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  1. Anjoom Faisal

    I watch every video mainly to hear the one little reference to Cyberpunk 2077

  2. Yousef Walid

    I'm pretty sure you're breaking a lot of embargoes here but hey it's your channel.

  3. Varnit Yadav

    Hoping that the cyberpunk devs don't watch this video and delay the game once again just to get some haptic feels ;_;

  4. K9 GAMING

    Keyboard makers writing notes on that... Later were gonna be having razer blackwidow tournament croma ( rattle edition) v1 pro 😭....power of rattle snake in keyboard

  5. Adnan Patharia

    This feature would work great in games with bow and arrows like Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, can’t wait 🤩

  6. McDrizzy

    ugly skin IMO Id like a glossy black fingerprint magnet lol

  7. Visvesh Narayan

    Sony just solved the problem of having to run assists on racing games with the new triggers.

  8. Alexander López

    Best ps5 controller review ever! A+++

  9. SuperHamdan 10

    Imagine playing rise of tomb raider on the ps5

  10. Leenashree Behera

    when u told 2077 i felt that

  11. Aritra Selva

    damn i wish there was a matte black PS5 that’d be crazy out there in the market

  12. Srinivasa Varadhan

    What about ps5 controller hooked to PC?

  13. Syn

    ps5 ftw! xbox controllers makes me wanna vomit tbh.

  14. ImPerfect

    irvision.info/home/m5qqloGMqpapa84/fy-lm-h-y.html Pls watch!


    Bro look it beside you damn thats massively huge

  16. Jaap Relou

    How cool that this feature is i still believe this will end up like a gimmick. Just as you mention on crossplatform and the extra time it needs to be in development for just the PS alone. PS4 gyro opion was alsof very cool but did we see if being used in the last 7 years? A hand full

  17. Артём Смагин

    I was wondering the whole video, why didn't Sony itself make a similar video describing how affects your sensation while playing? Isn't that obvious from the marketing kind of sense?

  18. Stone Mason Jar

    We can only wish that Uncharted didn't end on the ps4... Imagine the immersion on a ps5 with this controller

  19. David Lopez

    What the hell

  20. Jamie .n

    That matt balck kinda looks like some kind of cheap plastic IMHO

  21. Tarun Parwani

    So if you walk on ice, the controller gets cold?

  22. MKB 144p

    1:09 that looks wrong.

  23. אחמד 2001

    When the rtx 30 series will be on laptops??

  24. Gabriel Eisl

    i am just thinking car games

  25. Pha Lor

    Hey Dave. Would you recommend this controller for pc gaming (even without the feedback capabilities)?

  26. Marcelo Reis

    It can charge over usbc

  27. Lakshmana Smart

    Better haptic feedback and rumble in this controller is crucial for open world games and FPS

  28. Abhijai Vikramsingh

    Make a comparison video of the tab s7 and the ipad air

  29. Lakshmana Smart

    I love the controller, planning to upgrade my ps4 controller,(using in my pc) as new DS5 controller looks big which is better for my hands and good grip

  30. GAMER GUY 7426

    Xbox is trash ps5 is King

  31. cool 123

    This was such an enjoyable video, his voice is so calming. I could literally watch him explain stuff for hours lol

  32. Subhadip Paul

    I agree dave.. only ps5 exclusive will take the advantage of the new dual sence controller otherwise it will be a nightmare for all the dev out there to implement this stuffs on each an evey game.. However saying that Dual sence is taking things on next level and as a PS fan i am super excited to check it out. Also if anyone wanted to know about the ps5 skin.. it is a actual cover not plate from geekculture.co/you-can-already-customise-your-ps5-faceplates-with-the-platestation-5/

  33. Sunny

    PS5 is becoming like Apple: Expensive device, expensive games = the PS5 experience. XBOX is becoming Samsung: Focus on specs, offering more value. = Most Well see the XSX just as good as PS5, but cheaper

  34. Robert Fox

    Thank you!

  35. Sunny

    Was going to get the Xbox, because they seem more gamer-centric, cheaper Price, and obviously Gamepass, but now been thinking, Xbox is all about the graphics and power, as they should. BUT now I'm thinking the PS5 experience we really haven't seen before due to the feedback of the controller. Can add another senses of immersion. Along with sight (graphics), and sound.

  36. 3NZ0

    So 8gb is bit low more like my 1050ti 4gb

  37. Harryacorn2

    Y'all didn't learn from history. Remember HD Rumble? It was and is an amazing feature that allows insane amounts of detail in haptic feedback. Absolutely no developer ever use it. The Nintendo release games that were designed to show how cool it could have been used it, but nobody else. I have no idea why you'd assume the same will not happen here.

  38. M_Jade

    I don't agree because the devs already had the dev-kits to develop games for it, so maybe cyberpunk may have already implemented it

  39. soulaver

    Cyberpunk - burn 💣

  40. Hii-män

    So the haptics on the Dual sense controller could be compared to the HD rumble on Switch's Joy-cons? Are the haptics better?

  41. Aamir Afzal

    Love it when Dave starts with Aalllright

  42. Sayed Ibn Masud

    Video 1: Alright! Video 2: Okay! Video 3: Alright! . . . Video 999: Alright! Video 1000: Okay!

  43. Gondala Satvarsh

    I am not gonna lie, when a saw another video about ps5 dualsense in my feed, I was like here here we go again, but you talked about this in the most detailed manner and made me most excited about ps5 unlike any other video till now. Great job!

  44. R JS

    heard 0 motor noises cus of commentary lol

  45. Dcap Kk

    5:16 Cyberpunk finally comes out on these systems, in like 2077 😂😂😂😂

  46. Michael S

    Xbox got game pass. That is all I need.👌

  47. Y2Kvids

    Dbrand should also have skins for Black people . lol .

  48. R JS

    console is bigger than dave's body

  49. CryonicTwo3

    the console has removable side panels, theres already custom ones for sale

  50. DEATH ROW 141

    1:14 am I the only one with dirty mind 🙃🙃

  51. ZaTT-NET

    that trigger thing is cool.. imagine able to adjust throttle and brake pedal stiffness in racing games

  52. David Muren

    That’s cool but my 4$ office mouse only has a 5 second delay and the ball scensor works 13% of the time

  53. Imran Shah

    4:09 - Trigger 2D

  54. you know

    the 4D vibrator

  55. gutsfuck9

    hey dumbass worm gears cannot be back driven (4:39)

  56. Timothy Yap

    IT DOES LOOK BETTER. If you don't want it, I'll be glad to accept it, LOL.

  57. Richard Alfaro

    Okay let's put this to rest already... Playstation sucks ... if it actually was priced like it should be then it would be to expensive .. sony has been in the red and bankcrupt for a long time and Japanese brands are lucky that they are state subsidized ... this was comment was brought to you by limited research and may be wrong ....

  58. Abhinav Srivastava

    We all know Dave is gonna remove those panels and spray paint the white part. Especially after seeing ho easily they can be removed.

  59. Sachindra Bhattacharya

    we need more videos like this, please review the xbox controller too!

  60. Sagar Suthar

    still xbox controller all the way

  61. Mandala Elk

    1:04 me : "please, my mind, don't think anything wierd" my mind : "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  62. Franz Bumanglag

    1:03 Nodding slowly with a slight grin

  63. HAWK Gaming

    Thumbnail copied mkbhd😀😀😀

  64. John Sharma

    I like that skin❤️

  65. Thong Nguyen

    Great, now no one gonna buy xbox anymore ! SONY HARDCORE

  66. Pravesh Top5s

    Okay has changed to Alright! Impressive!!

  67. BadArtist

    Softcore. I like.

  68. DEVILGunn

    The leaning tower of sony?

  69. Rizal Boon

    I am wondering if these haptic will have an effect on the controller's battery life... I hope that the battery last at least as long as PS4 controller or better.

  70. leo-N8er

    1:10 👀

  71. Muneer Ghure

    Marques Brownlee happy noices...

  72. Avumor

    This is why I like companies that focus a lot on the end user experience. And this is why I watch D2D and Mrwhostheboss because they focus on these topics

  73. lucascheah

    Summary: Dave just talks about how good the vibrations are on the controller

  74. leo-N8er

    Here from glitching queen. This ps5 looks way sexier than all the other ones

  75. eeskaatt

    love that they got inspired of the ps5 controller from the switch procon. hated the sharp angles from the old one xd

  76. Jack Estacio

    I just want rdr 2 to be remastered for ps5. Graphics and controller immersion. Haptics for when your on foot or horse in different surfaces. Bow tension and release. Trigger clicks for when shooting. Even as small a detail as haptics for when you’re fishing.

  77. Mehdi Boukari

    Hey Dave, what's the name of the icon pack you used in there ?

  78. Suman K.C.

    I want Dave and Marques to exchange their PS5.

  79. Giovanni

    RIP for everyone that didn't get a PS5 preorder. Like me. I didn't get a PS5 preorder.

  80. Priyank Gajra

    2:20 me trying to convince my dad for a ps5 controller

    1. Massive Douche

      That joke doesn't even make sense