Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Prepare to enter the #Shadowlands. Pre-Patch - 10.13.20
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. illusio

    Never I could imagine that WoW in 2020 would look like this. But after so many great failures year after year it looks only natural.

  2. elmiraman


  3. Cristián Bruno Elbio Murillo

    as an Argentinian I´m following the race about who grows up faster the dollar or the dislike rate , GO DISLIKE ! u can do it ! FOR THE HORDE!!

  4. Axel Sáez

    Donald Trump = Garrosh, lets make the horde great again

  5. Delz Nope

    If you aren't flying in BFA by now.... its ok to not fly in BFA zones. Skip yourself the trouble of mechagon / nazjatar since they are the worst zones ever put into the game.

  6. Daniel Slater

    I’d pay a separate monthly membership to see a series or full movie of all CGI, the Warcraft movie was ok but it was watered down to somehow please the masses and it didn’t, the masses want a story all CGI even the humans with 100% to the bone lore like do a series that shows everything in between all these cinematic and start at Warcraft 1 story line and slowly show the night elves fighting the legion in side clips in the past and move all the way up to shadow lands lore, it’s honestly as good as lord of the rings lore and I say that with all due respect, wow is like lotr off spring! DO IT!

  7. Anna Carolina Rodrigues

    Cute thing that a bard is on the clip but no bard class on game, gg Blizz :)

  8. José David Muñoz Martínez

    Could this be the most disliked video of WoW's history? Let's do it guys!!!

  9. Jay Bee

    Don't purchase this garbage.

  10. ベンノ


  11. Grimzuhl

    That’s right give the Billionaires more money for nothing

  12. Jesi Achord

    6 years later and I can see why everyone was so hyped for this really sucks that it was a let down probably the most hype trailer ever

  13. Oleg Zhilin

    Боже... что это за дерьмо?

  14. Power Brujo

    20 Dollars for this?

  15. Cristhian Ledezma

    When devs are moon guard players.

  16. Joako Galpar

    Blizzard outmemed us

  17. Jack Mhoff

    AMERICAN Greed at it finest 👌 👏

  18. Muramatsu Yoshikazu

    Greedy as it gets, stuff like this is why retail is dead to me.

  19. LeThayle

    WOTLK > TBC > Vanilla > MoP > Cataclysm >> Legion >> BFA = WoD

  20. ¿Eat pant ?

    I was about to say there was no Leroy jankens reference but I regret that decision

  21. Ma[D] [R]od

    kidding me ? born in a Horde ! no mer..

  22. Chairman Meow


  23. Alain Randomized

    stupid work Blizzard!

  24. MrKENTfirst

    Shadowlans....feb 22 nice

  25. GameChanger

    The Boy-king is wack

  26. Inês Pires

    "Oh to see without my eyes " 👀

  27. warp871

    Nice, so all the clowns can flap-flap into the trash that is shadowlands, right after 2 weeks due to not being able to log in, judging by this pre patch launch..

  28. Will Doug

    such a good story

  29. Antony King

    Pathetic skin. What a disappointing money grabbing company

  30. Spidavle TapTap

    They don't care about the likes-dislikes ratio or what we say in the comments. As long as there are players buying stuff like this, they will keep doing it and focus less on the actual game.

  31. Evasion

    I think I'll stick with osrs. Been "480" for months.

  32. g0odgod

    what have you turned the game into?

  33. K G

    Sorry but this is not what World of Warcraft is about, MTX cosmetic does not suit an MMO of this caliber, mog is something you farm, not pay for...

  34. michale andmore

    God damnit, someone is cutting onions again, I swear I'm not crying, stop cutting those onions

  35. Arda Akanlar

    bok bok bok

  36. MrocznaGwiazda

    So Blizz put out borrowed power mechanic for one expansion which is convoluted and unbalanced , they put out microtransactions, then they delay expansion because messed up mentioned earlier mechanic but microtransactions are now live what can go wrong 2,7k up votes 20k down votes ;) ?

  37. Vill1988

    Nobody wanted this

  38. Anton Kinnander

    Cash grabbing bullshit is what this is, pinnacle of modern WoW. I wish Blizzard was still around and not Actiizzard.

  39. GameChanger

    cringe 😂

  40. Filip Wichowicz

    Refunded :)

  41. Laurențiu Derecichei

    I swear the wow races dont get a decent break from world ending events..

  42. Tom Pörtzgen

    I'm pretty sure that this would have been an April fools joke 15 years ago. Now they're actually serious about this.

  43. Zephurosx

    If you want to make the game more cooler and playable blizzard, then you should get rid of the whole shop an work on making shadowlands better!

  44. Nicholas Hatzis

    Every couple of days I give this another watch to remember how ridiculous it looks.

  45. Not Dave

    "Let's show them what Kul'Tirans are made of", bit redundant there since the attacking pirates are also Kul'Tirans.

  46. NeonXXP

    This is a badge of shame, anyone who wears it deserves to be pelted with rotten vegetables like a Worgen walking into Stormwind for the first time. Disgusting Blizzard. We pay a sub and we pay a box price on the game and every expansion. This set should have been earnable in game and paid for by our subscription. F YOU!

  47. FubaR

    How the mighty have fallen.

  48. Dark Prince

    if only the expansion was as epic as the cinematic .... shadowlands please be cool.

  49. Γρηγόρης Δράκος

    Just casually disliking it because blizz is casually greedy

  50. Kotzaak

    Absolutely horrendous, it hurts my eyes

  51. klumzyee

    lol I recall the King of SW rolls around with their secret service rogue guards

  52. Kev E

    This is trash.. when you cant even give a date for the expansion a lot of us likely prepurchased and you want us to spend more already? But then again what would you expect from Activision.

  53. Duke Veld

    Что за хрень!?!

  54. Joanne Connors

    Ahh the mystical 4th quarter earnings call transmog

  55. cibertaino

    Even Sprite Darters in the background are like: "You have got to be kidding me..."

  56. brhino4vets

    Am I now paying WoW to make things for me to also pay for? You used the money I spent purchasing the game, buying expansions, subscribing monthly.....to pay an employee to make a skin to SELL to me?

  57. Hugsy

    What kind of people is Blizzard hiring??

  58. Hugo Valente

    they could done better job on the legs and boots tho...

  59. Kamieleon jeden.

    I would rather not see it at all, if you're about to deliver such a poor story in such a poor way... :( My hype for Shadowlands kinda dropped with this. I would rather read about 'Anduin missing in mysterious circumstances' somewhere in-game, than accepting something THAT RANDOM to happen.

  60. Alexander Larsen

    Blizzard Entertainment. Do you know what Entertainment actually means as i think you've lost the idea behind that word. I was a die hard fan of wow from 2004-2013, but after cataclysm you've really fallen through the floor in terms of fun and Entertainment. I told myself and everyone i played with during tbc and wotlk that i would never ever quit wow. But after cataclysm, mop and oh god was WOD an actual expansion? I had to leave the game and stop supporting you. I bought everything that came on the store until after cataclysm as i felt you had stopped caring about everything except getting money for little work as possibly. Well at least you turned my attention to ffxiv where the devteams and higher-ups seems to geniuly love working on the game and it shows in their live streams talking about how they decided on what to make next, how to do better and just show tidbits of what to expect in coming patches etc. Ion and josh seems like devoid of passion and talking in a robotic fashion Shame on you blizzard

  61. Incursion

    20 bucks for the idiots to look appropriately

  62. H1DRON

    haha this is joke right

  63. brhino4vets

    Get ratio’d 😂

  64. Ivan

    Blizzard is defeated

  65. aaleeksii

    What an absolute disgrace, once again.

  66. Alexeu An

    It makes a blizzard, but a shame on me

  67. Maria Macedonian

    i actually liked it. dont understand why everyone here is whining

  68. Sander Stadlander

    Garrosh best warchief

  69. elemneo

    remember when you had a community?

  70. Johnny Blast

    Glad to see Garrosh found a new home fitting his needs =D

  71. Stephen Ma

    For the final exam!!!!!!

  72. Bad Ork

    I bought it. Eh, what can I say.

  73. Johnny Blast

    Ori and The Blind Forrest.... where's the big owl?

  74. Nothingness

    thanks, hate it

  75. Josh Walker 3D

    Can pump out sets like this but can't find the time to finish other armour sets, finish the Tier 8 Warrior set from Ulduar, give me them boots!!! :P

  76. Andy H

    Money grabbing idiots.

  77. Kappaccino

    Wow this is terrible

  78. Ghost Reporting

    "A fool and his money are soon parted" - Bobby "Moneybags" Kotick

  79. SnappyCenter7

    While I know it's said don't judge a book by its cover, is it actually surprising that the Afterlife ruler who's a horned vampire dressed in red turns out to be a villain?