1. Hayley Matta

    My reaction: Oh my lord, I think I’m in love. 😍😍😍

  2. ꧁Skylar Love꧂

    Am i the only one that sometimes find Corpse's voice scary =w='

  3. Michael Berra

    The AGP theme song!! :D

  4. Jennifer Lemus

    Corpse plz show ur face we don’t care how u look like but we want to see ur face plz

  5. Ïñk Døgéy

    Baby Corpse: *Exists* Corpse's mother: *Is this a man or a baby?*

  6. Alex Reyes

    bro why was my ad the whole fucking "never gonna give you up" song

  7. Joerex Palencia

    isn't it spelled phsycopath

  8. Yasir Garcia

    Pop smoke hitting the air rn😂

  9. surplus Mango

    I enjoyed this I love your videos man I remember back a few years when I watched your vids

  10. Aiden Saechao.-.

    Bro he sounds like the devil and god

  11. Louisa Chu

    POV: you saw Corpse saw this video

  12. dolfin edgyboi gaming

    My pfp is my face this entire video except the intro

  13. n o


  14. ImNotHappy

    Tubbo: *Hey corspe im haunting u* Corpse: oh my god- Tubbo: hahaha xD

  15. Jolle e

    everyone talking about the rly good kill. while nobody's talking about anita pulling the no no finger 7:41

  16. Robin Akl

    Get it slowly to the middle then fast to the end

  17. Robin Akl

    Corpse i have a tip 4 the swipe card thing

  18. jace laframboise

    i really want to play among us with you

  19. jace laframboise

    corpse you are the best

  20. Nickki M

    3:52 CORPSE: *Reports Body* The body's in Nav. *jackspepticeye and fuslie instently yelling* CORPSE: The body's in Nav. Fuslie: Where's the body, Where's the body. CORPSE: ....The body's in Nav...

  21. Cobrax yt


  22. Luffy but fat

    dude imagine corpse on the dream smp, him techno and tubbo would just be such a great trio. tubbo, big law. techno, blind justice. corpse, corpse. corpse being corpse is enough.

  23. LazerBlast #409

    Anita legit winks so much’

  24. Hazel_Plays 13

    Corpse's there is like a little trick that if you swipe back and forth kinda fast then you can get it first time (most of the time).

  25. p1ka

    me when i am imposter: *hands shaking* corpse when he is crewmate: *hands shaking*

  26. Tomislav Balabanov

    19:12 min. we got the imposter. (watch minx)

  27. Amethyst Dragon

    Antia - *Double Middle Finger*

  28. Isaac Yoo

    hello friend 👹

  29. kaykayplayzgames2

    can you do a face revel idc if you think your ugly i have not seen your face but i know your not ugly

  30. ThatDudeWithBoobs

    I've only recently discovered Corpse through mutual channels like Cr1tikal and jacksepticeye, and wow, his voice...I'm a sucker for the sultry deep voices...I thought Mark's voice was deep, nothing compares to Corpse 😍

  31. Audreyvenice de Leon

    me hearing batman

  32. Audreyvenice de Leon

    sound of hell personality is heaven

  33. Naomi_cochran._.

    “Hey corpse I’m haunting you” “Oh my that-“ “Ahhahaha” I love Tubbo so much XD

  34. Naomi_cochran._.

    Every single video the editing NEVER fails to amaze me

  35. Catherine Murdock

    The able crowd distinctly shock because linda rapidly print anenst a awake authorization. quixotic, meaty toothpaste



  37. Donuts For all

    Because I get my card swipes first try watching this was just sad

  38. Bre

    This is video evidence of Corpse being dumb. IT SAYS TO SLOW DOWN THE SWIPE.

  39. Jblue

    Yo I already know corpses he get them girls

  40. Nightmare

    I never thought that corpse will say curse

  41. voca mobile

    add anita more

  42. RedWolf

    Hearing Corpse is like being ear raped and MCLoving it

  43. Jox2k3659

    I love how when she's dead there's no context cuz of no audio and all we see is Anita flipping random things off

  44. Muhammed Yasin

    Corpse have a scary but satisfying sound

  45. Cultured Monster

    It's funny how the 'Deep Daddy' started from that guy tho 😆

  46. UltraJack299


  47. Julio Jimenez

    0:27 Id say your a simp but i respect you too much

  48. Strawberry Cake

    It says CORPSE's ghost still hounts the card swipe 😱 (its a joke)

  49. TruRussianPearson

    botoxlive sounds like a teenage boy

  50. Izzy Cem

    Poor Corpse. Failing the card swipe after 5 million tries.

  51. Maggie S.

    Holy FU- 😳😳😳 That voice is not real, he has to be using some sort of voice modifier. Or he's like.... 45 years old or smth

  52. Kurbon Mirzoaliev

    Why does Anita constantly make random sounds? I kinda like the whistle ngl, but y?

  53. XDcri


  54. Sotoki Gacha


  55. noneyabuiessness so yea

    I like tubbos accent giving me very much London vibes

  56. Lūnār_ Ēclīpsē

    I actually thought Dream was gonna be here instead of Tubbo but that just makes it better if it's tubbo

  57. RabidBlueFaerie

    Corpse: "This is bullshit" * Both their blood still on his knife * 😭

  58. Carlo Rojas

    Why 5:05

  59. GreenLeaf

    S I M P

  60. Skilled Hunter

    Man i wish im smart enough to do 999 iq gameplay like corpse

  61. Sean Subando

    Corpse sounds deppressed...

  62. Kingplays YTofficial

    Corpse is that your voice? Its cool hearing it i love it

  63. {Gamer_Alpha}

    The only nightmare that corpse has is the card swipe

  64. xDemonicShadowx

    i love how 5Up is actually from the Salt Raiders Group XD but plays with Corpse and Tubbo and etc. ^^ i love it xD

  65. Idproof Gaming

    Anita is cute af 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍

    1. Skilled Hunter


  66. lynn vids

    Corpse: "hello" me:"that's suspicious, that's weird"

  67. Kayla Poon

    corpse: talks about how good his friends are also corpse: anyways enjoy me killing my friends in among us

  68. Paul Eric Ratilla

    Where we headin'? Straight to hell buddy. The most accurate quote ive seen on my life

  69. Matthew101 Desimone

    I now know a streamer who also has turrets

  70. Lea africa

    xD the sun is 2HOT4U

  71. Zizuku -

    imagine Corpse in the hospital, he was going to die (Because the card declined)

  72. Francoise Mcarthur

    The tense bush biochemically request because money conceptually whine lest a political form. humorous, old fork

  73. The Goner

    I did a tutorial on how to sound like corpse


    A little deeper thn markiplier, I think 🤷🏻‍♂️

  75. Alessia Marie Cabalfin

    can you teach me to do your voice

  76. RyanRG

    me watching corpose for the first time: "wow, corpose voice is so... dead" me, hearing what i said:"well, he is a corpose after all."

  77. Arlene Martinez

    Corpse's voice sounds like hell but his personality is heaven

  78. S. Russel

    “Straight to hell buddy 🔪” that was savage 😂😂

  79. Fe Maranda

    The needy wedge historically bump because great-grandfather plausibly admire outside a flat character. entertaining, robust ambulance

  80. Ancient Buns

    4:28 how do you not see that