Minecraft stuff, yes, my IGN is Dream

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  1. Makenzi Young UwU

    Did anyone notice in 3 MONTHS this got 50MIL views!!!!

  2. Matspectre __06

    I love you Dream 🥳

  3. Doser Ben

    How did u get 50 obsidian

  4. Lucas Pascoli

    what if dream were to try fortnite that would be a good video

  5. Hannah Passow

    are their fireworks in this version they keep towering up but my dudes. Fireworks.

  6. FangedDolphin Gaming

    Hey I just started on pc in Minecraft and how do I put items in my inventory fast like dream dose I have to click it and drag it to my inventory please tell me how to do that

  7. beyblade king

    i forgot this was before 1.16😂😂😂

  8. Aiden Lai

    Just saying

  9. Happy Robloxian

    Love the boat trick i mastered it too (:

  10. YoungJuulz69

    Dream Vs 5 Hunters 😳

  11. Jacob Crowe

    I swear this is setup when they were guarding the portal to the end why would they just not brake it? I can’t watch these anymore

  12. alexl gg

    Dream can you train me to be like you piz

  13. Aiden Lai

    I have dragon city and really want UR dragon

  14. Finn Robinson

    Sweet berry bush clutch next manhunt I’m calling it

  15. Aimlovesmusic 14

    Funniest part in the most intense part 47:40 all is fair In war. snapnap Snapnap throws Perl “BYE” Dream does the same Snapnap looks behind him “Ear peircing scream”

  16. Why Hello There

    They could've just camped around the enderdragon......but hey as long as the acting made it entertaining...

  17. Mcod 02

    where tf is the facecam vid huh dream?!

  18. BennyPlays

    rip that persons xbox contoller

  19. No Tra


  20. Sako Keoshgerian

    Petition for dream to play this with a heart rate monitor

  21. Zacharia

    Why didn't dream just build another nether portal when he had so many blocks of obsidian

  22. NovicOnline

    eats steak in front of cow

  23. Cloxdz Clan


  24. Avery Gonzaga

    It’s funny how dream used his old ideas from the other manhunts

  25. Kinsmen 576

    By the way can we PLEASE get the seed for that world because of that amazing mountain?

  26. star shafay

    dream makes new tricks for canceling fall damage if you read this comment plz give a heart

  27. Carolyn Turner

    anyone else want the seed so you can build a giant castle on that mountain cause you are like that??????

    1. K G

      How do people not know the seed

  28. Create Army

    eyy u just uploaded on my birthday ^^

  29. Jack Farquhar

    Ur moms uncles dads sister is James charels

  30. clbrothwell

    Can u do speed tuner vs 4 hunters

  31. Charmain B

    you should do a manhunt that you have to kill the dragon twice

  32. anvahn

    bad: “where’s george??” me: *georgenotfound*

  33. ArthurDoesStuff


  34. Nathan Ilc

    That dude made my Siri go off😭😭

  35. AestheticAimiee !

    You guys should do trying to beat minecraft whilst there is a zombie apocalypse

  36. Paul Chong

    Did anyone else have Siri pop up on their phone?

  37. Emeraldz

    I think the snow is cooling down his computer while he has 61 chunk render distance on

  38. Егор Хадько

    Есть русские?

  39. Ujfu

    :D Ur server looks fun

  40. 《 unable2win 》

    he stops chopping wood at 19:27

  41. LunaCVL

    i liked before i watched it

  42. Pranav Jadhav

    Comeeeeee hereeeee georgeeeeeee!!!

  43. that guy glub


  44. martychcolate

    These videos always make my heart race 🤣❤️ Thanks, you guys!

  45. Ujfu

    My name is Ggaming

  46. Wawa Varon

    Do a 1 hunter (dream) vs 3 speedrunners

  47. Arman ahmad

    Pitman dance

  48. Ujfu

    Can u please invite me to ur server-

    1. K G


  49. Cedrick Dame

    This is A NIGHTMARE for those who have OCD

  50. benter animation

    Ты лучший спидранер, You're the best speedrunner in the dream.

  51. Joswag 0425

    Can u do the same thing but with bad sapnap and george

  52. Arman ahmad

    9 .24 hhhhhh

  53. suhail abbas

    Let's go

  54. Karolina XOXO

    He is a genius he makes stuff in such short time and knows immiditly how to use it and when

  55. ppselvan

    Dream when you make your face reveal. why you not showing your face any problem. it going to be 2 years ago when you make your channel in this year u will show face reveal? yes/no

  56. glenn vue

    I can't go through the video without hearing DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every three minutes

  57. Rets Tammik

    Hi georgie! Do wanna balloon? I'm pennywise, the dancing clown!

  58. tomGetdstryd TV

    It would be fun if you did this but you had to do the wither too

  59. Aidan DeLorenzo

    Why is george wearing gloves?

  60. GamingWithUltra

    POV: Your Dream GEORGE YOU MUFFIN HEAD! ...ok i was just cutting my tree but ok...

  61. Maddy S

    What would’ve happened if they all stood on the wool?

  62. Preston Hagar

    Wow stuck in the nether huh u have gravel and iron and obsidian break the gravel get flint take the iron make a flint and steel

  63. theShashlikKing

    wait am i going colorblind or did dream change his profile pic's color

  64. Queen Donnell

    omg the plays tho lol

  65. Squigy LMan


  66. Blockilly

    Dreams a 1 man army

  67. •oɥ ǝɯIuɐ•


  68. abed arafat898

    Hey shitass wanna see me speed bridge

  69. Fire Fox


  70. koiineko

    Sapnap’s scream at 47:45 tho....

  71. Cosmic Nitra

    **(Insert name here) blew up**

  72. Gu dark sou dark


  73. cxnn

    crying at the way he said cyan

  74. g a c h a _ f l o w e r

    George and SapNap: new video games and computers Bad: muffins and m&m’s

  75. AlexDoesStuff

    It’s funny how dream’s first manhunt he lost when he was only against George, and against 4 hunters he won all times except for 1.

  76. Banana Man

    Haha dream that is funny when you said now we can talk trash about them

  77. simco

    28:15 where did dream get 45 obsidian AND HE DOESNT HAVE A DIAMOND PIK AND THAT HE GOT IT FROM PIGLINS THERES NO WAY!!!!???

    1. NA5AThRiLz

      trading with piglins

  78. Ghost Kerzy

    Dream is like Mary Poppins at this point

  79. hazard best

    At the end was that snapnap crying or dream crying

  80. CrowGaming

    14:44 dream dies