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  1. Red Imposter Of God

    That golf bag is like the fucking Doctor Who’s Phone-booth thing

  2. Tax Collector

    i loved the Otis from andy griffith segment

  3. Katie M. Lambdin_24

    Finally, the day has come... I will sin the sinners for sinning a sinless movie.

  4. Kaleeb Wilson

    The noise didn’t wake him up.. it was the smell I knew that as a kid!!

  5. T. Khattabi

    Been waiting years for this moment😂

  6. chilltime YT

    Jokes on you on still gonna wach this shit

  7. Ryan Gonzalez

    I hate this but will definitely watch the video. One of my favorite movies as a kid watched it so many times

  8. Rj Correia

    Bro do madagascar escape 2 Africa next

  9. Jackson Adkerson

    You should sin the Need For Speed movie.

  10. Litfi_Safados

    Love this movie 😭

  11. PastyViper01

    Ah yes another childhood movie of mune

  12. Babbi Rios

    Nothing wrong here. 👍🏻

  13. It's Just PJ

    The animal dial was just according to size, not specific animals lol

  14. Bi_Topia

    He seems tired

  15. malkyyy

    In my entire 17 years, i never fucking knew that steve carrell was the voice of that squirrel. Im ashamed of myself

  16. Cody Cox

    The worst sin was giving this a bonus round.

  17. breads

    Schaffrilas Productions is typing...

  18. Hessed3712

    While I would not call them pests, bears can be suburban nuances. My mother-in-law has a bear that lives in her neighborhood and regularly eats oranges from her tree. He is too large for animal control to remove and re-home and he is a protected species so he cannot be killed. The residents are told to stay inside after dark and to seal their garbage as much as possible. She lives in Florida.

  19. Insert Funny Name Here

    This movie gave me a fear of bears

  20. Kelly B. Smith

    That Michael J. Fox joke was a low blow! Very poor taste, man.

  21. Insomnia

    Everything wrong with Over The Hedge Early 2000's kids: this means war Me as an Early 2000's: finally I've been waiting so long for this

  22. Tati Bullock

    I didn’t even know that was Steve carrel omg

  23. ShadowWolfGamer

    The nostalgia I feel from watching this as a kid and playing the video game which acts as a sequel to this movie.

  24. LuckyFord 22

    I've never seen this movie because the animation looks garbage

  25. Lontai

    I see nothing wrong with this movie

  26. Jose Da3rd

    Ha! Overinflates the ability of the raft!

  27. The British Boy

    Ok, this kids name is ted here me out Ted Bundy

  28. Regan Robinson

    I literally just watched this movie on Thanksgiving... I swear this man reads my mind... also, side note, does anyone else remember the website full of games for this movie????? Or is that just me? I cannot find it anymore.

  29. Daniel Perez


  30. PrestonJM

    You guys usually don't answer my request this quickly. THANK YOU CINEMASINS!

  31. Andy's Mints

    This movie terrified me as a child ;-;

  32. gallade samurai

    Finally You did it and made my day

  33. Master Gaming Dude

    This was amazing glad i watched it as a kid

  34. Fallen Ember's

    I feel like I'm the only one that's never watched this movie before. I really missed out.

  35. Fish Bowl

    Missed sin: the scout girls attack a squirel (which may have rabies) and choose to run from a turtle

  36. Ryan Schofill

    I can't believe how long it's been since HBO got destroyed on this channel

  37. Keith _

    10:16 I used to think that was Jill of the Jungle. I think it fits just as well as Xena at least.

  38. Grimy Grimmy


  39. The muffinteers

    Me when I watch this vid and there’s bad stuff about over the hedge “What kind of place is this”

  40. Alyssa Griffin

    Too bad they had to dub music over the movie's original music 😒

  41. Mitchell Zalucha

    Thank you, love your channel.

  42. Skonail

    Dude what's up with the weird music that's playing whenever you actually play a movie scene, it doesn't happen every time but like 90% of the time and it's kind of annoying why not just play the actual audio from the scene in the movie? This has happened like in the last like 4 videos that I've watched.

  43. Numinor The Fool

    5:47 : Turtle Pinata, proving once again someone on the animation team has some deep seated issues when it comes to turtles.

  44. Kaleeb Wilson

    Thins is my favorite kid movie LEAVE IT ALONE 😭😭😭

  45. Omega Flowaluigi


  46. soldier660

    Forget the movie, i just want one of those golf bags : ) !!!

  47. Sajed Bazzoun

    Nahh man this movie was god tier

  48. Elio Formicone

    Bad news dude, the cringe begins again. They released Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. Strap in everyone, a new cringe awaits

  49. Donald S

    This was the first DreamWorks movie I saw in theaters when I was 6

  50. Lisa Pugh`

    Is this a re upload? I feel like I've seen this before

  51. Sophie Heflebower

    the whole exposition thing is like really not an issue to me, i don’t think it takes away from the movie in any way, so yeah it’s just something to point out to be annoying

  52. Shana Soorkeu

    Sees title..... DONT YOU DARE

  53. Semirotta

    I am happy to not have seen this movie. Thank you for making sure it will stay that way.

  54. Bessie Burnet

    Childhood classic!

  55. gferrol118

    The humans left one bit of the forest in the middle of the town, and didn't even make it into a park. It's completely sealed off

  56. Pixil!

    I love this movie I used to watch it so many times...

  57. jon wu

    You forgot the discount snoop dog rip off uncle. Thats worth 10 sins and snoop dog should sue.

  58. Barış Erdem Usta

    animals can't speak, write 30 sins

  59. Heather Lowry

    Pretty sure a butt plug doesn't affect a skunk's ability to spray

  60. The Senate


  61. SleepyToast

    Nothing Nothing is wrong with this movie

  62. NatTBK

    4:41 he was talking about the humans

  63. Pteri Dixon

    No one let Shaffrillas see this.

  64. Spyro Frost

    Butt plugs? You mean skunk specific scent gland plugs

  65. William Hendry

    "Everything wrong with Over the Hedge" Oh CinemaSins, you've really done it now, you rabid CUR!!!

  66. Epic Gamer

    How dare you insult this cinematic masterpiece

  67. Fernando Lara Cereceda

    1:51 Grandpa was sleeping in the church when they arrived, we can assume he’s been there the whole week because they forgot him last Sunday.

  68. Hylia's Knight

    I absolutely hear the dings sometimes, but what ALWAYS happens is the "rooolll credits" when the movie title is said/shown.

    1. Michael Conticchio

  69. MrAcrizzy

    The 15th anniversary of Over the Hedge is next year on May 19th 2021.

    1. Michael Conticchio

  70. ann turner

    This movie was my WHOLE childhood. Now that I watch it again I see how weird this movie really is....

  71. 《•Glitch Represents•》

    Hmmm, I thought I would never Get early In this Video! And I need to Watch the Entjre vid to make a Good Joke

  72. Elena Soto

    Yes! They finally did this one.

  73. Giancarlo San Miguel French

    I think we can all agree that Ben Folds's songs for this movie are all absolute bangers

  74. yellowpikmin

    the verminator should immediately remove 100 sins

  75. Jameson McLeod

    Shaffrillas will remember this

  76. The #6 Runaway Guys Fan

    What's a Luna bar?

  77. Zeke Chapple

    Everything wrong with over the hedge Poe: it’s blank

  78. Raven Purple

    Cinema Sins: Everything wrong with Over the He- Early 2000's kids: NO

  79. Campsall Ben