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  1. Kyan Djemal

    Adam driver acted SO WELL in this film

  2. Kyan Djemal

    This trailer is amazing like all of Disney’s trailers

  3. Nico Hernandez

    Who’s here after watching the first episode of season 2?

  4. jaz morrison

    Watching now

  5. Darling 2003

    The best episode of star wars

  6. Lightspeed808


  7. Hazell Vasquez

    Thi - this is beautiful .....

  8. Eddy M

    Boba fett lives!!!!!!

  9. James Rabe


  10. the Aurelyan's channel


  11. ultron 2602

    Who is here the October 30? This is the way~

  12. immortal sk

    This series is good but it's really slowww

  13. Cuzzy Nugget

    Who's here after seeing the end of ep 1.

  14. Rinzler_ 72

    That was awesome!!!

  15. Mit Choksi

    I'll skip my school for this. I have spoken.

  16. Flamer the velcioraptor reviewer/documenter

    Okay who's here after seeing It!

  17. LangleyFilm

    Unlimited what? ⚰️

  18. Shadow Fox

    Mando = Space John Wick

  19. francisco de jesus

    best shiw ever

  20. Alfredo Silva

    Was it boba fetts armor???

    1. Sonic_ Ghost09


  21. Nik Luca

    spacex launch

  22. Фигаро Аноним

    Есть у меня подозрений, что в третьем сезоне Паскаль возьмет в руки слайсэйбор. Может даже и черный.

  23. Jared Raymond

    who's here after it just dropped

  24. Edvards Pajuste

    Can you please enable disney+ in more countries because its realy annoying me

  25. GULLIST _


  26. suvechha Bose

    Boom Here we gooo

  27. Wolf Moon

    Surprised Pedro Pascal didn’t look at the Hot Toys Mandalorian Figure. Xp

  28. saan bocah

    Fortune teller: No Hans Zimmer Nolan: This is the way Fortune teller: R u sure ? Nolan: I have spoken !

  29. Zelaya

    Does anyone have a free link?

  30. laddermonkey301

    The madalorian season 2 out now! Whooohooo

  31. pratik mohite

    is it out/ ? the season 2?

    1. Alabora 67

      @pratik mohite the ending has me going :O

    2. pratik mohite

      @_ yeah watched already and it was goooood

    3. _

      It’s out now, you’ll have to wait a few hours for torrent sites to upload it

  32. Jesus Christ

    Now I think more that george lucas has exprienced all of this in his life

  33. SSJRadioBluth


    1. SSJRadioBluth

      But... This is the way!

  34. Hxnəy Łxvənđər

    As of right now, its 2:10am ET, 50 minutes to go!!

    1. InvisibleRash X

      When the premiere?

  35. Solstice Games

    An Hour I think until the new season🙂

  36. Erik Larsen

    Aw cmon this was so much better than that cringey “hey”

  37. Bulbo Baggins

    3:30 zuko?

  38. Bongo Fett

    That’s sad

  39. Rick Quesada

    This is the way.

  40. GioTheBeast

    Or wherever it will be

  41. GioTheBeast

    Yo right when I saw this I knew I had to watch it one way or another I got money for the theater

  42. Alf Joe


  43. Arbeetor

    Anyone else still watching this even though season 7's over?

  44. Tom N

    Mando comes out in 1.5 hrs and I need to sleep but I JUST CAN’T. IT’S 5 AM. I blame Din and the baby

  45. Scarleth P. Beija-flor

    Nuestra princesa, siempre estarás en nuestros corazones... que la fuerza te acompañe 💜

  46. Wildcard

    why hasn't season 2 aired yet?

  47. _vladislav_ d

    Too many smiles from the host.

  48. Gold bird o


  49. Coco Krisps


    1. Brenton Garza

      @Coco Krisps Me too my friend me too

    2. Coco Krisps

      @Brenton Garza stood up for nothing

    3. Rinzler_ 72

      @Brenton Garza no

    4. Brenton Garza

      Pretty sure we gotta wait until the end of the day

  50. Karim

    disney business time ...

  51. A Human Being

    Given the STUNNING quality and how effortless the CGI blends with the real scenes, I can see why we had to wait a year for the second season. The amount of nerds that put hours of work into this is wild. They are probably the hardest working tbh, and they're too well paid for it to end like GOT did so WELL DONE!

  52. Emilio Baeza

    Every one in the first episode of season 2: 1:12

  53. A Human Being

    The best thing to come from Star Wars series, was the Mandalorian

  54. MimikyuMaster


  55. Abram Sullivan

    This is the way

  56. Tom N

    The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 aka Chapter 9 is here in less than 3 hours!!!

  57. Internot

    do you know da wae?

  58. Michelle B

    Sickkkk i just got an oculus quest 2 and was hoping for more Star Wars games!

  59. Luckygsm P

    Well. i learned 2 things: i have spoken and this is the way

  60. Chen Richard

    You expect me to what!!?? This is the way.

  61. Brian Rocha

    The Mandolorian Will Be A Legend in the Star Wars Universe!!!

  62. Physicals1x

    It’s the 30 where it at

  63. Paul Dano


    1. Coco Krisps

      @Slurp Slurp I can’t see it too

    2. Slurp Slurp

      Do you see season 2 yet

  64. ;3 l0l


  65. Eric

    The time has come. This is the way!

  66. Metro Gamer

    You know what day it is boys

    1. Coco Krisps

      This is the way

  67. Pratt Majmudar

    If you missed watching Season 1, not to worry this recap is basically the entire script for the first 8 episodes.

  68. James Reynolds

    Me trying to figure out what median this is

  69. Kill4nia 7

    Season two boys and girls XD

  70. big clover


  71. Ian Perez Perez

    I wonder if Boba fett will make it there?

  72. Kyle Manifold

    “There is a 97.6 % chance of failure” still better odds then the falcons keeping a lead.

  73. Magitroopa


  74. Emanuel Martin


  75. Gadriel Demartinos

    1am ET

  76. XScissor

    It's happening today

  77. Martha Verdugo

    Guys i want to see this but someone knows how to see the mandalorian in all lenguages?

  78. Sri Harsha

    This is more like a trailer, than a recap🥱

  79. Princess Himiko

    Omg omg now i have the time sre the trailer madalorian my mando and the child 💘💘💘💘💘 and i going to see the New a old character in Starwars and clones 😻

  80. Grey jose

    Where can i watch this when it comes out?

    1. Coco Krisps

      Disney plus