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  1. Nuzla Sheikh

    The 1st one be like: when you have bad aim but you do something cool with it

  2. Sarah

    Those little girls with the dog are so cute and they're vocabulary is so impressive!

  3. Sarah

    Well I guess you never know if the dog food taste good unless you try it... 😝Lol

  4. Sarah

    SCORE!!!! lol so cute!

  5. Woodslolaroxy

    hi ring

  6. Logiciels Lri

    Why does my battery does not stay charged when i'm hardwired?

  7. girl1213

    Heh, my childhood friends and I were like the kids at that age: we were always excited to see the pizza delivery guy/gal. I wonder if anyone of them danced when they heard us excitedly shout "pizza, pizza, pizza." 🤔 Well I hope we at least made their day with how happy we were to see them.

  8. Doug Ro

    I want in!!!

  9. S3RV3R 3RROR

    Bear: Hey dude wake up and get me some of that salmon you've been throwing away!!

  10. ZacharyWells

    *Hello My Young Butter...*

  11. Cosmo

    The bear was, "Dude...your chlorine level is high."

  12. Eva Tovar

    Too cute 🤗

  13. BlueEye Beauty63

    Since she didn't actually get away with the package, I'd definitely publicly shame her by naming her on social media. Find out where she works, and send this video to manager/owner of business.

  14. Merkury 21

    You mean *Crow Offers Help...."

  15. Good Golly, Miss Lolly

    How precious! 2020 needs this man 🥰

  16. Meg random site Random

    This is too adorable ☺️

  17. Felicia M.

    Ling Ling 😂

  18. Amira Brown

    i find it funny how they ran opposite ways 😂

  19. K Hope

    Lol omgosh I'm dying 🤣🤣

  20. Fred A

    Wow, didn't even bother to take it off the porch. That's ballsy.

  21. Sweeptheleg !

    Bear: Yo bro...bro wake up...I'm starving, go make me a sammich. I'll have a turkey on wheat, light mayo, swiss cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes..and bring me back a Coors lite. Damn! My mom's calling me. I'll be back in 20 minutes...and cut the crusts off!! 😂😁

  22. sweetriri90

    Sounds like what I imagine a dino to sound like

  23. Phyllis Bartholomew

    I thought my animals were bad until I saw this 😂😂😂

  24. Thomas B. Mawn

    That's spongebob pizza song! Lol

  25. Christmas 1

    He is an exceptional person! The company he works for should be very proud of him.

  26. Jenny Melisa

    So sweet

  27. Ryan h’s Videos

    I guess Foxes can read newspaper lol🤣

  28. Lori Head

    What a wonderful person, he definitely deserves recognition.

  29. J B

    Give that man a cigar

  30. Mercedes Minia

    How cute the kitty thinks they are stuck inside how sad bit adorable I want on of those ring camera Happy Holidays 🎄☺ and God Bless you and us all 😌

  31. Drew Bush

    ok understand better now

  32. Tøm

    Good thing that guy has a ring. I have one too but I don't ever order stuff from Amazon or whenever but I live here alone so yeah

  33. R. McBride

    Mom: MERCY! STOP CHEWING THAT!!! Mercy: Mom???? White Cat: I thought she was at work??? Ling Ling: Oh, crap.... It's a camera! Here... I'll cover it with my ass fluff while you ditch the evidence.

  34. DogSquash

    there tracks are arrows lmao

  35. Khameryn Leach

    this is so nice

  36. LZXTY

    You know they’re good neighbors when they can trust them with their baby

  37. Clever Sim

    Why is the dad acting like he’s mad at the mom!

  38. Ricardo Rodriguez

    it's neighbors like this that make me want good neighbors but you can't choose your neighbors.

  39. Charles

    Wow! I'm starting to dislike people:(

  40. you2099

    Let Us In, Foo !

  41. Thomas Hynes

    Can you wire a battery ring camera permanant.

  42. man vie

    Is normal stuff leave kids alone? In us

  43. Desiring Veggies

    Wonderful man

  44. Lorna Georges

    ling ling is someone you would definitely want as a friend!

  45. Kathy McInnis

    Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all made a conscious effort to be kind to a stranger everyday. God Bless this man for taking time to make this woman feel valued.

    1. Good Golly, Miss Lolly

      So very true ♥️

  46. Essag Ghim

    ling ling? ahah thats soo racist but funny.

  47. LooterCris

    People still trying to steal even when theirs a Ring Cam right in their face??🤣🤣 had to be some tweakers..

  48. ChopperBob S

    I had a similar incident had a porch pirate try to take a package and I was in my office i saw the fed x driver put the pkg on my porch witch I had a conversation with via ring and 5 min later it went off again and it was a man coming and picked up my pkg so I yelled and he dropped the pkg so I let my two 187 pound st Bernard’s out after him and they chased him up a tree where he stayed until the police came i showed them the video and they arrested him so glad I have ring

  49. Shay Thomas

    Her mom sucks for not teaching her daughter her phone number

  50. J T

    I wonder if Ring.com has permission to show private videos of peoples homes etc...

  51. Our Family


  52. Color Safe Bleach

    But why would the people that live there, put starburst in the bowl if they didn’t want anyone to take it?

  53. Xergim


  54. Delaney Centeno

    😊 awww that’s so nice

  55. James G

    Well done good sir glad to see there is still some love in the world especially for the elderly what an awesome man

  56. Melissa Medina

    People are dumb.

  57. kaudogg

    Sorry but this dad really came off as irritating!!! I got 3 daughters and when they get old enough to date, I'm for sure gonna message with the guy for fun but not nearly go that overboard like this dad

  58. Toshi Everything

    The thieves : “we were just checking to see if you got the correct order” Ring: *no I don’t think you were*

  59. Lil Duckling

    Most of these comments don’t have replies .-.

  60. Please enter a name

    We need more people in this world like this man❤️

  61. Laurance Vantas


  62. Jesi Vvy

    0:24 what’s that light in the sky?

  63. Paul Michael

    Her voice is beautiful

  64. Ava :3

    Omg i’m literally tearing up, that is so sweet

  65. Sarah

    Awwweeee. So cute! Stand up gentleman!

  66. cassmc326

    How long does the battery stay charged for?

  67. Irasema Soto

    Aww so cute

  68. Eronita Costa

    The fat faulty report pertinently warn because dress historically return apud a two elizabeth. sassy, knowing pansy

  69. Iron Fist

    I’m starting to think this is fake news...

  70. KiwiWolf Pup

    Aww that man is so nice!

  71. Lamborghini God

    Always help the elderly

  72. 787.86

    Well, I hope my eardrums will rest in peace. My headphones are ok though.... 🥴

  73. miss malfunction

    Awwww lovely

  74. ThatMetalRocker

    Has anyone tried installing the sensor to the back of the mailbox instead? Just afraid putting it on the front door will get damaged in time.

  75. 787.86

    _Fox News..._

  76. 347JAIDAN

    Omg I’m your first comment :O