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  1. AllNightFright

    Looks like the definition of what qualifies as a fail is getting a little loose.

  2. Leonardo F.B

    Lol 😂😂😂

  3. peebus smeebus

    The crabby hair accordingly back because surgeon intracellularly box per a rigid doubt. careful, charming wednesday

  4. TaurusChan15

    0:45 how was that a fail?

  5. smokeystriper

    2:25 LMFAO That cat has a substances abuse problem. "let me alone bitch, I'll tell you when I've had enough."

  6. jbzhummerh2gamer

    1:45-2:00 They were not having it with that bubble trouble guy. There was not a single chuckle in the room!


    Looks like Christmas vacation

  8. socrate 1355

    me rei en todos los fails

  9. KM IIA

    That ending was pure gold!

  10. Ry Bread

    3:40 what the heck 🦆🦆🦆

  11. Jonathan McCabe

    Did you really have to blur a TRUMP flag at 1:40? Can't believe people are that sensitive. Biggest fail of the video goes to Fail Army!!!

  12. mighty mouse

    That cat knows how to do his drugs... Scarface style!

  13. JL Ribeiro

    I googled "Jambalaya"! HAHAHAHA

  14. Exploring With Karolos

    The cat eating the food like a maniac is amazing hahahahaa

  15. Максим Лобков

    5.30 в таких глазах я бы утонул.

  16. Adeum Deus

    3:55 - never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be around wildlife. Elk are the second largest deer species, and bull elk (especially ones protected from hunting) can weigh over 1,200 lbs. To top it off, if the elk is bugling, it's likely in rut and can be extremely territorial and aggressive. Those antlers would gore you to death before you knew what happened.

  17. Denise Hedberg66

    Hey Google. Pull my finger.

  18. YeetTheVeate12

    Finally, Failarmy Is Growing Up Agian

  19. Ekwah51

    Do me of these are not fails at all. Some are clearly staged. Some are just not funny. One or two were worth watching..IMO

  20. brianartillery

    Several videos here seemed to have no actual 'Fail' content. Have people given up trying?

  21. Enzo Hofman

    6:24 loudest audio on the world 200 DB

  22. Jim Deeds Gym For The Soul

    or... How Trump came to power....

  23. yeetingbanana

    The cat one is from daily dose of internet lmao

  24. RevFab

    What Could Go Wrong! Fails Compilation 2020...........uploaded Oct 26, 2017.............FAIL

  25. Angel Manuel


  26. Duke Cronenwerth

    I love that hungry Cat..Hahahaa

  27. GodIs Great.

    How the f did that b see the baby before even getting close to it.

  28. Lucruss Sensai

    00:48 Not funny.

  29. Curry_Monster

    No IQ > 10

  30. Ken

    Seems like moms are a bit overweight or hotter than hell.

  31. Richard Hunt

    I know this may seem insane, but since the videos have gone flat I find myself reading the comments rather than the video. as I find the comments funnier and more satisfying than the video..lol

  32. Derek Richey

    For some people 2021 is worse then 2020

  33. medvidekmisa

    holy shit that girl at 7:25 ate like pound of sand...I fucking love it :D...and that great flexibility...jeeez :D

  34. jaytroll

    remember yt fail compilations before fail army took over? TNL Fails was fuckin hype. now theyre trash aimed at 7 year olds

  35. Telefunk006

    Only funny thing is, there's not even one funny video

  36. UseMyPic's


  37. EternalAwait

    That clip at 2:50 is one of the most awesome things I've seen all year :D

  38. Ken

    2:48 I feel bad for this kid. His "blackface" will come back to haunt him in the future!

  39. jaytroll

    lmao you'd have to be a pretty deep sleeper to sleep through drowning

  40. 1976


  41. Ed Roosen

    Stop putting those animal videos in there!!! There are other videos for that. Because I don’t want to see them.

  42. Julian Liggenstorfer

    the baby from the last video looks like the one from ice age


    Nice 😍😍😍😍

  44. Zac Tighe

    Surely you do drifting fails pleeeeeease

  45. johnnystir

    Fart jokes are funny at any age.

  46. mkk3a

    Don't use vertical video. Some people would even a train film vertically... really?

  47. James Deek

    So you just steal peoples content

  48. James Rogers

    @4:30... Pack yo shit!

  49. BOB Fake

    no idefinmitly wouldve believed everything i this video lol

  50. Unicorn Lover

    5:43 Did you see the text? It said “My dads wild 😂”

  51. Klaas00007

    Not one people with a Mask. This is Not 2020

  52. Agustin Di Vincenzo

    5:23 esperaba que se rompiera la copa xD

  53. Jack Sparrow

    Скатился уголёк

  54. James_T

    i miss the sound effects

  55. Rudy Awesome


  56. bart

    1:50 he seriously could've died!

    1. ChrisAndCats


  57. Sarah Green

    Lady: SELF CONTROL!!!! Cat: I know no such word!

  58. BaconBoy

    Thanks for no sound effects!

  59. Adeum Deus

    1:05 - what the fuck is wrong with that guy? Extremely lucky to not have caught a ski/leg in between the bike racks and broken a leg or messed up a knee.

  60. camelway

    @FailArmy Sound levels? A clip that is like a whisper and right after SONIC BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! Real fun to turn the volume up or down every other clip.

  61. Ariadne R&S - O mundo da criatividade

    1:29 - 3:40 Oh my gosh! Hahahahaha 😂🤣

  62. Tarkan Yesil

    Damn, a fuckin bear 🐻... 😮

  63. pöhnö

    vittu sää haiset

  64. francis king

    The guy in the car gave 0 fks lololol

  65. French Gamer OFFICIAL YT

    I wanna play in snow 🥺

  66. rieychardo

    INSTAGRAM ; @rieychardo

  67. Jad Slash Gaming

    5:14 6:14

  68. Stre Led

    For anyone wondering why they keep blurring the subtitles, it's because it's from TikTok JukinMedia wants to keep ALL the money for themselves

  69. Muratveli

    1:15 I'd be upset too. Nutella is disgusting