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  1. bboyel

    I liked the part when he talked about Morgan Freeman

  2. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics

    Mildred is super gorgeous! Look out, boys! Evolution is a ridiculous lie.

  3. I’m already Sans Undertale


  4. Yelena Merino

    My Trypophobia 😭😭😭

  5. Danku-Kun

    1. I thought this was real. 2. then I thought this was hugbees 3. then I saw who it really was 4. but I still pressed the like button

  6. Super Spade

    *someone Help please........*

  7. Max Kim Lowe

    You should get fabreeze for confidentiality...

  8. Nora Adora

    this defense mechanism should be in Rick and Morty's interdimensional cable

  9. Josh Jurischk

    who else remembers watching his along time ago

  10. Wade Wilson

    Everyone: oh no we have so little free time Me: So you're saying I'll have 4,000-something extra days if I sleep 4 hours a night? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

  11. Minni Abby

    I do love the beach.. Everyone's just so extra, just enjoy the simple things.

  12. Wade Wilson

    Very inspirational. THIS needs to be what kids and teens watch, instead of all the fake shit in music videos and magazines.

  13. Nastybirb UnU

    Did u stuff a teddy with meat?!?! And.. IS THIS FOR CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?!


    What reality is this, what is that

  15. Bryson Churchill

    what's your zodiac sign? I'm a Mildred

  16. JayLaw

    Oh man the sock puppet thing had me crying with laughter. Bravo

  17. Advocate For A TYT Canada

    2:35,... Lololololol,... 🤣

  18. Precise PB&J

    “however they are not alone...”

  19. Master Yoda

    Funny like shit this is

  20. Spazz Maticus

    Oh lord i saw an backward man outside

  21. Jenny Anderson

    He should do a fake guided meditation and put it on the app store, that would be funny! Unexpected people laying down relax and go on a guided journey. What journey do you think he would take us on? 🤔😮🤣😂😢😭

  22. Juan Jiménez

    Some people are not meant to narrate anything. They are meant to STFU and let people with talent narrate videos.

  23. Michael Herrmann

    Insane! And I love it!! Koalas in the rain, no efs given!!!!

  24. Warface Kill Feed

    It got really really weird at the end.

  25. Tho Nhu

    1:40 dog: help my please

  26. Ffion Walters

    0:20 Now teddy is on the dru- *w h a t*

  27. nikalortki 79

    me: wait, 'coronavirus dragonflies'? [realizes it meant carnivorous dragonflies] o h - coronavirus really messed around with my brain, eh?

  28. David Weiller

    Wow, fascinating video! Here is my take of an 🐍 Eyelash viper flicking its forked tongue: irvision.info/home/lWezdYuLYZeqptI/fy-lm-h-y.html

  29. Switch Off

    Bruh no just no

  30. snake boi

    Animals are going to evolve again from these things

  31. TheSenate

    Well, I've passed all other human tests, but I failed this one. Probably because I'm ugly af and have social anxiety. God its awesome being antisocial.

  32. Katherine White

    I finally lost it at "snowman's baby maker"

  33. Elizabeth Afton

    This gave me anxiety

  34. Josie Spicer

    Grosse 😝

  35. Josie Spicer

    That's so sad 😢😢😢😢

  36. iizachary_Builds

    i’m delete youtube now

  37. Diablo Vlad

    Cute but....scary?

  38. Re Xun

    0:22 my love video :X.

  39. 刺客の生活悟 飯

    Watching a backwards hippo, what a time to be alive

  40. ShannonAnimations


  41. ben george


  42. ben george

    the speches name

  43. ben george

    how to you spell the word that le snails is in?

  44. Lindsay Chambers

    My spirit animals.. to the T..

  45. Fishy

    39 million people : *I N T E R E S T I N G*

  46. Mary Mikel

    Silly narration made me laugh but there's no evidence or record or proof, for the evolution theory. It's just a horribly stupid theory consisting of many flaws and none sense. Which seems like many decided "hey instead of believing in the creator (Yah which can be proven true) let's believe this theory with no evidence that can't be proven true."

  47. Gaming Videos by roniepao

    hey you still have those hippos video? yeah but its not really interesting thats why i did not include it on the final video. why?

  48. snikrepak

    Hr violation!!!!! Hahahahahaa

  49. Cody man

    Can u do a full video on hippos?

  50. Diesel Junker

    Blowing smoke up ones ass was an emergency move performed on drowning victims in England a couple hundred years ago, they even put up stations near docks etc. Behind glass was emergency tobacco and pipe, no seriously

  51. gottabesandi

    Thanks. Now I can never unsee a slow motion mouth blowing a raspberry. 👁👅👁

  52. bayu pratama

    *M O I S T*

  53. Mayo Lawrence

    Nobody Not even a single soul IRvision recommendation : Hey you wanna see a thick booty of the hippo ?

  54. welder s

    This reminds me of some Democrats I know.....

  55. Ink Sans lobo

    Omg. ;-------;

  56. Lady.Whatever

    What the fuck 🥲

  57. Jennifer Vitale

    "Williamsburg hipsters" -- I lol'ed much more than I should have

  58. Clayton Hudson

    I like how he says "flaersh".

  59. Jordan Dill

    i demand this dude voice over all animal documentaries he's fucking hilarious but still gets the information across

  60. Pauli Nydu

    3:05 Lol

  61. Logan Westrun

    What are these things actually called

  62. CaptainFoot

    The place where I can comment and you can see it witour reading 1000 comments

  63. Your Friendly Virgin Weeb

    Dog is creepy af and I like it

  64. Ron Martinez


  65. Lucy

    Next up on things to watch at 5am when I can't sleep:

  66. L8n Klly

    The doncter is pulling things out like clowns coming out of the clown car!

    1. L8n Klly

      Next thing you know there is a Toyota in there

  67. John Paul Oyanib Red

    I actually thought it was a real animal

  68. kathakali mandal

    Da doink doink

  69. _Technophyle

    lmao i thought this was a Daily Dose of Internet video

  70. Hameigh The slice of ham


  71. Edward Tiangco

    I guess I'm a perv as well. 😅

  72. life time

    Dear Ze frank We mostly want true facts about a human. Please because thats how we do Sincerely -Life_Time0s

  73. Lady.Whatever

    I love how he says "bebeh"

  74. Shelby the frostdragon


  75. lionel shumba

    check out some facts irvision.info/home/ZHqupI2UiZ2Fh6g/fy-lm-h-y.html

  76. lionel shumba

    check out spme facts

  77. Mohamad Hk

    Pokemon in real life.

  78. Shelby the frostdragon

    Look at dis little worm- *SUPER SUCC* OH GAWD!

  79. BEST Springsiren3098

    Me in the morning Ohh eww nvm

  80. Killerwood7

    I just watch these for the jokes😂