    Bullsheat decision, ashamed 😭😭😭


    no me gusta q celebre burlandose. tiene q perder


    puro bulto

  28. Edward S.

    Pretty floyd was dangerous .

  29. Jimmy Tomon

    7k lng gbilin nko 1taw bsg mkulng ko mterialis ayaw kbalaka sugod npod ko tigom pero ipaayo pa nko linig sa mtor kay dli na kadaog kng dghan msakay

  30. Jimmy Tomon

    7k lng gbilin nko 1taw bsg mkulng ko mterialis ayaw kbalaka sugod npod ko tigom pero ipaayo pa nko linig sa mtor kay dli na kadaog kng dghan msakay

  31. 井上尚弥Naoya Inoue

    This Kpop star looking guy will kill Moloney inside 4 rounds

  32. Roberto Datangel

    Nice disition . Malupit na suntok ni sugar ray ang bilis marming syang diskarte sa laban.👍👍👍👍

  33. Cesar Hernández

    Esta pesado. Teofilo. López. Sinduda. Tiene buena. Pegada

  34. Lakers4Life

    Inoue is basically Lomachenko. Overrated! He is scared of Casimero.

    1. Raiders 4821

      You don't know shit about boxing.

  35. Anthony Reidy

    Pacquiao was fighting Jeff horn the judges and the referee what are joke

  36. SOS Logistics

    He will be coughing up blood soon

  37. Quirico Tupingan

    in boxing no one is invincible with just one lucky punch !


    Pobre mexicanito le partiero su madre

  39. Ferris

    Floyd couldn’t beat a late 2000s Pacquiao

  40. Lyn Tan

    mali ang nasabi ng announcer, dpt kay pacquiao. saka ang mga judges ay pang STREET FIGHT lng

  41. kaji


  42. james 27

    Mom can we buy pacquiao Mom we already have 0:53 at home

  43. Nil Zensei

    Enoue by KNOCKOUT 💪💪💪👏👏👏

  44. Extremist Mark

    Rodriguez defeated moloney by split decision in 12rounds and inoue defeated rodriguez by k.o in just 2rounds so guess whats the resulto of this fight

  45. Gaga Bakla


  46. リージョン

    こんにちはみんなこんにちは私はフィリピン人を愛しています Hello I'm japannese boxing fan I love Filipino culture and I love casimero he is powerful opponent of inoue but do your best inoue soon the monster vs quadro alas😇😍 MABUHAY PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭🇯🇵

  47. Ciro Garcia

    Mexican boxers have the most entertaining style

  48. Y2J Y2J

    go inoue

  49. Suhar sono

    Great it

  50. KickLikeLee

    Manny will do this to Connor if Connor dear to fight Manny. He better think twice before signing that contract.

  51. YDハウス


  52. Rene Vecino

    monster bha yan namimili ng mahinang kalaban.hahaha

  53. Rene Vecino

    di match ang laban di maganda panoorin

  54. Adrian Lazaro

    Lomachenko Broner

  55. おたふく


  56. AwfulWarlock

    I was more impressed with his rhythm before the bag tapped out.

  57. Dick Tiny

    Fight casimero next

  58. James Julom

    inoue please fight casimero, stop ducking please

  59. dhnny lil19

    Inoue v Moloney, Tank v Cruz, Usyk v Chisora also MAyer v ewa. Stacked Weekend

  60. Matt Mccaslin

    Looks down at scripted must say phrase "new world"

  61. Fonsy A.

    If Pacquiao and Marquez fused into one just like in Dragon Ball... they would literally annihilate the entire welterweight division. I'll probably call their fusion "Juanny Pacquez" or "Man Marquiao" For their in-ring name... I’ll probably name it “The Dynamite Pac-Man”

  62. himawari saga


  63. William

    imagine after the fight, deontay whisper to fury," welcome to the covid-19 world baby."

  64. Q州男児見聞録 JAPAN

    10:05 Does inoue have any problems with his left hand? In Japan, it's rude to attend a press conference with your hands in your pockets. Am I thinking too much? Or maybe he just warmed his left hand because the temperature was low? I'm a little worried as a Japanese.

    1. Pick my Choo

      @Q州男児見聞録 JAPAN it depends on where the interview was held.

    2. Q州男児見聞録 JAPAN

      @Pick my Choo I see. Maybe I care too much. Three days after the WBSS bantamweight tournament final When a Japanese TV station interviewed inoue and Donaire I was a little worried because both inoue and Donaire were polite enough to say, "I'm sorry I'm wearing sunglasses." If you are interested because there are English subtitles, please. This is the TV program at that time ↓

    3. Pick my Choo

      In America, no one cares

  65. Dario Rossi

    Fight of the decade

  66. Julius fadera are not profesional..

  67. E.M. Serrano

    Virgil Ortiz or Munguia

  68. Onats Garcia

    inoue afraid of casimero. moloney same price but low risk opponent.

  69. Eliazar Alvarado

    2nd round ko naoya inque 💪

  70. Dhameer Govind

    Overrated Khan. He marketed himself well and made a career. But he was essentially a 4 round fighter.

  71. José Luis Domínguez Lara

    Márquez 10 veces mejor que Julio César el mejor entre muchos del mundo.

  72. ARon Mtew

    Freddie roach - whis Manny pacquiao - goku

  73. Marcos Clavo

    A pure ole street brawl. These were men fighting. Not boxing just a street fight.

  74. ジャンキー大山

    早いラウンドでのK.Oや「勝つのが当たり前」と思われてる、言われてる井上選手は大変ですよね、、、(; ̄ー ̄  モロニーも強くいい選手だけに、、大変だよ、、ペース争い等でイライラさせられて雑にならようにして欲しいですね。 そうなった時にそこが今回、弱点にならぬように、、 逆にモロニーを空回りさせように、抜かりなく、、、最終的には勝つ、くらいのつもりでGO!!!ですね。

  75. B W

    8:10 for main event Let's go 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  76. sesoseri


  77. Ignacio antonio Rivera sanchez

    Algo bien

  78. Kafala

    People are criticizing Gamboa for playing no D but those same people criticize Mayweather for doing so. Make up your mind. Gamboa’s head was a punching bag.

  79. Arranpaul Romero

    The turtle..... 🐢🐢🐢

  80. Tello1025

    Despite the pandemic there’s been a lot of great fights this year and this is gonna be one of them