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  1. Political accountable Theory

    What about the property tax?


    when your mom sayd thankyou was the best, that feeling can no one take away. im also glad i took my mom to another country

  3. Joseph Lopez

    One of the biggest IRvisionr vs one of the smallest IRvisionr lol

  4. Xclusive

    Bradley the next IRvisionr to box????😳

  5. Carlos DaRocha

    No disrespect but I thought you were someone that was a Dxck but you’re not. If you’re ever in Jersey. You can wrestle my cousin a NJ State Trooper but he’s not on social media and smaller than you. lol. I need Medical Cannabis Social Cub. Have your people contact me. We are due to Adult Rec. decriminalize 12:01 2021 as you know. But we might have to make him anonymous.

  6. Todd Y

    I died when Brad went on Tanner fox’s lil scooter lol

  7. Sebi Kim

    Bro you destroyed FaZe Rug’s bed lmao

  8. Juan Mina

    I miss brads vids with nelk 🥲

  9. Brushy Creek Bunch

    They ain’t got no fake weights there for Brad so he struggling he ain’t used to the real stuff

  10. Mr Droopy

    Almost at 1 mil subs brad remember when u said omce u hit 1 mil u gonna do sum bad to steve since he capped the boxing match? Who remembers

  11. EastVan Hooligans

    Bradly martyn is a viiibbee. He needs to do a video with the ddg squad. Eastvan hooligans passing by, come check us out

  12. Juan Lima

    It’s clear he’s selling drugs to his boy lmao

  13. Merguez614

    Bro how did Brad loose so many challenges

  14. Alexander Meza

    Everyone so happy around Brad lol

  15. Mike-Greninja

    Brad looks like a bear

  16. Landon Miller

    Brad sold me drugs. Also he got my dad addicted to his black tar heroine

  17. Travis Floyd

    I miss the dom and Brad vids 💔

  18. Jinx_Refined

    Steve being normal in the background 😂

  19. viral intention

    Awe hes a little baby noodle just eat him.

  20. Dakota Burke

    brad is like the cool uncle

  21. brendan wilson

    Brad selling drugs to the little kids again

  22. Oscar Martinez

    After the fight brads respect level went full 🤣

  23. Toniann Carriere

    This shit makes me throw up 🤮

  24. Oscar Martinez

    They hired vice city gangsters for the prank

  25. Gregory Campbell

    Even though it went against the opinion of his friend's, George took a stance regarding men in dresses. I respect that and made me become a bigger fan for it.

  26. Chris Weiler

    Tie breaker should’ve been something with body weight percentage

  27. MarkTheShark

    Done using nelk for views?

  28. son of Mercury

    No way !! This dude sold me an Oz for 80$ didn’t know he was a IRvisionr, btw he might try sell you heroin off why

  29. Bisker 86

    This meat head use the NELK BOYS AND STEVE WILL DO it to increase his fan base, and it worked he’s almost at a million sub and now he’s using faze rug !! Shady meat head

  30. Joseph Snell

    Don’t do steroids kids

  31. Joseph Gutierrez

    3:52 u welcum bob

  32. Jesus CervantesMartinez

    This what brad doing instead of chilling with Nelk boys? Squishing eggs, instead of getting kills

  33. Gabriel Savoie-pilon


  34. johnnie dickson

    Lay off the drugs when u title ur post guy

  35. johnnie dickson

    I feel robbed

  36. johnnie dickson

    U didn’t even wrestle him brad

  37. Karlo Villaruz

    Uncle brad is angry at tanner bcoz tanner stole kinsey haha

  38. _Centric Toclean_

    Brad has lost all of his strength

  39. Its Yo Boi Ugandus

    Bradley needs to train with the rock

  40. Demir Betsa

    A wrestling match between Tanner who is 100 pounds soaking wet vs Bradley who is a bodybuilder. I wonder how this will end

  41. Quinn 45

    Bradley needs to quit smoking crack that brick he shot would only happen to someone intoxicated on crack

  42. Jayman10037

    That proves there is a difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance

  43. Dave Steels

    Your videos aren’t great

  44. Deadly 1

    The circles on him dam tf

  45. Sujal Mehra

    Anyone see anthony's wall sit form was shit

  46. Daniel cla

    Always before workout

  47. Casey Garcia

    7:54 😂😂😂

  48. Trayton Williams

    I love George

  49. Robert T

    Tanner definitely the weakest lmao

  50. Ca Life

    Next week you’re going to see all these youtubers on TMZ strung out on meth and heroin

  51. David C

    brad the content is suffering, just push the weight again, we all miss the steady supply of black tar

  52. Randy Jacobo

    1:36:58 when they fight

  53. Liam Tobin

    Bruh tanner light as shit he can’t even do 40 smh

  54. Matt Ippolito

    Brad all a badass infront of these Tiktokers yet with Steve and the lads hes all scared of liquor 😂😂😂 love you Brad you always have the best content

  55. Noah C

    U going to south America with the boys?

  56. MacB369

    Lmao remember when Brad would get millions of views from the Nelk viewers and now he’s back to a few hundred k lol

  57. Leaked Music Plug

    i need to see my black tar heroine dealer wrestle big boy

  58. Os i

    That fight was fake asf

  59. Aydxn

    Thumbnail at 3:52

  60. Tyson Williams

    Brad I need my weed... NOW!!!

  61. Chase Lovenguth

    Brads views going down since Steve hasn't been in them as much

  62. Connor Cook

    "I have my phone" shouldn't count as an excuse anymore in 2020 to not throw someone in a pool. All the phones now are basically waterproof in that scenario

  63. Brian Sosa

    This was a fun vlog

  64. FazeiffyTurkey /:

    Brad def not gon be invited to big youtubers houses acting like this Sorry

  65. Will GuyTV

    brad is a alcoholic did you see the way he downed the lic

  66. Mr Scruffles

    Omg look at all those people not social distancing, they should all be in jail this is CRAZY

  67. Harrison Maples

    7:53 is all you need from this vid

  68. tombombs channel

    Brad u cant be doing that to tanner he has a hernia

  69. tombombs channel

    Hey I'm brad u got any dooopppaa

  70. Payton Chalstrom

    Do they not realize that you cannot pull the car backwards when it’s in drive

  71. gamer bross

    this man has more strength per arm then I do my entire body

  72. Stezzy Shotz

    3:41 George did a clean ass kick

  73. Josh Kent

    nobody likes tanner fox brad

  74. C'A'

    that's it boys

  75. Jimmy Moonshine

    I felt like if you were really gonna go at Vitaly, you would have given him a line of coke first. So, I know you only went 10% on him.

  76. KingNoble250

    Fight Kenny

  77. Leonard Virtue


  78. Topkat

    petition to domesticate tiger

  79. Beemorabi

    I wonder if Steve ever ended paying brad back

  80. Hank Amarillo

    anyone else think these faze nerds will be broke by age 30?