Fueled by the energy of talented individuals, NRG Esports represents the concentrated ambition to achieve one goal. That goal: to build the ideal esports team for many years to come.
NRG Esports has rosters in Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Smash Ultimate, Gears of War, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Call of Duty League (Chicago Huntsmen), and Overwatch League (San Francisco Shock).

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  1. Pumpistic

    📌 This if you guys are the best team

  2. Windex spray bottle

    Ron is the best

  3. Faxx. Fn

    Do they live in south carolina, Outer banks, or florida???? IDK

  4. Max Gaming

    clix with the handshake.

  5. Max Gaming

    I think clix did the best tbh, maybe the others wern't trying as hard as him tho loolol.

  6. Max Gaming

    about to watch the dining conversation part.. i am afraid of what might be said especially from ron and clix. the sus brothers

  7. Andre Gutierrez

    I thought Ron was 6"5 what happened?

  8. Knockzy

    Zaxy Changed from fame like we should all un subscribe

  9. Hello Strangers

    1:14 Zayt looking at Ron’s height

  10. Billy C

    I never realized how short Ron is

  11. Kavin Elango

    honestly clix is getting clapped he is making the team lose its dignity. Ron, unknown, epikwhale, benjy, edgey, are keeping them name intact

  12. Scxty

    4:22 When Clix hits on older girls Im kidding

  13. blindigo

    This was funny af. Good job.

  14. Zanxy

    Clix: “I’m 6ft I’m 6ft 2”💀

  15. towfuLol

    No one: Ron: What’s up gu- Fuck you Zayt

  16. Jaylen Pitts

    When you know zayt was not tryna get caught by the big shitter

  17. vixdy


  18. Alex DNA

    Rate my montage? FT COLD WORLD irvision.info/home/mZ6YqXmAoMmHsLw/fy-lm-h-y.html

  19. Tesko 249

    ron u keep that freaking headset u hear me???

  20. unique mistyyy


  21. Max Cobourne

    I like how Ronald is so small (:


    can i tryout for nrg

  23. Tristan Ray

    Ron so short

  24. Zolton Knight

    benjy mom playing fortnite now lowkey??

  25. Jacob Bergstrom

    ronny may not be the best at the game, but he's the best in our hearts 🥰

  26. Craner1216 Family


  27. Spectrum

    garret said in the last video that he used to be memed, and not anymore... but gawy gonna get memed now.

  28. Qeuestion シ

    He always try’s to look sideways so you can only see his side profile lmao

  29. FN_wOOzy on YT Gamer guy

    F in the chat for the keyboards

  30. Devan Flores

    anyone know what he said in russian?

  31. Team_ParaDox

    2:48 😂😂😂😂😂😂I am Dying

  32. ari_venture

    I. love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.monster

    1. Clxtch VC


  33. Ex0tic FN

    the same house used in the song “Moonwalking in Calabasins”

  34. Henry Zafiriu

    7:32 benjis facecam

  35. Jacob Dominguez

    aceu : *hits a insane no scope headshot* also aceu : just giggles

  36. Drxgon FN

    what did he say in russian

  37. Loft_Combat


  38. yusuf aras

    my name is yunus my surname is aras ye a no turkiye n

  39. salem ennakrachi

    we need doctore ron

  40. salem ennakrachi

    NRG is popping off and they are the best org ever

  41. salem ennakrachi

    NRG is popping off and they are the best org ever

  42. Audrey Meyer

    Seriously one of the craziest series in RLCS history, so proud of my boys

  43. Darkz 1027

    Why does Ron look so short

  44. Swayam Prabhudesai

    Ronaldo tho😂😂😂😂

  45. HI Guys

    why did the nrg house end early?

  46. Betsy Tiro


  47. culxy

    Cilx thinking.... why the fuck im I here Unknown...... your blocked

  48. Luna

    Lmao I get rolled @ 9:23

  49. fearless_lea2

    6:01 Oh nah what they do to clix XD

  50. Cole Besner

    im gay fpr this stuff

  51. Kunai

    0:05 clix's legs looking scrumptious

    1. Fenchurch


  52. EN-JO

    No way Fortnite added a Tfue cameo! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  53. Naruto Fan

    2:01 worlds best rap

  54. link apii

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  55. Oberlust

    Benjy every 2 words: “mAtE”

  56. Roni Hasani

    I think in chapter 3 old map is back 🤔 !?

  57. V̷i̷k̷t̷o̷r̷ o̷n̷ ̷2̷4̷0̷h̷z̷

    Hahaha ron at the end

  58. Chaos Money

    they need to go on a romantic date

  59. Charlie Whitbread

    I swear Ron is taken

  60. BULK powders

    Next live event pumps back plz plz plz plz

  61. Sharon Jimenez

    7:11 had me deadddddd that was a classic ron


    2:15 lol PC is so broken, that’s why they play on PC, no way he should have landed that bullshit

  63. reflexrr

    bro everyone in clixs stream knows what they muted....

  64. Aardvarks1001

    I remember my friend said “ey we went in his mouth that was fun” and everyone broke down

  65. 1mFro

    i dare clix to wear that on stream

  66. your mom

    who else liked the background music

  67. TREN Eloquence

    Question 5: Ronaldo is a simp

  68. Robschanelwithcheeseandmugsandthingsandfunbobbobbo

    U forgot to cencor the g word lol 3:33

  69. NogaFn

    Benjy's mom at 6:17

  70. MenSioN

    Ron 😂

  71. YouTube Arc

    yo clix, welcome to the family. that gave me goosebumps

  72. Vasu bhatt

    custodians: am i a joke to you

  73. rxchiiebtw

    clix has feelings for unkown they were like bestfriends before unkown give him a 2 chance pls

  74. Neon Jay

    Holy shit I remember this guy from tiktok Like the song

  75. Rocket league Highlights

    My phone fell on the floor it keeps vibrating 😂

  76. Juan Sanchez

    astroworld was by pluto at 6:16

  77. NRG Nas


  78. Hansee Moran

    NRG Apex > NRG Fortnite

  79. neonr1x


  80. neonr1x

    hello00 friendsss