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Delish is made up of our awesome test kitchen staff and hosts: Catch June showing you how to cook for an entire week on a $25 budget in her Budget Eats series while also watching Tess eat her way through America's most famous adventure theme parks. Feeling nostalgic for restaurants from your childhood? We gotchu. Julia tries every chain restaurant's menu (we're talking, like... every menu item) while Khidr tries every fast food chain's menu on a $100 budget. Don't forget to catch Jackie trying the best foods in LA (tacos, mac, ice cream, you name it!) and add allll of them to your bucket list.
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  1. snuffymcsnuff

    I get that schedules and preferences can be different but I couldn't imagine not having set meal times with my boyfriend. We don't live together but when we go visit each other we'll have all meals together and it'll be the same food. We might occasionally snack on different things, but that's about it. Just kinda baffling.

  2. Robert Park

    why y'all gotta set obama up like that?! lol you could've chose any other celebrity who makes a bowl of chili worse than his but nooooo yall gotta set him up with a chef who knows what he's doing! lol

  3. Jahid Samed

    Queen is living longer that's why she doesn't eat garlic, eat and drink what she's eating and drinking

  4. Jahid Samed

    We miss you princess Diana rip great chef

  5. saffron monsoon

    This host is great and I love his commentary, but technical-wise, I wish he was given a better mike or the audio quality was fixed. I've watched many of these Delish videos from the past several months and for some reason, the audio for this host is very soft and isn't mixed right so even if I increase the volume to try to hear, any sound effects used in the video seem incredibly loud.

  6. Sonia's world.

    Looks very yummy

  7. Tinker Sbg

    "The Queen was into local produce before it was popular" What? 😂

  8. Marissa Proctor

    tess, those people are actors and yes they work there so calm down and eat your fudge

  9. Tanya Pineda

    Horchata the rice water with some cinnamon & sugar yum.

  10. Tanya Pineda

    You are so awesome & your honesty about everything is awesome too.

  11. Sonia

    That looks so yummy...

  12. Marissa Proctor

    Sorry but Tess is annoyingly dull while Julia is America's sweetheart. Lets not forget how Tess completely ruined everything at about 15 minutes (may Julia's energy and happiness rest in peace because it DIED at that point)

  13. Jessicca Angelov

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing it gluten free too!! You are amazing

  14. harry1babs

    What up with the gurl calling??

  15. E H

    When foods are really spicy I can't taste the food, just the spicy. June is an artist!

  16. FG FG

    Very unhealthy and expensive for the amount of food you receive. The sandwiches are high in fats, sodium and carbs and very very very low protein. Salads and soup are as bad except if you get a salad with no dressing or any of those crunchy wontons or Croutons!!! I know you love it but don’t spend your money there

  17. Alana Lauren


  18. sumbean

    I feel like all of these are a total rip off. $200 for like 5 microwave meals plus a turkey?!? So insane. But I will watch Julia eat anything!😆💜

  19. Santiago Garzon

    2:41 Proof that it's pronounced Aluminum

  20. Mama Mia

    How much cream?

  21. Andrea Simpson

    "The Queen didn't like garlic" So that's why she's immortal.

  22. Gmoney

    this vid actually helped me lmao i was stuck on that frontega every time

  23. jeffry solis

    There would be no other like Princess Diana

  24. Rachel Choong

    Pandan jelly layer cake always

  25. Laura Abrami

    Shouldn’t you know how to flip if you work for an online food show? Just saying

  26. kurvie bee

    it's kinda looks like a royal sloppy joe. I bet that's yum!

  27. Chen Ning

    June u are soooo darrrrrr talented!!!!

  28. Jasmine Miller

    I love her. Does she have her own channel?

  29. Rina C

    June, you are a kitchen magician ❤❤ I mean, it goes without saying :)

  30. Jojo Bee

    I wonder if the chefs ever prepared food for her dogs too?

  31. Dead

    *Royal Chef* "We won't go into some of the more secret ingredients *cough, cough* -fetuses- that the prince may have indulged in from time to time." *Cameraman* " Dude, should I be worried?"

  32. Cryssie jonz

    I agree with Aaron June your very talented

  33. Lexi T

    This is the happiest I have ever seen her lol

  34. Amanda Gauthier

    I love that she's so her and real. Like she doesn't glamorize her videos and just goes for it

  35. gamemaster bear

    Ive never heard of this restaurant?

  36. Jamie Chen

    i’m just craving McDonald’s the entire time i’m watching this video

  37. Justin Dorsen

    is this the OG Julia trying dishes video?

  38. pasal king

    This was me prep cooking on a budget in NYC when I was an unpaid intern

  39. Amy

    I know you like peanuts. My grandma used to make mashed potato candy for xmas it was amazing!

  40. MrQueenmeca

    Subscribed for June. Girl keep them coming. She really needs her own channel.

  41. Amanda Gauthier

    Love her sitting on the counter cooking and filming

  42. Mr Bush Lied

    Whatever Princess Di ate, it didn't stay in her very long as she puked it out soon after. I suppose one could say the she ate her food twice.

  43. King1559

    I hope Julia knows how beautiful she is. Her smile is so divine.

  44. D. G.

    In Liz' mind, she probably toiled in the fields to harvest berries.

  45. Merna B.

    I would gladly sit next to her and help her finish all that food 😍

  46. Emily Jeannie

    The video I needed.. I have 8 cans of chickpeas and no recipe.......

  47. Katniss The cat

    I just subscribed.. how have I not found you until now ? I have try some of these recipes ! I love chickpeas and those meatballs ( minus the sauce so they are crispy !) and those Taco’s !

  48. Deacon Frost

    This guy does some weird stuff, in his spare time..With that fish story..

  49. Jayse Greene

    Any chance I can get the full recipe??

  50. Amanda Thode

    Is that a freakin heart shaped spoon?!?!?!😱😍

  51. Manda Eddy

    I wonderrrrr.... does she realize that she always says “lil” instead of “little? And that she says it OFTEN? Lol. It’s cute.

  52. Steven Cook

    First thing out of her mouth is Butter!!! 😒 I already new this was bad. Super unhealthy. Have fun destroying your body. Can they ban people unintelligent people from youtube?

  53. Kevin Pham

    Lol the shade in this video is hilarious

  54. Desiree Santos

    I followed this recipe for Thanksgiving this year and it was a huge hit - highly recommend :).

  55. Devin

    Why vegan and gluten-free then add MSG? I don’t get it

  56. Mae

    Gaelic is not the language of Ireland

  57. Devin

    I think her dude must just be a cheapskate n not let her spend a lot on food. Also I really don’t care for when she says “ while the vitamix is still DIRTY. “ Why can’t you clean it before the next thing you are making in it. It’s just very odd I can just imagine her using all dirty utensils and bowls plates n serving it to others lol. I’d puke

  58. Karen Bailey

    One of the best pie tutorials ever !!

  59. agent4you2

    Looks delish! Wish I wasn't so lazy.

  60. Marianne piiksi

    looks great 👍👍😋😋 What happened to the dog?

  61. Andrew Ingram

    Ribeye was way overcooked!

  62. Rich R

    Hey look they use Vitamix in the royal kitchen too

  63. N. R.

    Likes Russian ballerinas too

  64. Carol Mauriello

    I make my rice the same way. If I was you I’d sneak out of house at get something for lunch.

  65. Jerri Dorr

    Could you make a cherry pie?

  66. Philip Gentile

    Dude speak up

  67. Rich R

    Remarkably simple for a royal cake. This seems to be a rather simple royal family when it comes to indulgence, unlike their (defunct) French counterparts

  68. Carol Mauriello

    You are peeling onions..not your job.

  69. Senor C

    the mango trick is actually how we cut mangoes here in the philippines (or at least in asia, i think?) i have never seen anyone peel a whole mango

  70. Rich R

    I wish he'd open a restaurant in London serving all the royal kitchen dishes

  71. Gary Schroder

    Great chef and video, but I think the chef should have stuck to the original recipe and used Dill.

  72. Kate Morgan

    Ooh! Ooh!

  73. rockyscarlet

    what kind of life is when you are mortified by the presence of another person?

  74. Robin Wesenberg

    Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Paris is wearing gloves and not washing her hands? That alone grosses me out and that dish is definitely bland because she was too lazy to prep anything..... I wouldn't eat anything that this woman makes because this was definitely not sanitary.

  75. Clean Eating清食

    looks so great

  76. Joe Garcia

    tess = dislike

  77. Fatima Mustafa

    I love how Julia says ✨ Peppery ✨

  78. Katherine Ngo

    Small business restaurants! Try a particular food culture (Mexican/Jamaican/Indian/etc.) or try small business burgers/tacos/ice cream/etc.

  79. joan ruiz ràfols

    The cake is the reason why she lives s long, is the cake of inmortality