IRvision is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; IRvision now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

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  1. Alex George

    The clowns are more excited then the dobre brothers.

  2. •ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍɪɴᴀ sǫᴜᴀᴅ!•


  3. Never gonna give you up

    Danny, would you so kindly put the footage of you and drew making slime..please?

  4. Lily Taylor

    Holy fuck vampire Danny got me howling

  5. PotatoFork

    Me who already knew who that dood is And its amazing sense my favorite animal is raccoons

  6. jax

    how is this that old of a video time is not real

  7. that boii with glasses

    15:09 its literally the scene from 13 reasons why the Netflix original

  8. Darth Bretticus

    1:51 He looks soooo happy he finally pinched that loaf😄😄😄

  9. SoS 石榴_LuoNa

    Fact: Troom Troom wants us to live in BARBIE world 🤣

  10. Potato Patato

    Go Go Power Ranger!

  11. Hello Timms


  12. adorkablesos

    danny what happened to your guinea pig?

  13. Vic Rose

    What a classy story

  14. GlitchyBacon

    being slapped by a raccoon would be funny but imagine it from first perspective: he comes up to, on your knees, he gets to your face, stretches out his hand, AND BEATS YOU ON THE FACE BACK AND FOURTH AND BACK AND FOURTH YOUR CHEEKS ARE THE REDDEST THING IN THE WORLD, YOU SEE HIS FACE LIGHT UP IN ANGER AND... you pass out.. you've just been beaten by a raccoon.

  15. Niti Kamal

    If Halloween and Christmas has a child:

  16. Erin Knight

    ✨sweet home Alabama✨

  17. Liliana Verdugo

    2:09 best cover of wap ✨👍🏻😂☠️

  18. Will Freter

    Its so funny to me that Mickey is clearly just a girl with a beard drawn on and a loose hoodie

  19. foreign swagger

    i love how its obvious he isnt addicted to fortnite and probably hates that shit even if he was addicted a while ago but yk

  20. Cotton candy Skies

    Wow Danny I didn’t know he was a good actor (I’m talking about

  21. airi

    3:40 "ling ling yang" uh chile

  22. sleepy_clover

    Lmao "aircraft grade aluminum" is exactly the same as regular ass aluminum

  23. Rhoshiny BH

    I can't even imagine what Danny's IRvision recommendations will be like after seeing all these kid videos.

  24. WAN Chi Tao Adrian

    im a kid

  25. Pz 1009

    When the black guy grab her I shit my self 💩💩💩💩💩

  26. Galactic

    Plot twist: Brendan is another one of Danny’s alter egos and this whole video is a social experiment

  27. Basically Steven Universe

    Dang, I went to Ohio once and now I wish I didn’t

  28. chrry bomb

    Jesus its 6 am and i just woke up from sleep paralysis and im sick with food poioning and im scared to fall back asleep

  29. Yashfeen Karim

    you’re so cute

  30. Buts Tumbado

    Last christmas i donated my heart but the very next day you lived and i died 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 because it's december

  31. Rose Kilcar

    Kids watch these this day

  32. TroPlayz

    i ignored my friend polt twist i havr none :D :(

  33. Omelette Squirrel

    It’s the ratatoing shirt for me

  34. maeve

    danny’s eyes are gorgeous

  35. DOPE hahaman

    i time traveled and am watching a video released in 2019 in 2017

  36. maeve

    danny’s eyes are gorgeous

  37. Tox1N

    cringe elementary kids be like 11:15

  38. Shifa Mirza

    That stray hair on Danny's head is just dangling, jiggling and giving me anxiety. ~(-_-)~

  39. Daksh Rokadia

    20:30 and I thought my friend was loud

  40. Big boi

    Papa really did slide and come 😔

  41. Zayana Ekram Chowdhury

    Why did i think that it was Snape for a split second when i first saw the thumbnail.

  42. Big boi

    Papa really did slide and come😔

  43. Wehrmacht Wojak

    This flow is too good

  44. AKU

    *Me when that kid in class reminds the teacher we have homework* : 5:12

  45. Elilucio Filho

    DG unravels the perfect song for tiktok

  46. little dragon

    He said “vote now” so I started looking for the voting poll then got agitated and confused when I couldn’t find it

  47. Pheebi Bertman

    nobody gonna talk bout how Danny's thighs look when he stood like a super hero

  48. Below Zero

    Sometimes i can't even tell when Danny is joking or not

  49. nico ong

    Annoying Orange Migget apple reveal 10:21

  50. Kayla Singley

    honestly due to my social anxiety i would probably freak out if people would randomly come up to me asking all these questions, that is, if i was somehow famous 😃 watch me have 4 security guards

  51. Tiyani Mlambo

    Aren’t you supposed to be Santa this year?

  52. David

    You wanna click on this?

  53. Daksh Rokadia

    The tie zip bag locked like underwear

  54. Heidi Bell

    You should do a review on finis & Ferb

  55. Su Orion

    At the last I can listen it at this time of year withouth looking weird,,,,

  56. Monika the cycle-path

    Jokes on you Danny. I've watched so much censored h*ntai that I can see what your data is.

  57. Color Me Stoked

    THIS is how we should deal with predators. Suck all the water out.


    this is the only christmas song that I actually jam with

  59. PhilTheLion

    Mystery hack S

  60. bryn grossmann

    I hate that I saw these Tik toks and literally didn’t fucking realize it was him w hat the fuck

  61. Angry boom boom boy

    I love that Danny's so proud of these🤣

  62. Josh Castic Show

    It was obvious that his wife was going to come back.

  63. Egg yolk Games

    I like that the one that is off beat is the one wearing the ratatoing shirt

  64. CDDevelopment

    Dude you're looking at it all wrong... Products like these are GENIUS! They're literally selling people garbage, that costs little to nothing to produce, and made SO MUCH MONEY. Really just a solid product all around.

  65. DOPE hahaman

    the video buffered at 1:00

  66. Greg the demon

    Video opens up with hey Greg Me:Huh that’s neat. HOW THE FUCK

  67. Aura The Lilligant Princess

    Please watch the Kung Fu panda trilogy and then Kung Fu Rabbit. I don't even want you to review the trilogy, I just want you to have those actual good movies in mind while watching Kung Fu Rabbit and see the downgrade

  68. Nexus 104

    Hes been doing that for along time but only caught on cam a few times

  69. Retro Gabe Official

    Getting Danny to notice me would be a dream but that will never happen 🥺

  70. kittycat418gaming

    Paranormal investigation= confirming old things

  71. Harrison Shook


  72. Godzillaking154 Yeet

    How can she feel kicking when a baby wouldn’t be fully formed by that time, I do not know how to make sense

  73. Hi, NotTellingYou

    cant believe i got a flyin kiss 😭 wild

  74. Godzillaking154 Yeet


  75. Larth


  76. Tyler Ferguson


  77. Liza Escalante


  78. Charlie Moua

    Dis tis zoo fakke

  79. Ines Kim

    4:13 B A S S

  80. good day