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  1. Larejowo Gowes

    Riders best

  2. Jared Greger

    Can't talk and breath man. Just ride

  3. Backcountry Films

    Brendog got SNUBBED!!

  4. Jamil Wynn

    Why max fredriksson didnt't compete?

  5. Craig Morton

    Great preview, track looks fun, I might even get down this one in one piece! Gee is great, but it would be even better with Claudio in tow!

  6. Riskhemlang Syiemlieh

    Wow very nice

  7. takemydryfly

    Always hard to tell how steep it really is, but this looks very rideable and not that challenging - i guess at full gas it becomes harder

  8. Richard Luscombe

    That was epic 👍

  9. Daniel Turkovic

    Could have let them have a breath

  10. Jack Hopson


  11. Aubrey Thomas

    Good to see some Loose Lips Warner making an appearance. That mans natural "charm" is hilarious

  12. Emory Rogers

    Thanks Josh. Say I'm sorry to your skeleton

  13. damansarajaya88

    Not sure what this is but charging in at full speed 😆 you guys are awesome. RESPECT!

  14. CA uMad

    this deserves way more clout

  15. Bo J.

    My main thought is just give the riders a chance to catch their breaths before doing the interview. They're all gasping like fish and probably just trying to give acceptable answers to finish the interview


    Bro how the hell can u do a run like that and still be able to talk. Yer sick track , you make it look so easy 👍

  17. Bo J.

    Tracey Hannah sounds mega over it tbh. And I think I get it, man this tour is ROUGH

  18. Michael Lee

    redbull : puts loic bruni in the thumbnail loic bruni : never actually in the video

  19. MarginWalker

    Lauren did all right, but where is Eliot? Plenty of other Americans there, why isn't he? Also, #justiceforkerr

  20. Hatchet Harry

    go Luca!

  21. samnelso

    Cabirou's chromed helmet is dope

  22. joyce lima


  23. samarth patil


  24. Facundo Peralta

    i´d love to watch a hartail in that track xD

  25. That one Nerf bullet you lost

    I coming straight from Pinkbike Academy, they shot their final photos on this exact trail! What a coincidence!

  26. Cheese Pizza

    What did I miss ? Why is Tracey retiring from DH

  27. James Capps

    This vid is better than Any shitty sidemen out there MTB needs marketing and bikes need to be cheaper from a video editor and marketer.

  28. 친구들즐거운

    its so sad i cried😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  29. jack ransier

    Let people to post their qualifying run

  30. Producciones Martec

    hello, how about to make a competition in my city Otzolotepec State of Mexico, there's a wide surface for mountain I'd like to be given my attention

  31. Christopher Osborne

    Where's Warner!, has he gone back to freecaster

  32. Jacob DeAngelis

    Actually really well done by the reporter. 10/10 professional and well researched

  33. thiago siqueira


    1. thiago siqueira


  34. Levi da bomb

    Im going to cry :|

  35. Darlete sueli

    Alguém br Brasil

  36. Kev’in Bike

    Hard and fast trail. Go french riders 💪🏼

  37. EdhoOfficial YT

    Best, the soul of Red Bull Bike, keep the spirit going ❤️ For you, don't forget to stop by on my channel, there are lots of interesting videos too

  38. Brian Esau Almaguer Campos

    redbull grabs some excellent very good videos letting us see the best sports like downhill❤🤘🌎☘

  39. Karl Barber

    Nice one Mr Warner



  41. André Bastos

    Portugal yeah !🔥

  42. toufik world



    parece uns offs do BIKE PARKCORBELLI

  44. NATOUR bike & hike

    hopefully Tracey Hannah is leaving Downhill WC. cannot hear and see this witch anymore...

  45. Robert Sudduth

    Brandon Semenuk + Raw 100 = 😍😍😍 Which of his Raw 100 runs is your all-time favourite? (Don't worry, we know it’s pretty much impossible to choose…) irvision.info/home/oqmXf55mo9J2erw/fy-lm-h-y.html

  46. Стас SPb

    50% хуеты!

  47. mabecka

    UCI stinks. Let the riders post their POV quali runs! #justiceforkerr

  48. eko suryanto

    POLYGON .. Yeeeeaaaah

  49. justingt3rs

    3:40 what is that on the top of her helmet ?

    1. TBoneMx

      I think it's a device called the lit pro. It's a tracking device commonly used in moto

    2. Nick Maclachlan

      @justingt3rs No argument about that from me, but if it is an antenna of some description, maybe up top is the best place to keep connectivity? Maybe it's a battery pack for the Go-Pro? It could be lots of different things..............

    3. justingt3rs

      @Nick Maclachlan yeah but i dont see the reason to put it on her head. just put it on the bike frame if its a gps...that carbon fiber helmet is made light for a reason...

    4. Nick Maclachlan

      Some sort of telemetry box/GPS kit at a guess. Top guys and girls have access to all the fancy toys.



  51. Ingrid Duque


  52. Pintoproof

    Yah know what would be cool? Have a pro actually moderate in the booth at race day instead of asking the "easy" questions.

  53. N 17

    Let Bernard post his quali run 😭 #justiceforkerr

    1. Bigg Gee

      It's the UCI enforcing this rule, not RedBull!!!

  54. Stevo's YouTube

    Thanks Lauren! Can't wait.

  55. LeoLikesBikes

    Who is this lady?

    1. MAG

      @mabecka She's outside, nobody next to her, wearing a mask. No need to go overboard, let us hear you clearly, breath some fresh air

    2. mabecka

      Lauren Smith

  56. Antonio Florea

    this reporter is doing a very great job! we see she has done her homework and i think it pays off


    Algún día quisiera estar ahí ☹️🙏

  58. Morgan Megarry

    Despite being an unfamiliar face, I'm very impressed with this reporter. She's obviously done her homework. But come on RB, give the athletes the rights to their own videos!

    1. DigbySirChickenTF2

      I'd like to see her riding a downhill bike.

    2. Bigg Gee

      Isn't it the UCI stopping the riders from posting their race runs til after 24 hours? Pretty sure it's the UCI's fault not RedBull.

    3. jgervenvan

      Yeah Warner's daughter is doing alright, eh.. :) haha

    4. OneBigMobb

      Yeh I was thinking the same thing at the last races. Shes clued up and allways gets a good amount of info out of the riders with her follow up questions.

    5. sp00n

      Isn't she the one that already does the interviews during and after the race? I think I remember the voice, but we've never seen her.

  59. Riders Lopes


    1. Riders Lopes

      @Francisco B podes passar no meu canal por favor agradecia ainda estou a crescer obrigado

    2. Francisco B

      Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  60. very normal

    Dear Red Bull, get a better presenter you can afford it.

  61. dirt biker

    Good luck

  62. Finn Steele

    The people want more of laura!!!!

  63. Leymerson Becerra

    Las personas que le den 👎, son gay

  64. Larry Richardson

    why does the reporter look like this it her first time doing a mtb event. also, no finn/loic interview? dissapointed.

    1. Cup & Cone

      Sounds pretty knowledgeable to me.

    2. Spencer Clark

      What is she supposed to "look" like? I thought she did a great job.

  65. John Bolton

    Thanks RB for this. Kudos to Gee Atherton for his course vid the other day too. 👍

  66. Rick Swift mtb

    Where the fucks Rob?

  67. JCL

    Look at that drone in her muzzle and welders mask :lol:

  68. MsHigheagle

    Do it for us old boys greg

  69. Phil Rossetti

    Let Bernard post his quali run!😭

    1. Bigg Gee

      @AlBorland3877 It's a UCI rule to stop riders learning eachother's lines. Nothing to do with RedBull. It's a stupid rule as some riders help eachother with lines in practice.

    2. Bigg Gee

      It's the UCI stopping them from doing so, not RedBull. Bernard says this in one of his latest videos.

    3. Jaap Barendrecht

      Let Bernard and other riders post!!

    4. Landonasty64


    5. AlBorland3877

      I just don't get the point of forbidding uploads for 24 hours. As if we wouldn't watch every single video at least twice. oO

  70. Robert Bateman

    Fair set Lisa 👌

  71. Dechi G.


  72. Maloola 203


  73. lilalausaufdembike MTB

    I love Downhill. Good luck Form evwrywhere!🍀🤘🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. schaded

    First view! Awesome racing!

  75. Gianpiero Spirito


  76. Ege başkaya

    I love it

  77. Quantico


  78. Enduro Lucas

    That’s crazy 🔥🔥🔥