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  1. Filipe Oliveira

    where is the Rollie???

  2. Loki Gamer of Mischief

    11:14 : "I don't know who would do this" Childhood me : 👀

  3. Marissa E

    Its kind of like brad himself is fermenting


    1:08 that's sum funky looking choccy milk

  5. Nick W

    maya cute, thank you BA very cool

  6. Kellie Derossett

    Teacher: what's your favorite drink? That kid: Steak smoothie Teacher: you need jesus

  7. Loki Gamer of Mischief

    It triggers me that he cuts straight through the yolk

  8. David Nimmo


  9. Rook the Raptor

    It takes a sharp knife to cut through an egg. Of course.

  10. Egg

    Why, why kill my homies

  11. Jojo Ono

    If he slipped his legs into the lower part of that tank top, his cake would be asking for a banana

  12. Swampy713

    Brad carrying the entirety of BA on his shoulders

  13. Alberto Zarraluqui

    i gave this a thumbs up for devonn and his mind twisting top, not for BA's fakeness

  14. vera lopez

    So theyre back???

  15. Thesilverthunder777


  16. JazmineShay92

    Wait so there's no actual banana in the Banana Bread batter?

  17. EvogenGaming

    Anyone notice how it said chile

  18. Brenda v

    So i want to make the gigi hadid pasta but i couldn't find heavy cream in my store only half and half can i still use that ?

  19. Daniel Kim

    All I learned is it takes the equivalent manhours of ten Sicilian grandmothers 3 days in a Tuscan kitchen to make all the individual components of a lasagna! And that is why God created Stouffer's lasagna which you buy in the freezer and heat for 2 hours at 350 F until the cheese is melted!

  20. Xavier Liam James-Jobe

    Brad looks like he's lost abit of dad Bod looking well guys good to see a video 🤙🏽

  21. nicholasluigi GB

    Every way to prepare the poisonous potato berry.

  22. eggg _

    I have seen this more times than I want to admit

  23. Portuguese Gravity

    this is high key a good recipe, Imma do this on a rainy day

  24. Man of Rice

    I mean at least we got Marcus now

  25. Yesi Orozco

    Sasha is drooling at this video

  26. Nathaniel Vargas

    This was awesome.

  27. Leszy

    I'm after ,,Animal Farm" just to imagine Napoleon getting butchered

  28. Tanner LaDuke

    If anything, I hope this video helps CHRISSY. She can kill the game by herself

  29. Labradude


  30. Miguel Eagle

    IM SORRY!! BUT THAT WHOLE BIT ABOUT THE SUGAR AND THE “EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES” WAS NOT A LITTLE “ACCIDENT”!!! As if BA would fumble like this right after their “Re-Branding”... This whole vid just became Hella Sus!!

  31. James Nuernberg

    Here the thing about all the criticism below, you can call out someone for making mistakes, but if you don't allow them to find a path towards redemption, if every path they attempt gets met with equal criticism, them you stop being an "agent for good". To condemn without offering the chance for reconciliation is morally wrong.

  32. cronus itis

    We need more brad content

  33. Miguel Eagle

    Sure, this video isn’t just a token video to show that everything is sunshine and rainbows... 🌝

  34. Ritter Vosloo

    Toaster egg

  35. Josh Perez

    This was way too weird... the odd step children who were left behind after a breakup. Obviously Andy and Brad are just in it for themselves

    1. P A

      A job is a job. When you don't need to pay your own bills, get back with me.

  36. megino._

    lmao what is going on with this episode

  37. Mbadly

    oh stfu and enjoy the videos you idiotic sjw.

  38. wackarnolds114

    It’s just food. You woke assclowns in the comment section are what ruined this channel.

  39. Art Hansen

    ´Bout time !!

  40. Scott Harker

    Brad comes across like he’s had a long summer of abusing acid. SUPER Rainbow Rhythms.

  41. Rey Mendiola

    Halloween special do a human

  42. Pieter Schadron

    Horrible, semi heated discussion about ..... nothing

  43. Aleana Fernando

    As much as their new content feels like ‘forced diversity’. What else do you expect them to do? At least they’re trying to move on and become better than they were. The content is still good it’s just different now And yea I miss the old cast but they can’t do anything about it now cause they left? They can’t just magically reappear again

  44. Marius Carausu

    Started watching this video thinking "Maybe I should try and make this!" and then it hit me..."Oh yeah...I hate bananas"

  45. Val hamham

    Bro we know you’re doing a voiceover you don’t need to fake chew into the microphone and move you’re hands around like you’re talking it’s ok

  46. Diana

    This is just too strange not the same anymore.

  47. Joel Mendoza

    Yea... dont think even brad and andy can save this channel

    1. P A

      For some of us it can. Not you? Bye.

  48. Thomas Lehman

    I like your cuts G

  49. Sebastien Kanaan

    Vegan butter and vegetable broth . Really? Ok.

  50. Garfield Curtis Jr.

    The “c00chi pro”

  51. Siddhartha Chalasani

    I wonder who ate all the chicken...

  52. Isabella maudlin

    George Pig: Peppa were is Mummy Pig? Peppa:👁💀👁

  53. Jayden Lobo

    This didn't agree well

  54. vanillamarshmallow

    why didn't she set it on fire?

  55. Luca Almendra hulleman

    Gordan Ramsay left the chat

  56. Kelly Pauly

    For a minute I was like...wait, is that Alison romans kitchen? Quite similar lay-out! 😂 this looks delish.

  57. Ammaz Rehman

    We want our old team except that crappy head

  58. madock345

    Great to see videos back, and I love your energy!

  59. Derek D

    Doesn't know what monk fruit sweetener is. This dude is aces in my book.

  60. UglyApprentice

    I’m ready to go whole hog

  61. stive jonh

    This feels almost impsovised

  62. JKOBsTube

    I feel just a bit sorry for the guys who do the captions for its alive

  63. villemur

    But what about the Joni Mitchell videos?

  64. Kevin

    She said "You should smell the yuletide bread I'm cooking in this oven"

  65. HeXeD87

    wourder wourder wourder WOURDER!!! wourder wourder wourder .... lmfaooooo!

  66. Pink Parrotz

    this guy really likes his medium rare huh

  67. Diego Orellana

    I just wanna say that the ratio of likes to dislikes in this video is far worse than those of the other recent videos. How are Black and Brown chefs still losing at the end of the day after all that has happened?

  68. Oliver Wilson

    “The fire hazard”

  69. Jonai Alvarez

    like the recipe... disliked the host

  70. Joshua Raymond

    1:43 LOL

  71. Joshua Raymond

    I love how hands-on and immersive this video is but I would most likely follow the tasty recipe but as always great job Chris.

  72. edwardnsantos

    I'm watching this because I want Chrissy to get paid.

  73. Nelli Thomas

    beans are not pure protein they also have carbs... duh

  74. John-Joseph White

    Legit only still have this channel for Brad

  75. Johannes khang Ho

    i like how he speaks as if i am going to do it

  76. Taylor Medine

    I’m so happy to see DeVonn here but honestly this is bizarre. Address the issue and stop putting these innocent ppl on this platform as props!

  77. Tom

    Its so painfuly obvious what you are doing with these new hosts. Next youll have a trans gender asian woman double amputee little person.

  78. nealrutgerskid

    I think presentation is half the appetite. It would be a tough sell.

  79. bastardmantra

    andy seems kinda different compared to his pre-covid appearances. but i can't really pinpoint what it is. kinda less quirky, a bit darker.

  80. oceaneyes

    of course THATS brads ringtone omg how fitting